When is the best time to visit Mykonos

The tourist season on Mykonos generally begins around Greek Easter (April) and runs till the end of October. Peak season is mid-July until the end of August and the island attracts visitors of all age groups.

The best time to visit Mykonos island really depends upon your preferences. If you want to go to Mykonos when the place is packed wall-to-wall with people, both in Mykonos Town and at the beaches, then August is the best time to go. But that’s also when prices, particularly for accommodation are highest.

Many people consider September and October the best time to visit Mykonos because the August crowds are gone, the sea is still warm and perfect for swimming, and the island has a mellow, laid-back vibe as the tourist season starts winding down.

Others prefer going in the spring (May or early June) when the tourist season is just starting up. The island isn’t crowded then, shopkeepers and restaurant staff aren’t burned out from long summer hours serving endless hordes of tourists, and the low season prices, especially for hotels are much more reasonable than they are during the peak of the summer. The downside to Mykonos in the spring is that the sea is still chilly for swimming, but the weather is generally sunny and warm and you can still enjoy the beaches.

If you’re hoping to visit Mykonos at a time when there will be plenty of partying going on, and all the bars and nightclubs are in full swing, then July and August would be the best times to visit Mykonos island!

So here’s a small breakdown of how is Mykonos island, through the various tourist seasons.

  • Best Time to Go to Mykonos to Party: The clubs and beach parties with DJs run from late June until mid-September with the high point being late July and August. There’s good nightlife in Mykonos Town from May to early October.
  • Best Time for Good Weather in Mykonos: The warmest weather in Mykonos (and all the Greek islands) is between June and September when it’s sunny, hot, and the water is perfect for swimming. Water temperature heats throughout the summer months and is warmest in August and early September. Since most people go to Mykonos for the beaches (and related nightlife) it’s pretty quiet here in May and October though the weather is still very nice.
  • Best Time for Island Hopping: There are some incredible islands (Santorini, Naxos, Paros, Ios) just a short ferry ride from Mykonos. Hopping on a ferry and exploring these nearby islands is a highlight of traveling to Greece. Santorini has a longer tourist season than the other Greek islands so you can happily visit there anytime between late April and early November. For the other islands mid-May to early October is best.
  • Best Time for Visiting Mykonos and Santorini: There are daily ferries from Athens to Mykonos year-round, but ferries between Santorini and Mykonos only run in the tourist season. Direct Mykonos-Santorini ferries usually start in early April and end in late October. In April, May, and October this will often be a smaller SeaJet ferry (that can have a bumpy ride). From June to September there will also be a larger Hellenic Ferry that has a smoother feel. If you visit when there is no direct ferry between Mykonos and Santorini (usually, November to March) you’ll have to go via Athens (fly or ferry).
  • Best Time for Saving Money: Hotels are much cheaper in the shoulder season (April, May, and October) than in the summer months but there’s also a lot less going on so you need to weigh the pros and cons. Transportation, food, and drink prices tend not to vary much by season. If you want good weather but cheap hotels then late May, early June, late September, or early October are great times. There are no guarantees but the first three weeks of October can often surprise visitors with great weather.
  • High Season (July to early September): Hot, sunny weather with lots of people – but never so many that it’s unenjoyable. Prices are at their peak. Seawater at its warmest and best for swimming. Ferries and flights run with the greatest frequency. If you’re in Mykonos for the nightlife then this is the time to visit.
  • Shoulder Season (May and June, September and early October): Great weather. Sunny and warm but not blazingly hot like the summer. Tourists are around but it’s never crowded. Everything is open in June and September but May and October will definitely see some closed doors. The sea might not be warm enough for swimming in May and October.
  • Low Season (late October to April): This is winter and that means gray skies, cool weather, and rain. Few hotels and restaurants are operating (but enough to get by). Ferries and flights have very limited schedules though there’ll be at least one ferry a day going to Athens and Syros but not usually not other islands like Santorini, Naxos, or Paros.


Low season: April-May-October

Low Season Mykonos

This is without a doubt the best time to visit Mykonos island for saving money! You’ll trade diminished crowds and party activity for more personal space on the beaches (the weather is quite nice). A big plus is also the cheap prices on accommodation you will be able to find during these months. But there’s also a lot less going on, so you need to weigh the pros and cons. Also there are no guarantees about gray skies, chiling weather or even some light rain but the last week of April, definetely May and the first three weeks of October, can often surprise visitors with great weather conditions. Nightlife is still quiet but a few bars in Mykonos Town will be open and have something going on. Transportation, food, and drink prices tend not to vary much by season.


Medium season: June-September

Medium Season Mykonos

During medium season, travellers will enjoy great weather, sunny and warm but not hot like July and August. Most of the shops are open, the day becomes bigger and you can expect light until 8 o’clock in the evening. Tourists are around but it’s never crowded and nightlife is thumping. Beach parties with DJs start about mid June, while the last big club events are taking place sometime around end of September. The prices of the hotels are a bit higher than low season but still in reasonable levels. In September is also the best time to Visit Mykonos for it’s Gay-Friendly Life! Most gay couples prefer this period to visit the island although Mykonos is well-known for being open minded during the past 40 years and welcomes everyone from the gay community during all months.


High season: July-August

high season Mykonos

In high season, Mykonos sees nonstop action. On July the island is getting really busy but still a little less insane than August. Hot weather, huge beach parties, and Mykonos Town bars are getting crazy and fun. Until mid July you may still be able to find accommodation within reasonable rates but as the month is ending, the rates peak with the temperatures.

In August, the busiest month of the year is when you’ll find the most fun club parties, the wildest nightlife(in town and at the beach), and hottest weather (though it can be windier than July and September). The Greeks and Italians use to go on vacation from the 1st to the 20th of August and the island is packed with locals and tourists. The parties are at full speed and all the spots are congested. The sea is at its warmest level and you will surely enjoy swimming and sunbathing.

On the other side, you will experience a lot of traffic and you will lose time going to the beaches due to the traffic jams on the small roads of the island. The prices are the highest of all year and you should pre-book well in advance, like in early spring if you want to pay anything less than premium. Don’t just drop to the island during August and expect to find a decent place at a decent price.

Off Season: November till March

November and March are almost like winter but there’s still a little bit going on in Mykonos Town and you’ll be greeted with discounted rates! Weather will be cool but with some good luck and a late-season warm spell it’s possible to swim in early November although the beaches will be deserted. From December to February the island is very quiet and the weather is temperate by northern European standards – warmish, sunny days are not unusual – but be prepared for plenty of rain, grey skies, and chilly winds. Most businesses are closed but there’s always something open to get by.


More Questions?

Is Mykonos hot in September?

Considering that the temperatures at this time of the year range between 21oC and 26oC, Mykonos is worth visiting in autumn as well. The sea is comfortably warm and swim-perfect, and rain is quite unlikely. The daylight lasts until 7:30pm.

What is the best time to visit Mykonos?

It depends on what you are after. If you are looking for fewer crowds and more reasonable rates for your accommodation and dining, then come autumn. The water remains warm enough so you can enjoy the beaches, and there is enough going on to make your stay pleasurable and fun.

What is the best time to visit Mykonos to enjoy the sun and the sea?

Definitely the heart of summer and early fall. From July (hottest month averaging around 26oC) and all through September, the island is showered by the Mediterranean sun, which sets at 9pm and the sea is perfect for swimming. The warmest the Aegean can get is in August (a couple degrees hotter).

When is the best time to visit Mykonos on a low budget?

Either late spring or mid-autumn. The months of May and October will give you the lowest prices at services, dining, and accommodation in Mykonos (even half the price compared to the high season).

When is the best time to visit Mykonos to party and enjoy the crazy nightlife?

Late July and August are the months with the most parties, festivals, and events. The island is jam-packed with tourists and VIPs that come to live the legendary Mykonos night scene. All bars and clubs are in full action mode, and everybody is in a party mood.

Best time to visit Mykonos for gay-friendly experiences?

Again, it depends on what you wish to experience. Early September is a great time of the year to visit Mykonos for a gay-friendly lifestyle. The streets are less crowded than August, yet big clubs, like Paradise and Super Paradise beach bars, are still open and throwing parties. The beaches are relatively busy, but you won’t be rubbing shoulders with one another either. Late September, early October, and late May will give you a mellow, more quite gay lifestyle. Now, if you expect all-night club parties and the wild beachside events, then come July or August, when the XLSIOR festival takes place and gathers people from all over the world.

What is the weather like in Mykonos from November to March?

There are quite a few rainfalls, and the temperature is around 10oC. The sea is rather uninviting to swim, and it is fairly chilly, especially after sunset. It is also the time of the year with the strongest winds too. The weather starts to get warmer during April (around 18oC), which is why you will notice the flow to Mykonos island to increase steadily.

What is the weather like in Mykonos in May?

The temperatures average at around 25oC, but it is not unlikely to climb to over 30oC. The sea is still quite cold to swim unless you are a winter swimmer (or daring enough to try). However, staying on the beach is enjoyable as the sun is warm enough to make you want to get an early tan. Price-wise, you will find everything less expensive than in the summer months.

Is June the best time to go to Mykonos?

It is a beautiful time to visit Mykonos. The island welcomes some 50.000 tourists that fly to Mykonos for a short break. Most of the shops and clubs are open, and you can have fun without the frenzy of July and August and wall-to-wall crowds. The days are getting bigger and daylight lasts until 8:00pm. It is also the month that the accommodation prices start to go up too.

How is Mykonos in July & August?

The sea is warm enough to swim and enjoy water sports, the beaches are full of people (especially in August when it is the high season) and prices until mid-July are quite satisfactory. Everything is at its prime, including clubs, bars, restaurants, and tavernas, and parties succeed one another, from day to night and from sunset to sunrise. Expect, though, a lot of traffic too, as well as a LOT of people, and the highest prices year-round in August.

Are dinner reservations at Scorpios restaurant Mykonos required?

The busiest days to dine at Scorpios are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. During those days, things can be very chaotic if you don’t book in advance. So, either make reservations early on or visit Scorpios to experience its fine dining another day of the week. Of course, you can just go to enjoy a cocktail and watch heart-stopping sunsets. Again, it is best to call ahead and make a reservation.

Are there any buses from Mykonos Town to Paradise Beach?

There are buses running every 30 minutes (approximately), or less in high season, and leave from the Fabrika bus station. You will find it in Mykonos Old Town. It is a 15-minute trip, and you will be dropped off right at the beach.

Do buses for Platis Gialos, Ornos, Paradise, Airport, Paranga, and Agios Ioannis run until late at night?

Yes, the buses run every 30 minutes in the high season (and every hour in mid-season), until 2:00am or later. The latest bus to Paganga is 2:00am, to Agios Ioannis and Ornos 3:30am, to Platis Gialos 4:00am, and to Paradise 6:00am.

Is any vaccination needed before going to Mykonos?

Only routine shots, such as measles, tetanus, diphtheria, and poliovirus vaccine, required. If you are not up-to-date with them, then you should get them asap. If you are an unvaccinated adult, you also need to get the HEP B.

Is the Mykonos tap water drinkable?

From a taste point of view, it should better be avoided as it may taste too salty depending on the mineral content. Most people, locals alike, prefer to drink bottled water instead. In late summer, it is also probably that the fresh water stocks get depleted. In this case, the island requests for bottled water to be shipped in.

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