Chianti – When breathtaking nature meets scenic landscapes

When speaking about Tuscany, images of gentle, lush hills covered with beautiful green lands, verdant olive groves, sprawling fields of vineyards, quaint hamlets, low-lying forests, stone-built villages, and lots of fresh air and cloudless skies pop in mind. This is probably the most representative way to describe Chianti, one of the most alluring regions in Tuscany. 

Chianti encompasses the provinces of Siena and Florence, though some claim that its borders are not clearly defined yet. In any case, Chianti spreads to the west toward the Val d’Elsa and the east to Valdamo in the Arno River valley. As for the wine area of Chianti, it expands even further and covers the areas toward Montepulciano, Pistoia, and Arezzo. As you can understand, there are endless miles of sheer magnificence and natural charms. In fact, Chianti is as varied in its wines as it is in its scenery! 

Bringing the best of two worlds 

Besides heart-stopping landscapes, Chianti is also dotted with picturesque villages of profound historical significance, each producing its own delicious Chianti wine. Among the most typical Tuscan villages that enchant visitors not only with their traditions and history but also their warm hospitality are San Donato, San Gusme, Radda, Gaiole, and Greve that marry the old with the new. 

While walking the streets of these small towns, expect to be greeted by awe-inspiring fairytale-like castles, such as the Meleto Castle and Brolio Castle, that invite visitors to wine cellars full of the best local wines. The latter also entices with a fantastic garden offering mind-blowing panoramas of the Chianti landscape and even Siena in the distance on a good day.  

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

Much more than just a wine region

With origins that tie Chianti with the Etruscan times and the Romans, the beautiful Tuscany region was often seen as a highly sought-after bride among the historic cities of Florence and Siena. In the past, they gave fights over ownership of this blessed area. No wonder there are so many castles and fortresses here that were assigned an important role – to protect the boundaries between the two rivals and maintain Chianti’s authentic style and character. While here, you can explore the Etruscan Castellina tombs, the Barberino val d’Elsa fortress, and the scenic parish church of Sant’ Appiano that are bound to steal your heart. 

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A delightful blend of flavours, tastes, and colours

Although Chianti is worth visiting for its natural beauties, it remains one of the most grass-covered, flourishing lands in Tuscany that provide the perfect environment for the production of world-renowned wines. So, it comes as no surprise that most wine tours lead here from all over Italy, enabling visitors to see how the famous Chianti Classico is made and visit famous wine cellars called Cantina. 

And while you treat your palate with tempting tangs from prized local wines, you can accompany the experience with delicious local tastes, such as Spaghetti al Vino Rosso and Poposo, as well as tasty cheeses and meat dishes. 

Accommodation options in Chianti 

Chianti is home to picturesque stone-adorned farmhouses that feature all the modern amenities expected from 5* hotels. Chianti is also home to luxurious villas, romantic mansions, and elegant cottages that provide a wealth of amenities and services to ensure a pleasurable and memorable stay. Whether you choose the appeal of the countryside or the allure of the spectacular villages and towns, chances are you will feel rejuvenated and utterly inspired to live life as it was meant to be experienced – in its unbeatable simplicity. 




Featured Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

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