The Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in Tuscany – The Ultimate Guide

Pets are part of the family. Period. So, it is impossible to separate them from our children and leave them behind when going on holidays. This is something you will strongly feel while visiting Tuscany which has animal rights in high regard. And, featuring around 60 dog-friendly beaches, it is, indeed, a dreamy destination to visit with the kids, four-legged ones, or otherwise! 

This is a comprehensive guide with all the available options so the entire family can enjoy the sea, sand, sun, and beaches in this beautiful Italian region. Of course, do feel free to add more dog-friendly shores if you visit one that’s not on our list with the best pet-friendly shores in Tuscany with the best range of amenities! 


Must-know details about dog-friendly beaches in Tuscany

According to the Tuscany Regional Law 59, dog owners can enter all beaches and other open-air public areas as long as their dog is leashed. Nevertheless, not all shores are equal, as certain ones have been explicitly designed to give maximum pampering and enjoyment to dogs. So, you could be welcomed with things like socializing areas on the beach, as well as sections where they can run around and swim off-leash while you soak up the unbeatable Tuscany summer lifestyle.

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Please take note of the following:

  • Ensure your furry friend has got a passport and up-to-date vaccinations. 
  • You can identify dog-friendly shores by the words “Spiaggia per cani” or “Dog Beach”. 
  • There are both public and private dog-friendly beaches in Tuscany. However, these words have nothing to do with paying to have access to the shore or not. It rather refers to details pertaining to things like the number of dogs you can bring on the beach, the breed, and the size of the dog. 
  • Most Tuscany private pet-friendly beaches accept dogs of all sizes and usually provide amenities like shaded areas, drinking fountains, bowls, and showers – they may even allow your dog to swim in the sea. 
  • You might be required to register your dog in the canine registry if it doesn’t have up-to-date vaccinations. 
  • As usual, ensure you clean after your dog.


The difference between a Tuscany free and a private dog-friendly beach:

Free dog-friendly beaches are sandy shores that accept all breeds and sizes. This means that you can take your four-legged companion there and let him/her run on the beach and swim in the sea at any given time of the day without having to be on a leash. 

Private dog-friendly beaches, as you might have guessed, are shores that have stricter rules regarding the breeds, sizes, and the number of dogs that can access them. 


Please take into account that different municipalities have different regulations (although not dramatically varying between one another). In general, though, you can bring up to two dogs on the beach (that’s per person, so if you are a couple, you can bring up to four dogs). 


What is NOT allowed:

  • Bringing female dogs in heat to the beach.
  • Bringing an aggressive dog to the beach. 


Most free dog-friendly beaches in Tuscany are located between the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto. There are also some free ones on the Island of Elba. In total, you can choose among about 27 dog-friendly Tuscany shores in these areas. 


Dog-Friendly Beaches With the Most Amenities for Canines 

Below are regions featuring some of the most pristine dog-friendly beaches:


Livorno area

  • Pascià Glam Beach – A popular beach in a Piombino hamlet in the Perelli area that greets you with 200 metres of sugary sand and magnificent scenery comprising the protected Sterpaia Nature Park. Your pup can dip in the crystalline waters or even wind through the nature park paths early in the morning with you and then head to the beach. As for you, you can stretch out on a lounge chair with a refreshing cocktail at hand! Sounds like a plan, right? 
  • San Vicenzo – This beach has set aside 200 metres (more or less) for your canine friend to enjoy the sand and sea. In fact, this particular section of the San Vicenzo beach is a dog’s earthy heaven. Let your furry friend swim in the sea with no constraints whatsoever or roam over the shore (as long as it does not enter the area not specified as dog-friendly) and explore the many facilities provided (i.e., non-sea water bowls). There is no limit as to the breeds that can enter the beach. Also, canines of all sizes are allowed, provided they are properly trained and not demonstrating a tendency towards being on the edge with other pups. Here, you will be pleasantly surprised by the many pet-friendly services on offer, such as agility areas, dog-sitting services, veterinary services, dog-cots, and even a chance to organise dog-oriented events! Absolutely fantastic!
  • Spiaggia Bau Beach – Located in the municipality of Cecina, Spiaggia Bau Beach consists of two pet-friendly beaches, one to the south (Fosso Nuovo) and one to the north (Gorette Nord). Each featuring an extension of about 100 metres, you have lots of space to take delight in some beach fun with your four-legged family member. Just note that you will have to follow the cycle and pedestrian paths inside the forest that’s part of the Tomboli di Cecina Biogenetic Nature Reserve to get to the Bau Beach. Just follow the special signs. 

Grosseto area

  • Fuorirotta Beach – A charming, unspoiled, and unique shore in Marina di Grosseto with a large pine forest, sand dunes, and crystalline water that both you and your pet can enjoy. This features both a private and free beach, which means that parts of the beach are reserved for pet owners, who can savour swimming and sunbathing while their cherished canines can have fun in the dog showers, the sea, or the beach. There are areas reserved for pet owners across the entire spectrum of the tourist facilities here (restaurants and bars). There is also coin validator availability for drinking water supply. You may also rent sunbeds and umbrellas on the free side of the beach and spend your day on this enchanting beach. 
  • Strut Beach – There is a special part of Strut Beach that is equipped for water sports and also accepts dogs. Expect an unbelievably appealing shore in the Tuscany region, some 3 km from Follonica, with a wide stretch of thin sand and shallow cobalt waters. 
  • Playa del Can – If you visit Tuscany between June and late September, you can certainly give this beach a try with your four-legged companion. Situated near the promontory of Argentario, the beach welcomes up to two canines per pet owner and pampers dog owners with umbrellas and sunbeds for rent and dogs with shaded areas, drinking water, areas delineated buoys, and hygiene bags. Playa del Can is also referred to as Giannella and is very popular for treating dogs like small princes and princesses! There is even a camping complex that’s part of the beach with dedicated dog areas. 


Elba Island 

  • Mola Dog Beach – This gorgeous, spacious shore away from the crowds is nicely tucked in the Mola di Porto Azzurro hamlet and nestled within a lovely wetland area used for docking (for small boats). Mola spans over 500 metres and treats canine paws with white gravel. However, the underwater is laid with fine sand and brown stones. There is also free parking, umbrellas, sunbeds, and lounge chairs for pet owners here. 


Other popular pet-friendly beaches at Elba Island are Fonza, Schiopparello, and Marciana Marina. However, do beware of the regulations that apply in the various communes. Here are some details about the Elba Island Communes:

  • Capoliveri – The 2016 Law 153 dictates that pets can enter the water before 9 am and after 7 pm. 
  • Marciana – The 2019 Law 11 states that all beaches in the Commune are open to dogs even during the day. The same regulation also mentions that dogs can’t be on beach areas situated opposite the water’s edge from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening, except for police dogs, guide dogs for the blind, first aid lifeguard dogs, and canines trained for saving lives. In this case, they need to carry their lifeguard certificate. 
  • Porto Azzurro – A 2017 law says that dogs are allowed on the Mola beach sections that are specially equipped for pets throughout the entire summer season. The same applies to the shore just opposite Terranera Lake. Dogs are NOT allowed on the other free beaches or enter the water, though, except for certified lifeguard dogs and guide dogs that need to wear their special coats and be kept on a leash at all times. Also, be covered for insurance and fully vaccinated. Now, some bathing establishments allow dogs on request after informing the Commune beforehand, as long as the pet owner is with the pet at all times. From October to April, you can bring your dog to the beach with their muzzle on and on a leash. 
  • Portoferraio – Dogs are allowed on the beaches from 8 am to 8 pm during the summer season, but they cannot enter the water. Some Blau Beaches could be selected by the Town Council for dogs to be allowed into the water, though. 
  • Rio – From June 1st to September 30th, you can bring your dog to a specific part (about 50 metres long) of the Nisporto beach. 


Lucca area 

Perhaps the most “equipped” Tuscany province with the most pet-friendly beaches in Lucca (30 dog-friendly options). All of them but two belong to the Camaiore municipality, which signed an agreement in 2012 with the Associazione Lido di Camaiore and the Local Health Authority of Versilia, according to which at least two umbrellas are reserved for individuals with pets/dogs. Of course, we can’t list all of them. Nevertheless, whichever you visit, you and your beloved pet are bound to have a blast! 


That being said, we do menton one that we see standing out from the rest:

  • Eugenia – A well-equipped beach that enables canines to walk and bathe before 9 am and after 7 pm. There are also restaurants and other facilities in the establishment, and dogs are welcome everywhere you go. On the beach, expect a dog pool and bowl, two deck chairs, two sunbeds, and one chair with a hammock and table provided, as well as gazebos with sunbeds waiting for you. The staff here even offers the four-legged cuties tasty croquettes! Talking about royal treatment! 

Other Tuscany dog-friendly beaches worth exploring are Torre del Lago Puccini that pampers with nearly two kilometres of fine sand. In the Pisa region, the beach of Calambrone is absolutely magnificent for pet owners, and the same goes for Tirreno 2000 Beach in Tirrenia. Now, the only thing left for you to do is find a pet-friendly luxury Tuscany cottage or stylish Tuscany Luxury Villa and enjoy your holidays with your furry companion!

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