Three Tuscany museums that are a MUST visit for every hardcore car & motorbike fan!

Love stellar race engineering and Formula One-like experiences? Then three destinations in Tuscany will bring you the closest you can get to fulfilling a dream! We are talking about the infamous Ferrari Museums, the Lamborghini Museum, and the Ducati Museum. Here are some key details about each one of them that will amplify any Tuscany visit!

ferrari museum

The Ferrari Museums

Located in Florence, near the Apennine mountains, Motor Valley is where the designs of the best Italian super sports cars come to life. But, for Ferrari lovers, the Valley is even more thrilling as it hosts not only one, but two museums of the rearing horse brand – one near Maranello and the other in Modena. You can reach both destinations by car or shuttle bus, though there are plenty of tour operators organising day trips with stops at the Ferrari museums.

Once you pass the doors of the Modena museum and have taken a moment to catch your breath from the spectacular and absolutely futuristic exterior with the traditional Italian architecture lines, you’ll come face to face with iconic Ferrari models (and their powerful engines). Want to learn a few more things about the Ferrari racing history? Head to the Maranello museum and discover Gran Turismo and F1 models, along with sports prototypes. 

Now, if you seek even more hair-rising adventures, then the simulator (available on both museums) is yours for several minutes after you get some tips from the on-site expert Ferrari instructor. 

lamborgini museum


The Lamborghini Museum

The quaint city of Sant’ Agata Bolognese (on the road to Bologna) is where the interactive museum welcomes Lamborghini enthusiasts. Also referred to as Museo delle Technologie or Museo Lamborghini, it enables you to see signature models, and discover the engineering and technology behind them, among others. 

Like in the Ferrari museums, the Lamborghini Museum also provides a driving simulator to live a near real-life racing experience. To complete your visit, you may even consider combining your museum tour with a tour to the Lamborghini factory and dive deeper into the more practical aspects of the Lamborghini cars production. This means that you’ll get to witness how models are assembled and have all your questions answered by a professional and knowledgeable guide. 

The Ducati Museum and Factory

A specific region in Motor Valley called Emilia Romagna is the pulsing heart of the Ducati museum and factory. Featuring a sleek design and supreme motorbike engineering, the museum is just a 20-minute drive from Bologna (and around 90 minutes from Florence), though it can also be reached by bus or train. 

As soon as you reach the site, you will be given the chance to download a virtual tour on your mobile phone and have this companion app enhance your overall visit. The most known, high-performing Ducati motorbikes, such as the gorgeous Ducati 749, will be right there, in front of your eyes. At the same time, expert guides are ready to show you how their engines are assembled so that the millions of Ducati fans around the world can admire a magnificent final product. 

But, this is merely it. Ducati also features an advanced physics lab so you can learn about key physics principles, based on which the Ducati motorbikes are made. And, the overall experience skyrockets with hands-on experiments guided by prominent physics professors. 

Note: You will need to wear comfy, closed shoes to be allowed entrance to the Ducati factory. 

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