Luxury Holidays in Ornos, Mykonos

Only about 3km southwest of Mykonos Town lies the picturesque and quaint village of Ornos, with a beautiful, Instagram-perfect beach, soft, white sand, crystal clear waters, a plethora of fine restaurants, tavernas, bars, and shops, and a vibrant night scene to please all tastes.

The Prepossessing Natural Sights & Exclusive Experiences

Distinguished by a small, yet hugely active harbour that welcomes thousands of sumptuous yachts year round, Ornos is the go-to place if you are looking for a slice of Heaven on earth.
The profound beauty of this area and the crystalline waters make it an ideal spot to set off on a private yacht cruise or throw yourself to the allures of catamaran sunset sailing experiences with your partner or loved ones. Feel free to go all the way to the mysterious and awe-inspiring island of Delos and take in the charms of an almost surreal landscape.

Villas in Ornos, Mykonos
Villas in Ornos, Mykonos

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Wandering the Streets of Ornos

As for its inland loveliness, taking a leisure stroll along the cobbled streets of Ornos which are home to some of the most beautiful constructions of the island that speak of traditional Cycladic architecture will be enough to keep you captivated. And, if you are looking for a little more romance, do head toward the beach. The bay is magnificent, especially when the skies are clear.
Diving into the Divine

On top of everything else, its unique location, sitting between two popular beaches, is yet another reason to choose Ornos as your next Mykonos holiday retreat. Besides, Ornos is also within reach from some of the most visited beaches, much loved by not only Greek celebrities but A-lists that come from all around the world to live the opulent lifestyle that characterises the Island of the Winds.

For instance:
The gorgeous beach of Psarou that has become a point of reference for the good life is only 4km away.
One of the most scenic beaches in Mykonos, Fanari Beach, is also just 6km far, offering superb opportunities for romantic getaways, spectacular sunsets, unique topography, and adrenaline-pumping experiences for those into water sports.

Speaking of water sports, the strong winds at Kalafatis Beach (13km from Ornos) and the idyllic scenery make it a top destination for many internationally-famous windsurfers and athletes, who come to compete with each other and show off their, admittedly, mind-blowing skills.

As for the lively, cosmopolitan Ornos beach, it is a sight on its own. With golden sand, crystal clear waters, and an appealing feel about it, you can’t go wrong if you decide to spend some time relaxing next to the waves. Just, in this case, make sure you come in early to get beachfront sunbeds! If you are looking for a family-friendly shore, this is indeed a great pick.
Finally, Kalo Livadi (11km from Ornos) and Fanari are two more hotspots worth visiting if you are after the lavish beach life and glam of Mykonos.

A Bite of Aegean on Your Plate

Hungry? The roads are lined with family-run tavernas offering delicious Greek dishes and homemade goodies. There are several restaurants on the beach (any beach nearby) serving fresh seafood while giving you the chance to lay eyes on incredible seascapes. Those loving gourmet food will soon realise that Ornos is a place that has it all.
And, if you are eagerly wanting to get a taste of the island’s vivid night scene, the famous Buddha Bar will provide you with not only breath-taking views and divine food but also exotic atmosphere and a great selection of drinks. Not far off is Void, a multi-level nightclub that gathers much attention and top DJs – definitely worth checking out.

Luxurious Accommodation Options

Brilliantly set amidst the crimson painted blue sky and the indigo sea, you will find lavish, private villas that offer wonderful Mykonos accommodation in the bewildering area of Ornos and the perfect setting for exclusive parties, sheer opulence, and memorable weddings.

With pristine whitewashed exteriors, heart-stopping views to the emerald waters of the Aegean Sea or enchanting hilltop panoramas of the sea, and equipped with all the modern amenities for grand living, they comprise a superb option for groups of 4 and up to 10 people that want to enjoy their privacy and ensure a comfortable, posh stay while in the famous Greek island.
And, if you have a special request, do not hesitate to just ask. A wide range of concierge services is at your disposal around the clock.