Last-Minute Villa Reservations in Mykonos Villas

Undoubtedly, Mykonos is a fantastic tourist destination much-favoured not only by the crème de la crème of this world but also every globetrotter with a delectable taste. And, rightfully so. Mykonos combines a luxurious lifestyle with superb raw natural beauty and the chance to live everything from a wild party experience to a peaceful day by the sea, soaking up the Mediterranean sun. That’s just one of the reasons why the available accommodation facilities get booked so quickly. In fact, at some point, it feels like the available hotel rooms and exclusive Mykonos villas are going entirely extinct, down-hearting those looking for a last-minute villa.

Last Minute mykonos villas

Mykonos Reservations: Speaking with Numbers

At the moment of this writing, the majority of Mykonos’ hotel rooms and elite villas are reserved. According to, Mykonos is a top choice for travellers from early June and until the end of August with 75% of accommodation already booked (on average). And, these are the numbers from only one lodging booking platform. Considering that there are several similar ones that tourists use to book their vacation home, it is highly likely these numbers are higher.

Also, take into account the various events and happenings that are planned for this summer. For instance, the XLSIOR exclusive international summer gay festival (taking place in August – usually the last week) draws thousands of participants every year. So, one can only imagine how difficult it will be to find a last-minute hotel or villa to stay.

The same scenario for those wanting a lodge in Mykonos Town in the last week of July. Chances are you will be slightly disappointed and have to seek accommodation in nearby areas like Ornos (3km away), Tourlos (1.6km away), and Platis Gialos (4km away), which is not that shabby if you think about it given their popularity and proximity to Mykonos Town. Things look much promising and auspicious, though, in late August (after the 25th)and early September.

Find a Last-Minute Luxury Villa

Although the numbers are quite disappointing for the majority of travellers, you don’t need to worry about last-minute villa reservations with Kinglike. Even if there are not any elite holiday homes right in the centre of all activity – Mykonos Town – we can still find you a deluxe property not far from the legendary nightlife Mykonos is so famous for. That is, of course, if you seek to join the wild parties and live the cosmopolitan vibe of the island’s capital. Those looking for a quiet retreat will be overly pleased to know that there are still magnificent exclusive villas with a great range of amenities and comforts that could accommodate you and your family or group of friends, even if you make a last-minute booking.

The truth is that the sooner you make your reservations, the better. But, if you happen to change your mind and decide to ditch the holiday destination you had in mind and opt for the island that has become a summer playground for celebrities and VIPs alike the last few years, then you can count on our experienced holiday planners to do their best to match you with the best holiday property on Mykonos.

Looking for last-minute sumptuous villa? Call or email us to find the most appropriate for your needs and unique requirements.

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