8 of The Most Legendary Mykonos Clubs That Have Changed The Face of the Mykonos Nightlife

Everybody knows Mykonos for its world-renowned parties and the animated nightlife, pulling millions of tourists from the corners of the earth like a magnet every single year, especially during the summer months. When it comes to your entertainment factor, Mykonos definitely delivers on its promise to keep you on your toes with little to no sleep and be perfectly fine with it! Indeed, life in Mykonos feels like an ongoing party and everybody wants a glimpse of it, at least once in their lifetime! 

Can’t blame them. The vibrant capital is home to clubs and bars that have been inviting fun-lovers to join the playful atmosphere that swirls in the air for more than 55 years. As for the parties, they last throughout the night, end around 7am, and re-start in the afternoon hours with the fun being moved to the beach. 


Over the years, some of the party hubs that have put Mykonos on the fun map have become popular drinking spots. Here is a list with the most iconic Mykonos bars and clubs that epitomise the phrase “celebrating life” in more ways than one. Although nobody knows what the future brings, we certainly hope these venues continue to spread joy and fun for many more years!


  1. Cavo Paradiso – You’ll find it at Paradise Beach, one of the most heart-stopping locations on the island. Situated atop a cliff that overlooks the fab vastness of the Aegean Sea, Cavo Paradiso is a massive open-air club throwing events that will take you from evening to daybreak. As for the decks, they are set on fire by international Djs, the likes of Oliver Heldens and Nicky Romero. Needless to say, ensure you book your table in advance as Cavo Paradiso becomes overcrowded way too soon.
  2. Babylon – The beating heart of the island is home to this fantastic and utterly luxurious LGBT club that hosts famed themed evenings, with the sound of both the latest hits and some old goodies. Its dancefloor becomes a pole of attraction for numerous clubbers, who either dance their feet off till the daylight or chill a bit in the elegant lounge area that overlooks the archipelago with a glass of champagne or another fav beverage at hand.
  3. Scandinavian Club & Bar – Also tucked in a prestigious region in Mykonos Town, Scandinavian is the epicentre of entertainment for the more serious ravers. However, the building that houses the famous nightclub has seen many celebs and a-lists entering its doors for over 45 years, though the beats were not that loud back then! Now, if you are not much of a high-decibel music fan, you can certainly relax at the open-air patio and enjoy tasty sips of the selected cocktail before you decide to get back on to that thumbing dancefloor.
  4. Jackie O’ There are two Jackie O’ clubs to choose from (or join both if you wish). The first one is the best gay bar in the Chora and one of the most idyllic places to watch the sunset, which also features some of the most entertaining drag queen shows. As for the second Jackie O’ club, it is located near Super Paradise beach and is a beach club that pampers guests with facilities like Jacuzzis and a pool, where they can lounge around until they feel ready to join the themed party!
  5. Scorpios – Scorpios is an extremely elegant club, restaurant, and bar at Paraga beach that welcomes visitors with appetising seafood during the day and signature cocktails after sunset. That aside, though, Scorpios is particularly known as a dreamy hub for hedonists, with a different event every evening and amazing music from the most famous foreign DJs and stars. Given that it usually closes around midnight, it is an exceptional option to open your evening adventures.
  6. Kalua – Paraga beach is home to this magnificent beach bar, which has been entertaining Mykonos visitors since the 1970s, when a bohemian movement made the venue widely known for hosting the most legendary parties. Once stepping inside, you’ll notice energetic, mainly younger crowds who enjoy the beats with a signature cocktail made by the hands of expertly trained barmen and barwomen.
  7. Remezzo – For more than half a century, this club has changed its theme and look quite several times, which could be one of the reasons why it has become a celeb-favoured spot. Another reason is its thrilling night-long parties, the parade of superstars, and the wide range of famed DJs. Also, thanks to a recent renovation, it even offers delectable tastes in its restaurant, alongside tasty cocktails that you can enjoy in their elegant lounge.
  8. Katherina’s Bar If you happen to stroll Little Venice’s alleys, it’s impossible to miss the picturesque pub that is owned by a former female navy officer. This is not the place to have a wild party or dance your heart away, but it is surely where you need to be for relaxed moments by the sea. The views are fantastic while the snacks, beverages, and design will speak straight to your funky side!


Final Thoughts

Mykonos has been, is, and will always be a pulsing heart in the Mediterranean as it knows how to pamper its guests and treat them like royalty. And, if you feel like it, you may make your evening adventures even more private by hosting a party in the comfort of our Mykonos luxury villas. Many Kinglike mansions have been specifically designed to accommodate party equipment while featuring exquisite facilities for private soirees and larger-scale festivities, including weddings! 

Got questions? Reach out to us on our Contact Us page! After exploring the legendary Mykonos clubs, decide on your perfect stay with Mykonos villas vs. hotels. Plan your trip by knowing the best months to go to Greece, find out where to go in Greece in July, get ready for the fun of Mykonos party season, and learn more about what Mykonos is known for.

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