Best Tuscany family activities for a GREAT Time with the kids!

speedy gonzalesWho said that Tuscany can best be enjoyed without kids? In fact, this heavenly Italian region is much more than just another flourishing land that produces absolutely divine wine. Indeed, Tuscany can be quite fun to explore and experience with the entire family. How about hanging out with local families at kind-oriented attractions which include theme parks (i.e., Pinocchio Park), water parks, amusement parks (see Cavallino Matto), and zoos?  


Feel free to refer to this guide and have an idea of some utterly amusing and exciting things you can do with the little ones. Note that this is an illustrative list of activities for you and the children to savour. So, do not hesitate to add to this list as you discover more beauties of this, admittedly, fantastic place to spend your holidays (or the rest of your life so to speak). 

parco zoopoppi

  1. Visit the Poppi Zoo 

Expect to be overwhelmed by seeing from porcupines and badgers to a lynx, foxes, and large birds in the eyes. If you are lucky, you may even get to feed the brown bears. The zoo also hosts playground areas, a picnic area, a coffee bar, and a restaurant. 

Located in the heart of the Casentino Valley, near the Arezzo province, the Poppy Zoo is easy to reach and open every single day from 9 in the morning until late in the evening. Do check with the park, though, as timetables are subject to change. You may either call 0575-504541 or visit


Extra Tip: If you fancy animals, the Zoological Garden of Pistoia (just outside of Florence) will also please your little one, with over 400 exotic species, from lions, tigers, and monkeys to penguins and alpacas. 

Acqua-Village- kamikaze-slide

  1. Have some water fun at Acqua Village

Spending a day at a water park near the beautiful Tuscany coast like Acqua Village is a top activity for the summer months. You may choose any of the two outposts to access the waterpark – one in Cecina (near Livorno) and the other in Follonica (near Grosseto). Whichever you choose, rest assured that lots of pools, chutes, and flumes will be waiting to keep everybody happy and excited for many hours, your offspring included, of course! 

You will find Acqua Village at Cecina (via Tevere 25) or you may call +39 0586 622539 for specific directions, bookings or other queries. 


  1. Explore the Mediterranean sky

The Casentino Planetarium at the National Casentino Valley Park might be small but it will definitely give you plenty of different ways to admire the night sky and study the stars that dot the enchanting Mediterranean skies when the sun sets. Via a recreation of the starry sky indoors, you will have the opportunity to learn about celestial bodies and planets. Then, you can step outside, savour a crystal clear view of the sky above, and feel more like an expert when gazing the stars! Besides stargazing, though, the planetarium also houses several events and festival throughout the year. 


  1. Conduct experiments at Museo Galileo

Museo Galileo in central Florence is a great place to be with the kids, especially if you love science. Perfect for wannabe scientists and aspiring physicists, the museum is filled with all things science, from ancient mathematical instruments to astronomical equipment used to find your location on the map and explore surrounding areas from afar, such as barometers and telescopes. Interactive sections, live demos, and more will trigger your excitement for many hours for sure. You can call the museum at +39 055 265 311 or visit it at Piacca dei Giudici (Firenze). 


Extra Tip: Other kid-friendly museums worth visiting are the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum (Florence), with recreations of Da Vinci’s machines, the Paleontological Museum (Montevarchi), where you will be able to see Pleistocene and Pliocene fossils, including a mammoth and saber-toothed tigers, and the Museo d’Arte per Bambini (Siena), with an entire section dedicated to arts. 


  1. Climb through trees at Parco Avventura Il Gigante

If the wether permits, why not monkey around at the Gigante park in north of Florence? It has a high-ropes course that features a low-level route with a mini zip-line and a tunnel which is ideal for youngsters over 3 years of age eager to climb through the trees. For older children, you could try the most demanding courses, with varying difficulty levels. 


  1. Join festivals and events

Tuscany is brimming with people and celebrations of all sorts year-round. Ranging from horse riding races and tournaments to jousts and food festivals featuring all the pasta and chocolate your heart desires, kids have every reason to feel excited about coming to Tuscany. Starting from late January, the Carnevale celebrations (the Carnival) will, undoubtedly, bring smiles to your children’s faces. The warmer months receive an increasing number of events, such as the Luminaria (Pisa) taking place around June and the Porto Ercole Notte dei Pirati pirate festival in May. 


  1. Hitting the beaches

The charming coastline is fringed by bustling beach town and busy ports, lined with the distinguishing Tuscany stone pines (aka umbrella trees). Some of the many family-perfect sandy shores worth checking out are near the Bibbona, Portoferraio, Marina di Grosseto, and Castiglione della Pescaia beach towns. Now, if you want to skyrocket the entire experience, you could hop on the ferry boat and sail to one of the many lovely Tuscan Archipelago islands, such as Elba, Giannutri, and Giglio, and get a taste of how true Italian vacations feel like.


  1. Walk through the medieval towns

Tuscany and nearby cities are a sight on their own, with imposing city walls, ancient cobbled lanes, delightful piazzas and delicious gelato corners offering a different adventure with every step. Head to Pisa for a memorable selfie from the top of the impressive tower, wander the Lucca historical centre, let your offspring play with kids from all around the globe in the Siena central square, or discover the allure of Tuscany’s arresting architecture by driving (or flying around on a Segway if your child is at least 6 in tall and over 90 pounds) to smaller cities and towns circling this blessed region. You may also arrange a private family tour to the most touristy attractions, including the Repubblica Square, Uffizi Square, the Baptistery, Giotto’s Bell Tower, and Duomo Square. 


And, while you are here, why not consider bike renting, visiting Roman and Etruscan ruins, and taking the dazzling Massaciuccoli nature walk? Admittedly, Tuscany can be fascinating for the entire family! To make your stay exceptional, consider renting one of the luxury Tuscany villas in a prime location. This way, you won’t even need a car to explore the beautiful surroundings!

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