Exciting Facts About Little Venice You Probably Didn’t Know!

Little Venice is one of the most scenic, romantic, and idyllic spots in Mykonos, providing heart-stopping views of the Aegean Sea and authentic Greek island holiday endeavours. Although far from the typical Cycladic architecture with the whitewashed, sugar-cube houses and the blue-domed churches overlooking the archipelago, waterfront is love at first sight nonetheless. No wonder it’s one of the most popular and easily accessible Mykonos places. Below are some facts about this charming Mykonos Town neighbourhood that justify visitors’ infatuation with Little Venice! 

How did it come down to “Little Venice”?

Before it got its current name, Little Venice was called Alefkandra (after a sugary shore nearby). Nevertheless, the houses built in this particular area of the island’s capital were inspired by Venetian architecture. This is because the Island of the Winds was a significant part of the Venetian trade routes during the 13th century. 

The merchants, captains, and sailors that kept bringing influences from the lovely Italian city of Venice as they stopped at Mykonos for supply replenishment started giving this Mykonos district a more Venetian feel to it with each passing day. That’s how Alefkandra was abandoned, and Little Venice was adopted instead.

Gorgeous Italian Architecture & Hidden Secrets

Truth be told, the byways, arches, and colourful two- or three-storey houses with the wooden, flower-filled balconies hanging over the seafront give a similar sensation to visiting the Venetian canals! 

If you look closer, though, you will notice that the doors of the houses are literally within an arm’s reach from the sea. They also feature large storage places on the lower floors. According to some accounts, this was attributed to piracy! It is said that Little Venice was used to load ships with pirate loot and that these houses belonged to pirates rather than merchants or sea captains! Guess we will never know what is truly the case!

Once called the “kapetaneika”, meaning “sea captains’ houses”, they now stand proud reminders of Mykonos’ rich maritime past. Indeed, apart from being a key sea trade spot in the Mediterranean, Mykonos had a profoundly large naval fleet during the early 1800s, when the Greek War of Independence took place to liberate the Greeks from Ottoman ruling. Remarkably so, the island did not lose its Venetian-inspired accent and aesthetics, even during those dark times! 

Today, the houses in Little Venice are turned into bars and restaurants, bistros, and cafes, providing a taste of Old-World charm and grandeur and, of course, mind-blowing views. 

Mykonos windmills

Why Visit Little Venice Today? 

For starters, its amazing seascapes are a minute walk away. Secondly, the delicious cocktails and dishes you can enjoy while overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Plus, you are a breath from another major local attraction, the famous Windmills – another superb spot for romantic sunset panoramas. 

Feel free to come around sunset and watch the hypnotising light show of the last golden rays that make the Aegean Sea magnetically iridescent. And, let’s not forget that Little Venice is right in the centre of the pulsing Mykonos heart. So, strolling its century-old cobbled streets is a fantastic way to herald the upcoming night and whatever fascinating adventures it brings along!


Where to stay at Little Venice?

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