The Most Romantic Things to Do in Florence to Relight That Fire (Or Keep the Spark Burning!)

Just a few steps on the land that has been ranked as the most beautiful city in the world (says Forbes magazine due to its heart-stopping architectural and artistic heritage) and you instantly feel the love swirling in the air, filling your lungs with a unique sense of hypnotic eroticism and romance. Everything in, at, around, and near Florence, Italy, exudes an exotic allure that is more than enough to bring the spark back between you and your loved one or keep that fire burning, hopefully, for eternity! 

From strolling in the stunning Bardini Gardens and kissing under the golden sunset to stealing a few more moments of perpetual love in a hidden square and catching glimpses of the sun sinking behind Arno River, the Renaissance city is the right place to fall in love or reinvent your relationship on a more solid foundation after you have released yourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

And, if your list has a few empty spots to fill, we strongly suggest considering one (or more) of the ideas mentioned below. We are certain that we will be receiving compliments when we wish you farewell! 

Arno River

Sunsets on the Arno River 

Your heart can literally melt from the sunset views you will get from all around the cradle of Renaissance, especially Arno River. Quintessentially romantic, Florence invites you to a leisure walk along the Lungarno moments before the silver moon starts reflecting on the Ponte Vecchio, just in time to watch Mother Nature using the last rays of the descending sun to caress the medieval buildings along the Lungarni. 


  • For the most pristine sunset panoramas and vistas of the magnificent Ponte Vecchio, head to Ponte Santa Trinita. If proposing to your life partner is part of your plans, then this is the perfect spot to start this journey for two!
  • Equally to-die-for are the views from the SE-STO, probably the best rooftop bar in town. It is part of the Hotel Westin Excelsior and greets guests with a lounge ambiance, dim lights, tasty cocktails, a relaxed atmosphere, and an elegant décor. 

Bring a flower for the sake of eternal love at Santa Margherita dei Cerchi 

Everybody knows the Italian poet Dante Alighieri who became widely famous for writing the “Divine Comedy”. What not many people know, though, is that it was his platonic love for Beatrice that inspired him to write this masterpiece. He fell in love with her when he was just a beardless boy and had his heart captured forever, even though they never exchanged a single kiss. There is a picturesque chapel in Florence, the Santa Margherita dei Cerchi church, that hosts a plaque dedicated to the memory of Dante’s forever love – Beatrice. Many modern-day lovers come here to make a wish for their love to last the test of time while others bring a flower to honor the purest type of love existing in this universe. 

Soak up stunning landscapes and peaceful vibes

The countryside enveloping Florence is beyond captivating, especially small hillside towns like Fiesole, which will dazzle you with their natural charms and lush surroundings. Dotted with elegant villas, green pastures, and little cafes and restaurants adorning its main square, Fiesole is one of the most Instagrammable and peaceful spots overlooking Florence. Expect a rejuvenating trip infused with scenic vistas of a verdant landscape that will enable you to spend some relaxing moments, leaving the crowds behind. And, if you don’t feel like driving there, you can always hop on the bus and reach Fiesole within half an hour. 

Watch Florence unfold before your eyes from Piazzale Michelangelo 

Besides the extraordinary beauty of this idyllic square, sitting on the stairs of Piazzale Michelangelo early in the morning or around dawn will give you the chance to take in unforgettable views of Florence spreading out below you, and watch her sleep like a true Beauty Queen, under the warm protection of lush hills and showered in light. This is also the place where the young couples of this region choose to create the memory of their first kiss! Maybe, follow along? 

Tip: Not far off is another utterly heart-melting place – Piazza della Signoria. After the crowds have thinned out, you can come to this pretty square, stroll around its ancient building, sit quietly next to its statues, and bask in the romantic ambiance that has no match in the arms of the one that means the world to you. 

Get lost in the garden of Villa Bardini  

Villa Bardini is one of the most breathtaking buildings in Florence, locking one’s sole attention with its old-world charm and bewildering garden. Although not as popular as the out-of-this-world Boboli Garden (also, much less crowded than its famous counterpart!), the Villa Bardini garden offers some superb city vistas for it sits in a prestigious area on the hills of Oltrarno. Feel free to walk through its green alleys with the flowery pergolas, stone statues, and ancient chairs and dream away as your romantic soul gets pampered with generous shots of peace, tranquillity, and calmness in a really atmospheric setting. 

Signorvino Restaurant

Join a candlelit dinner with spectacular views of Ponte Vecchio

The exceptional Signorvino Restaurant is, hands down, the dreamiest place to make someone weak at the knees. This sublime and handsome venue in Florence is a go-to staple for exquisite dining experiences followed by astounding views of the city of Renaissance, the Old Bridge, and the ravishing Ponte Vecchio, which is just a few steps further down the road. If you manage to get a hold of yourself and take your eyes away from the gorgeous and incredibly romantic panoramas, you will realise that Signorvino also has an impressive wine list. On a good, summer evening, you can sit on the terrace and enjoy the best views (and food) ever!

Tip: Fine dining endeavours can also be experienced at the comfort of your elegant Tuscany villa, where a private chef will prepare a romantic and utterly delicious dinner for the two of you, as you savour a glass of the best champagne or local wine and soak in the sweeping vistas surrounding you! Just set your intention and state your wish and leave the rest to our experienced Guest Satisfaction team!  

And, if you have decided to base yourself in Florence, you may want to consider taking short day trips to scenic nearby cities and tiny villages and admire the lovely countryside. Or, why not, drive a bit longer routes that will lead you to sugary shores, of the many that adorn the Tuscany coastline! In any case, enjoy your stay! See our top Tuscany Luxury Villas and live the Kinglike way!

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