The absolute Mykonos Chora Town Kinglike guide

“And therefore I have sailed the seas and come
to the holy city of Byzantium”
                                                       Sailing to Byzantium -W. B. Yeats

by Nikos Vasilakos

Mykonos: the divine island of splendour

mykonoschampagneEven from the early shadows of time, Mykonos was in the epicentre. A perl of an island opposite to the central island of cyclades; the sacred island of Delos.

The Cyclades, Cyclos, means circle in Greek; Islands in the Aegean archipelago. Named Cyclades because of their scattering around the sacred island of Delos.

According to Greek Mythology, Mykonos island was formed by petrified giants.

The mighty giants were killed and thrown around Delos island by Hercules. The moment the bodies of giants plunged into the aegean sparkling sea, they were transformed into rocks forming Mykonos.

Mykonos balcony: Delos, home of the delian problem

impossibleproblemsDoubling the cube, also known as the Delian problem, is an ancient geometric problem.

The Delian Problem owes its name to a story retold by Plutarch concerning the citizens of Delos, who consulted The Oracle At Delphi in order to learn how to defeat a plague sent by Apollo.

The Oracle responded that they must double the size of the altar to Apollo, which was a regular cube.

Given the edge of a cube, the problem requires the construction of the edge of a second cube whose volume is double that of the first, using only the tools of a compass and straightedge.

The origin of the name Mykonos

Detail showing the oldest known depiction of the Trojan Horse. (Note the warriors peeking out through portholes in the horse’s side.)

Mykonos was named after the son of the King of Delos, Mykonos.

In fact, the history of Mykonos in the antiquity was much connected to the history of the neighbouring Delos.

Nowadays, you can only get to Delos through Mykonos.

In  the prosper and devotional island of Delos, Leto was believed to have given birth to god Apollo and goddess Artemis.

The Mykonos vase, a pithos, is the earliest dated object (Archaic period, ca. 670 BC) which depicts the Trojan Horse during the Trojan War.

It was found in 1961 on Mykonos in Greece, for which it is named, by a local islander.

Middle Ages and Turkish Occupation in Mykonos

mantoDuring the Middle Ages Mykonos came under Venetian rule and later on under Turkish rule.

In 1537 was when Mykonos came under Turkish occupation. The Mykonians offered their 22 ships, their 500 members of the crew and their 140 canons to the Greek Revolution against the Turkish tyranny.

A Mykonian woman prevailed as the heroic revolutionary figure of Mykonos: Manto Mavrogenous.

Manto Mavrogenous financed the Revolution, helped in the organisation of fights, participate to the Filiki Etairia (a secret revolutionary organisation) and managed to organise troops in order to revolt against the Turks in 1822.

When the greek struggle began, Manto Mavrogenous went to Mykonos, the island of her origin, and invited the leaders of Mykonos to join the revolution. She equipped, manned and pioneered at her own expense, two ships with which she pursued the pirates who attacked Mykonos and other islands of Cyclades.

After the Greek Independence, the economy of the island was completely destroyed and it lost all its ships. Later on, the island succeeded to reinforce their commercial power to rebuilt the economy using the textile, as the most important source of income for the families.

In fact, the textile of Mykonos was of such high quality that it was traded around Greece and abroad.

Tourism: the dawn of the Mykonos new era

Jackie Kennedy Onassis arriving in Mykonos

Tourism as the precipitator of modernity, of modernisation and of widespread social transformation started to flourish in Mykonos during the early 1960s, when it became the favourite shelter for the artists, celebrities and later for the hippies.

The archaeological site of Delos became a great attraction and today, Mykonos has become one of the top tourist destinations in Greece.

The various classical ruins, ancient sites and other findings are closely associated to the history of Mykonos.

Mykonos Town notables

Mykonos Founding Father: Giannis Galatis

Giannis Galatis is a Greek fashion designer connected to Mykonos island.

Galatis was born in Athens in 1946 and descends from an old aristocratic family of Ithaca Island. He is believed to be related with Kapodistria family. Kapodistrias was the first Governor of post revolutionary Greece.

In the 60s Giannis Galatis started his journey in the fashion world.

With the help of Effie and Stathis Pantelakis opened a small industry making clothes, which soon expanded not only around Greece but also in Cyprus and France, USA, Germany etc.

Giannis Galatis: One of Mykonos Founding Fathers
Giannis Galatis: One of Mykonos Founding Fathers

Giannis Galatis was one of the most important Mykonians, especially in the 70s in both Mykonos and Greece.

He is actually believed to be one of the Mykonos Founding Fathers.

His personal life was as turbulent as himself. He has been married three times and has two children: Aeolus and Katerina.

Giannis Galatis Wikipedia article (Greek)

Petros Pelican of Mykonos Chora

Petros PelicanPetros is the great white pelican, who is the official mascot of the Greek island of Mykonos

The story of Petros Pelican of Mykonos Town

The island of Mykonos has a beloved mascot —a real life Pelican.

In 1958 a wounded pelican was found off the coast of Mykonos shore by a local fisherman.

The pelican was nursed to health and remained on the island supported by locals.

It soon adopted the name “Petros”, as a joke between the locals, as “petro” in Greek means rock, stone but metaphorically Old and Grumpy.

To great disappointment by locals and tourists alike, Petros was hit by a car on 2 December 1985 and failed to recover.

Subsequently, three new pelicans reside around the main town of Mykonos. It is fun to try to spot them and capture them in a photo.

One, honorifically, is given the name Petros.

Petros the Pelican Wikipedia article (English)

Mykonos Town famous bars


Pierro's Bar during the 70s
Pierro’s Bar during the 70s

Picture the 1970s. Freedom and love prevail. Vitality turns all things wild and sweeps everything across the earth.

Based on the paradigm of Western Europe, Mykonos in the late 1969ʼs was quiet and sparsely populated island but an inexplicably intoxicating energy dating back from the ancient times of Delos.

Italian American Painter Pierro Aversa

One of the first travellers to see this island as a gem in the rough, would be an Italian American painter by the name of Pierro Aversa. He was one of the most famous figures in European celebrity circles and immediately fell in love with Mykonos.

The Mykonos Chora Pierro’s Bar is born

Soon after, Pierro and Mykonian local, Andreas Koutsoukos, decided to open the chic cocktail bar, Pierros.

Pierro and Andreas entourage soon followed like a shower of stars, fashion designers, actors, and the rest of the truly glamorous coming along for the ride.

Baptized as Pierros bar, it first became known as an elegant cocktail lounge, where the elite met in the early evening and stayed into the night. 5 years later, yachts from all over the world , lined up in the port and from there those high society made their way to the doors of Pierros.

Pierro’s Bar became the choice of gay crowd who visited Studio 54 at NYC.

Since 1974, Andreas Koutsoukos has continued in the steps of his friend, and has opened for his clientele the neighboring bar, Manto, for the ultimate clubbing experience. For the past three decades, wild parties great music, drag shows, and a joyous atmosphere are what made talented artist, designers, actors and models from Greece and abroad put Pierros on the world map.

All of the legendary international drag Queens, including Carlos, have performed the most risquι and controversial acts there. For 35 years, Andreas Koutsoukos has pushed for equal gay rights in Greece. Subsequently, Mykonos became one of the famous gay resorts in the world.

The last summer that Pierro’s Club was open was the summer of 2005. Since then every body moved upstairs at Pierro’s café but the party is still the same.

Caprice Bar Mykonos: generations of love

Caprice Bar Mykonos

Caprice bar, registered from “Newsweek” magazine among the 10 best bars worldwide, is located in the most beautiful district of Mykonos, called Little Venice.

The traditional architecture, the recognisable at first sight palette of colours, the unique flower and fruits arrangements in its characteristic clay vases, the paintings and the mirrors, the famous and innovative fruit sticks which decorate the legendary Caprice cocktails, the wisely iced shots, the unexpected, updated and …timeless signature music, the spontaneous sifting and warm, erotic atmosphere.

All these compose the phenomenon called Caprice.

Far and away from all the feeling of belonging. The valid forecast that something magical will happen. And so it has. Every night for 30 years in Mykonos Chora.

From the magical sunset until the crack of dawn, Caprice bar is the place to be.

Mykonos: renowed for its golden-sand beaches, unique Cycladic architecture, and restless party nightlife

The Mykonos Chora, also called Mykonos Downtown or Mykonos Old City is voted as the chicest and most cosmopolitan of the Greek islands.

Mykonos Chora is a patchwork of hip boutique hotels, elite local tavernas, and delightful modern-meets-rustic vibe. No wonder Mykonos Chora is a magnet of a varied mix of visitors.

Two natural elements have created a unique architectural mixture in Mykonos: the sun and the strong winds.

The rays of the bright sun and the ruthless winds -together with the Mykonian islanders agony for survival in merciless pirates times- have resulted in a unique, distinctive architecture:

Lightwashed, whitefaced, flat roofed, cube-shaped houses fastened to each other and split by narrow passageways.

Mykonos DownTown walk

First things first, stardust in the wind

Mykonos is in the exact center of meltemia windsThe winds in Mykonos are called meltemia which are the strong, dry north winds of the Aegean Sea.

Mykonos’ meltemia winds blow from about mid-May to mid-September.

Winds are at their strongest in the afternoon and often calm at night, but sometimes meltemia winds last for days without a break.
Though it is sometimes called a monsoon wind, the meltemi is dry and does not correspond to an opposite wind in the winter.

Historically, Philip II of Macedon timed his military operations so that powerful southern fleets could not reach him: their ships could sail north only very slowly while the meltemia winds were blowing.

Matoyianni street

Mykonos Matoyanni StreetMatoyianni Street is the main street in Mykonos Town.

Mykonos Town was built to confuse the Pirates so one could easily get “lost” if you wander into the side streets.

These side streets boast interesting shops and restaurants, so getting “lost” is a positive experience.

You can then buy your “lost in Mykonos T-Shirt” at many of the shops as a souvenir.

The Windmills (Kato Milli)

The Mykonos Windmills (Kato Milli)
The Mykonos Windmills (Kato Milli)

Old Town in Mykonos is definitely a place you would want to be on your own and walk around. It is just an unbelievable place that one can’t possibly get lost and the whole fun of traveling is exploring.

While walking or wandering through Old Town, you will eventually end up at the shoreline and if you continue on your left until you reach the end, you will see the famous “windmill” view. A short, perhaps 15-30 min. walk, depending if you stop to look at shops and attractions along the way. A well-worth walk.

Panagia Paraportiani

Panagia ParaportianiReportedly the oldest church on the island, Panagia Paraportiani Byzantine church was started in 1425 and finished in 17th century.

One of the most famous and most photographed churches on Mykonos is the Church of Our Lady of the Side Gate.

This Greek Orthodox church dedicated to the Virgin Mary is very unique.

Construction of three two-story church is an asymmetrical blending of four churches into one. These formed the base for the 5th church.

The church dates back to the middle of the 15th century. Its name comes from the word side door because is was once right next to the entrance of the Medieval castle that was located here.

Rarity Gallery

Rarity Gallery
Rarity Gallery

Rarity Gallery was established in the centre of Mykonos in 1995. It was the first in Greece to exhibit the works of internationally acknowledged contemporary artists.

The main goal of the gallery is to offer an original, selected and carefully composed aesthetic experience to strengthen the appreciation of contemporary art, while valorising the artists, their exposure and reputation.

The curators have applied their personal knowledge, experience in the selection process and the arrangement of the artworks in Rarity Gallery’s spacious, elegant but friendly environment. This is a synthesis that allows the evolution of dynamic relationships between them.

The attentive visitor can expect to enjoy a full sensory immersion in a constant dialogue between the pieces.

The exhibits vary between the works of younger artists and more established figures on the international art scene, as to ensure a broader scope, a full spectrum of the contemporary art movements and its various facets.

Each year, the curators organise approximately five solo exhibitions, while for the rest of the time Rarity Gallery offers varied works of its artists.

The artists featured, are unique masters in the fields of sculpture, painting, photography and other languages of visual arts.

They are represented in international museums, prestigious art fair exhibitions and very well known corporate collections from all around the world. Some of them are Julian Opie, Hunt Slonem, George Pusenkoff, Joana Vasconcelos, Carole Feuerman, Hanneke Beaumont, Patrick Hughes, Roberto Bernardi, Sean Henry, Hong Sung Chul, Jorge Galindo, Omar Galliani, Massimo Listri, Massimo Giannoni, Peter Anton, Robin Antar, Ilse Haider, Lluis Barba, Anke Eilergerhard, Michael Reafsnyder, Marc Sijan, Raphaella Spence, Tim Maguire, Zhuang Hong Yi.

Currently, Rarity Gallery is focusing its attention on a new generation of artists, such as Lee Jae Hyo, Jeff Robb, Francesca Pasquali, Ahmet Gunestekin, Valerio D’ Ospina, Jaime Valero, Marcus Levine, Javier Vazquez, Christian Awe, Johannes Cordes, Jan Davidoff, Martin Herbst, Alan Kingsbury, Matthias Kostner, Lino Lago, Julian Lennon, Robert Mars, Jan Mikulka who are creative innovators, shaping new trends through their approaches and their procedures that are always full of new aesthetical and expressive values.

The gallery has no fee to browse and admire. The art is for sale. It’s a quality venue and the prices to take home a piece are in the thousands of euro. Just don’t get serious about owning. Unless you’re prepared to make a big Rolex level investment.

Dio Horia

Dio Horia Gallery
Dio Horia Gallery

Dio Horia is an art platform & gallery for contemporary art and culture that was inaugurated in 2015.

Through a vibrant programme of exhibitions, residencies, events, publications and pop-up bookshops, Dio Horia gallery stimulates debate, experimentation, creativity and knowledge exchange with the audience.

Founded by Marina Vranopoulou, Dio Horia gallery supports artists in the development and exhibition of their work. In addition, Dio Horia gallery encourages a dialogue between the local and global art scene, promoting Greek and international art to a wider audience.

Dio Horia gallery strives to be at the forefront of cultural experimentation both in Greece and the world beyond, by presenting important solo and group shows by established artists. At the same time, a generation of young artists will take part in exhibitions and residencies.

Dio Horia engages in collaborative projects developed as a result of associations with artists, curators, non-profit organisations and cultural carriers. These fall into categories ranging from social, cultural and literary studies to music and performing arts. Through these collaborations, Dio Horia plays host to diverse viewpoints and aesthetics.

The name Dio Horia is inspired by a book by Greek architect Aris Konstantinidis entitled Dio Horia from Mykonos, where the phrase “Dio Horia” means both “two spaces” and “two villages”.

Besides its main location in Mykonos, Dio Horia gallerie’s activities move nomadically from one place to another, in order to study each location’s different social aspects, and therefore become the driving force behind the artistic practice.

These places are as popular as Mykonos to the non-art initiated public, and present, again like Mykonos, an interesting and dynamic social situation.

Municipal Art Gallery

Municipality of Mykonos
Municipality of Mykonos

The artistic past and present of Mykonos are spliced together at the Municipal Art Gallery in Matoyianni street.

The house of the Mykonean painter and artist, Maria Igglesi, is the Municipal Art Gallery, housing works of contemporary art, both of european and greek origin.

Sculptures, paintings, photographies and installations interchange, as the exhibitions differ every week.

You can always take a step into the art gallery and explore the next upcoming talent in European arts.

If you are an artist yourself, you can always make a request to the Municipal Gallery and exhibit your works.

Little Venice

mykonosforeverLittle Venice is one of the most well-known photographed places of Mykonos town.

It is best to visit though early morning like 9-10 am, wander around the white washed streets of Mykonos and have breakfast from the local bakeries.

It is also recommended to visit early afternoon e.g. 5-7pm for enjoying a sunset while drinking cocktails.

Try to stroll around the area there and find unique spots and traditional squares with no shops.

Agios Nikolaos Church

Agios Nikolaos ChurchAlmost all of the Greek islands have a church named for Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors.

The one in Mykonos is near the sea and has a blue dome and white exterior.

It is a small church but has some lovely chandeliers. The ceiling is painted a deep blue and the tiled floor is black and white.

Originally, it was built on an islet in the port and later is was connected to the quay.

A pier around the church was restored over a four-year period of time, 1908-1912. There are benches outside of the church to enjoy the waterfront. Take a few minutes to visit.

Gioras Wood Medieval Mykonian Bakery

gioras-wood-medievalYou can almost miss finding this remarkable place.
A humble entry to a remarkable place: Cute small underground bakery with loads of choices of different cookies and different baked goods, it is is sweet to walk by and get a little snack while walking around Mykonos Town.

The welcome is warm and cherry.

The baker is always there and more than open to discuss the history of his bakery.

Tradition seems to run through its veins.

Baker’s wife is equally charming and well spoken.

Il Forno di Gerasimo

fornodigerasimoGerasimos, owner of “Il Forno di Gerasimo” inspired his Bakery from Antico Forno Roscioli in Rome, Italy.

If you wake up at noon after a windy night in Mykonos and wanna grab some breakfast, ‘Il Forno di Gerasimo’ is your best choice by far.

Wandering up from the old port, you ‘ll stumble across this place.

The cases are full of pastries of all kinds, and the friendly young baker Gerasimo, whose facial hair would have been the envy of the entire borough of Brooklyn, was are friendly guide through them all.

Favorite choices:

  • Pastrie filled with a local sweetish cheese.
  • Pain au chocolate.
  • Stuffed donut holes (chocolate or lemon)
    Pastries are buttery, flaky, and delicious: a breakfast of champions. Feel free to sample everything.

Catholic Church of Mykonos Virgin of St. Rosary

mykonos-town-sightseeing-catholic-church-124534Of the 400 reportedly churches in Mykonos, the only Catholic Church in Mykonos was built in 1668 and renovated in 1677.

It is located in the center of the town near the windmills.

Over the communion table is the icon of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. Sunday mass is available for the local Catholics as well as tourists.

It is said the priest ask the native tongue of attendees and then says the mass in the majority tongue.

Mykonos town Three Wells: Tria Pigadia in Greek

139458066_1426520493Tria Pigadia translated means three wells and is located at the center of Old Town.

The wells date back to the 18th century and, until 1956, were the ones that brought water to Mykonos.

They are located outside Astra bar and are only five to six meters deep.

The reason for the depth is that they were built into sand and where the water was more accessible.

There are a couple of legends about these wells. One is that if someone drank from all three he/she would never leave the island. The other says if a virgin drinks of the wells she will find a husband. Today, you can not drink watter from the wells…

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos

image341058862The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos contains exhibitions of ceramics from the graves discovered on Rineia island, headstones, small artifacts, clay statuettes, jewellery and some weapons.

Plan on 1 to 2 hours to see the museum. The museum is open from 3 pm to 10 pm. The cost was 2€ per adult.

Also, there is a part of the museum with the headstones (and restrooms).

One of the highlights is the Mykonos Pithos, the giant ancient ceramic vase with imagery of the Trojan Horse and Greek war scenes.

Mykonos Aegean Maritime Museum

Aegean Maritime MuseumThe Aegean Maritime Museum is a non-profit institution.

It was founded in 1983 and in 1985 it opened its doors to the public, on the island of Mykonos.

The goal of the museum is the preservation, promotion and study of the Greek maritime history and tradition, and in particular the evolution and activities of the merchant ship, chiefly in the historic region of the Aegean Sea.

The founder and chairman of the Museum’s board of Trustees, the Myconian George M. Drakopoulos has been honoured for the foundation of the Museum with the Athens Academy Award and with the World Ship Trust’s Award for Individual Achievement.

In the museum’s garden lie reproductions of ancient marble gravestones from the islands of Mykonos and Delos, dealing with shipwrecks and sailors who were lost at sea.

The Aegean Maritime Museum was the first museum in Greece that rescued and restored living historical exhibits to operate as they were originally designed and built.
The Museum is open from April till October from 12:30 – 20:00

Mykonos Folklore Museum

image340834996-1The beneficial to the public institution “Mykonian Folklore Museum” is situated at Castro, in a 18th century building.

There are exposed museum articles sorted by subject.

Keys and locks collections, handwoven tapestries, painted plates, old weights and measures, traditional Cycladic sculptures and lighting devices ranging from the ancient oil to the kerosene lamp.

Obsedian tools and weapons representing the interior of a 19th century middle class drawing room.19th century bedroom.

A 19th century kitchen. Around the “Mermelechas well”- a known pirate there are large and small traditional Aegean ship models, cannons and pictures of old Mykonian sailing and steamships.

The Museum is open from April till October from 16:30 – 20:30

Unravel Mykonos Chora Town experience: Kinglike Villa Collection

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Restaurants in Chora

KOURSAROS (Fish n’ Sushi Fusion Restaurant)Koursaros Restaurant Mykonos ChoraIn a wonderful setting reminiscent of a Corsair’s ship, in the heart of Mykonos and only a breath away from Little Venice is Kousaros Fish Restaurant.

Situated in a beautiful spacious garden Kousaros promises an unforgettable dining experience with many authentic flavours of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with its main focus being on fresh fish and seafood.

Having operated for over 20 years in the northern suburbs of Athens, Koursaros guarantees a quality seafood experience.

In combination with Koursaros’s Mykonos team they have created a menu capable of satisfying the most demanding palates and have perfected gastronomic simplicity and Greek hospitality…

Sea Satin Market Restaurant (Fresh Fish)Sea Satin Market RestaurantModern night culture meets a typical / so Greek experience

Under the windmills
Right under the windmills, Sea Satin Market seems to be floating in the bay of Mykonos and represents the most genuine, Greek-gourmet tavern of the island by serving freshier-than-you-expect seafood, “garnished” with the sound of the most fun Greek music.

Chic, homemade and genuine Greek
Choose your fish by yourself – than enjoy the exciting grilling procedure on the spot. Oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, lobster and shrimps, as well as the delicious T-Bone steak and tenderloin, they are all served in a most imaginative way!
Don’t forget to taste our homemade “taramosalata” (made of fishroe), the home-cut and fried potatoes and our vegetables (boiled, fried or grilled) farmed in our Myconian gardens and flavoured with sea salt from the saltpits of Mani in Peloponnese.

Listen, taste, feel and be part of the feast
Last but not least, lift up your culinary senses by trying the famous “loukoumades” (fried honey puffs) served with honey and ice-cream! And all these followed by the most fun greek music compilation which will certainly … lift you up … even on the table!
Sea Satin Market became –and signifies- the classic choice for “fresh fish and fun”!

Avra (mediterranean cuisine)

Avra Restaurant Mykonos Chora
Avra Restaurant Mykonos Chora

Avra (meaning Breeze in Greek) Restaurant in Mykonos Greece provides excellent food, efficient service, intimate ambiance and reasonable prices, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

One of the places where you can enjoy some of the delicacies of Greek and International cuisine on Mykonos Island, Greece.

Niko, the owner and manager with over twenty years of experience as head chef in many major restaurants in Mykonos, brings his reputation and unique talents into the Avra kitchen, excelling in  quality.

Avra Restaurant is set in a beautiful secluded courtyard garden with an additional roof top terrace and a spacious air-conditioned interior.

Traditional decor has been carefully arranged creating a comfortable setting throughout.

For the added convenience of customers, a small bar is available where cocktails or aperitifs can be enjoyed.

INTERNI (Fusion)
interniItalian architect and designer Paola Navone is the creative force behind the island’s loveliest garden bar-restaurant, which has been around for 16 years in the center of Chora. It’s the perfect place for a classic drink under the
Mykonos sky, and music that’s uplifting without being too in-your-face. For a no airs, no cares night out.
Tel. (+30) 22890.263.33Ling Ling by Hakkasan (oriental)

Uno con Carne (steak house)

Uno Con Carne
Uno Con Carne

“If the question is dinner, Uno con Carne is definitely the answer.

Uno con Carne,as its spanish-oriented name indicates, made its appearance on the island of Mykonos as an Argentinean style steakhouse. Black angus ribeyes and fillets, chateaubriands and picanjas along with delicious salads made of fresh Mediterranean vegetables made Uno Con Carne the island’s top choice for dinner.

In order to satisfy seafood-lovers too, Uno’s chefs enriched the menu with top quality Seafood and Sushi pleasing even the most demanding visitors from all over the world.

At the Oyster bar you may enjoy products of the Myconian Sea as long as oysters from France,all served in a special manner.

Built and decorated with great care it combines cozy mykonian architecture with classy and stylish atmosphere.

All you have left to do is make your selection from our world class winelist and let yourself feel the pleasure from this outstanding combination of superb service, great atmosphere and the finest of tastes.

Is it the magic of the island or the friendliness of the people of Uno con Carne that make the difference? Is it the music or is it the relaxation that the two big palm trees are radiating in the air of the restaurant?”

Nobu Matsuhisa (sushi) @ Hotel Belvedere

Nobu Matsuhisa

Synonymous with legendary signature dishes such as Tiradito, Black Cod with Miso and New Style Sashimi, chef Nobu’s restaurants revolutionised the image of Japanese cuisine in the Western World, establishing a “New Style Japanese cuisine” coloured with South American & Western influences, in some of the most glamorous venues and locations throughout the world.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa returns to Mykonos for the annual Nobu Food Festival held between the 31st of July and the 4st of August 2016 at Matsuhisa Mykonos.

The Belvedere Hotel celebrates the Nobu Food Festival for the 13 th year.

Born in Tokyo in 1952, Nobu Matsuhisa commenced his culinary career at the age of 17, as an apprentice Itamae-Sushi Chef. Following three years of classical training in Japanese cuisine and a further four years as a professional sushi chef in Japan, Nobu Matsuhisa left for Peru in 1972 to open a highly regarded Sushi restaurant in its capital Lima.

With its opening in the summer of 2004, Nobu’s exciting food finally made its way to the beautiful island of Mykonos, at the Belvedere Hotel.

Nobu felt it would be the perfect opportunity as well as the ideal setting, to introduce his signature dishes to the a la carte menu at Matsuhisa Mykonos

Kiku (sushi) @ Hotel Cavo Tagoo


TExplore the rich palette of Japanese spices, seasonings, aromas and flavours from the refined dinner menu of Kiku restaurant at Cavo Tagoo paying tribute to the Japanese cuisine and culture.

Inspired by a significant team of chefs, the dinner menu features some of the finest recipes from the Japanese gastronomy with respect to tradition and a twist of modern refinement.

Guests with discerning palates are welcome to set off on a culinary journey of eclectic Japanese flavours and tantalise their taste buds at one of the best restaurants in Mykonos.

Every evening, the magnificent Cavo Tagoo dinner restaurant is being transformed to the ultimate Japanese hot spot of Mykonos.

Be there and sail your senses from the shimmering Aegean to the fragrant streets of the Far East at the signature Kiku sushi Mykonos restaurant.

Cine Manto – Cafe Restaurant (souvlaki)

Cine Manto Top Souvlaki in Mykonos Chora
Cine Manto Top Souvlaki in Mykonos Chora

Breakfast / lunch / dinner / drinks / barbecue

Apart from the open air cinema, in the same area you will find the coolest cafe-restaurant on the island, surrounded by a beautiful garden with ethereal atmosphere, and great food.

Cine Manto – Cafe Restaurant is open all day long, offering the pleasure of greenery, greek breakfast, barbecue, drinks, brunch and assortments.

Remezzo (mediterranean)


A Greek Restaurant with History Established in 1967, the legendary bar Remezzo, world-known for its music and parties, became the meeting point of international jet setters for the decades to follow.

Partying till dawn has always been the thing to do in Mykonos and Remezzo has always been one of the hottest places to be for experiencing unforgettable nights.

Remezzo is re-launched, not only with fine dining cuisine but also with special guest DJs and parties.

Remezzo hosts over 170 people, located in a magnificent spot with stunning views.

At Remezzaki you will find the best bartenders to please your most extravagant wishes.

In Remezzo’s fine dining section you will find Mediterranean dishes inspired by various multinational influences and of course the best seafood in town.

Nice ‘n’ Easy (mediterranean)

Nice n' Easy
Nice n’ Easy

‘Nice n easy’ restaurant is located in the heart of Mykonos Chora, Alefkantra Sq., near Little Venice.

‘Nice n easy’ Mykonos runs by the same philosophy as the Athens and Kifisia locations; it is dedicated to serving organic, locally grown food that is healthy and environmentally conscious.

In the Mykonos location you will find the restaurant beginning service in the morning hours until after midnight!

This spacious restaurant seats up to 250-300 people with plenty of room for an intimate setting or large groups.

Products used in the ‘nice n easy’ kitchens are primarily from Mykonos and neighboring Greek islands namely Naxos, Kalymnos and Crete amongst others.

Much of their meat products are brought in from their own buffalo farm located in Kerkini Lake, Greece.

The wood fire oven they use brings freshly baked bread and a variety of casseroles to the tables of their customers daily.

With their own local herb and produce garden they are able to provide an organically grown twist to their already healthy menu selections.

“We strive to provide our customers the highest quality products using the purest ingredients,” underscores Executive Chef Christos Athanasiadis, “And we buy directly from local farmers and producers in Greece.”

Eva’s garden (mediterranean)

Eva's Garden in Mykonos Chora
Eva’s Garden in Mykonos Chora

Eva’s Garden is a low profile family and that run the restaurant for 33 years offering Philoxenia… the art of making a stranger a friend.

This philosophy is what makes most of our guests come back… again and again.. for many years.

Home cooked and cared for dishes and dining areas surrounded by vines and flowers for a more intimate environment!

La Maison de Catherine, (Catherine’s French Cuisine)

Katrin, La Maison de Katherine
Katrin, La Maison de Catherine

This hidden restaurant features the best of both Greek and French cuisine, which makes it worth the search through the Dilou quarter of Mykonos.

Outdoor tables are on a narrow street, while the lovely interior features Cycladic arches and whitewash with a faded 16th-century tapestry from Constantinople.

Fine food and excellent service keeps people coming, despite the prices.

Start with such delights as the zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, mint, and pine nuts, or the spinach pie with leeks and feta cheese.

Then move onto the mussels in light cream sauce, white wine, and red peppercorns, or try the chateaubriand with grilled vegetables.

Finish with the apple tartine with Calvados cream. Divine!

Bill & Coo @ Hotel Bill & Coo

Bill & Coo
Bill & Coo

Where the restaurant is the kitchen and the kitchen is the restaurant.

Bill & Coo’s Gourmet Restaurant is a total interactive sensory experience of sound, scent, vision, taste and touch with a mouthwatering Mediterranean-cuisine inspired menu.

Savor culinary perfections of exceptional taste crafted by Chef AthinagorasKostakos.

Situated by the pool, with views over the ocean and stars above, Bill & Coo’s Gourmet Restaurant in Mykonos awakens all senses.

The distinguished Chef has created a Mediterranean-cuisine inspired menu of the freshest ingredients, based on the biological products of Mykonos Island.

Exquisite recipes inspired by the authentic Greek cuisine and the finest of international gastronomy, all created with passion and with the use of fresh, seasonal and biological products from the blessed Greek land.

Get ready to relish in the cosmopolitan essence of Mykonos with intriguing flavors and aromas presented by the awarded chef.

Greek hospitality is closely connected to the authentic Greek cuisine, the mouth-watering traditional recipes and the amazing products offered by the Greek land.

Taking hospitality to new heights, the Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge hotel in Mykonos succeeds in offering its esteemed guests more than a 5-star accommodation choice in lavish surroundings ensuring a stay beyond comparison along with the most amazing dining experience in Mykonos town.

Since 2007 the Bill & Coo restaurant has been recognised for its high gastronomic standards, its privileged location a few minutes away from the heart of Mykonos town, the amazing culinary proposals and the majestic views to the mesmerising Aegean Sea.


Mamalouka Mykonos Chora
Mamalouka Mykonos Chora

Located just two steps from the highlighted spot Little Venice, where the sound of the music will make your nights unforgettable!

New staff will welcome you in the renovated restaurant and will be glad to guide your choice among our most recent recipes inspired by the Italian tradition or to let you enjoy our brand new oyster bar.

The atmosphere is amazingly enhanced in a beautiful patio and the service beyond perfect.

The spot is newly renovated with a very sophisticated outdoors for the most charming evening out!

Mamalouka… Mykonos in all senses!



The famous bar restaurant Balthazar based in Athens since 1973 makes an appearance in Mykonos -island of the Winds – at the most popular “party spot” in the world, in the square of Pierro’s – Agia Kyriaki.

The Mediterranean cuisine is of course inspired by the Cyclades and dedicated to the development and evolution of local products. making fresh and creative dishes.

Great Cocktails and beautiful music will make Mykonian Balthazar “First or Last appointment”.

Hotels in Chora


belvedere The Belvedere’s wondrously romantic luxury accommodation in Mykonos Chora features 35 hotel rooms and 8 hotel suites as well as the finest villa accommodation in Mykonos spread across the 7 buildings that make up the Cyclades Islands deluxe landmark property, located in Mykonos’ Chora.

Looking out from the wood decked, sun kissed terraces of every luxuriously appointed room and suite, the Mykonos sea view provides the perfect Cyclades landscape to gently soothing color palettes artfully reflecting Chora’s, illustrious heritage.

Every room which makes up the hotel’s accommodation is unique with its own modern design elements, custom made fabrics, furnishings and textured details.

In artfully mixing modern design with charming and adorable Chora accents, the result is an ambience which confers on guests a lighter than air Mediterranean experience that draws one towards the sea and the sky.

Bill & Coo
Bill & Coo Mykonos

Bill & Coo

With ample space and thoughtful touches, these 5 star Mykonian suites will make you feel like you are in your own private hideout.

Each of the 30 magnificently styled suites of this luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos encapsulates extraordinary experiences, effortlessly weaving modern comfort, indigenous accents and refined luxury.

Indulge into a contemporary take of the Cycladic lifestyle.

Let Bill & Coo be your guide to the beginning of your Mykonian experience through its elegant and indigenous suites.

Spacious, ornately sophisticated and well-appointed, the Suites of this 5 star boutique hotel are ideal for luxury island living.

Cavo Tagoo

Cavo Tagoo
Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

When you feel as you are reaching for the stars, floating on air amidst the sea and sky, unleashing your senses in a world of unrivalled privacy, seductive moments and exciting experiences, you know you’ve reached your destination: Cavo Tagoo Mykonos design hotels.

Sea View Luxury Hotel in Mykonos Regarded as one of the best hotels in the Cyclades, Cavo Tagoo 5 star hotel in Mykonos give luxury holidays a whole new meaning by providing immense peace and comfort, moments of pleasure and intriguing memories to treasure for life.

Whether seeking for quality luxury accommodation, a soothing wellness experience, a culinary journey to a world of flavoursome revelations, an adventure to uncover hidden gems and reveal the past and heritage of the Cyclades islands, a voyage to pristine coasts and tales of true passion, pick one of the Cavo Tagoo luxury hotel in Mykonos and let it breathe life into your dreams.

The Cavo Tagoo 5 star hotel in Greece welcomes you to appreciate the true meaning of life experiences, immerse in your tranquil private pool, embark on sailing adventures with a private yacht through the endless Aegean azure, hire a jet and fly between Santorini and Mykonos, explore the sacred island of Delos and the most legendary sites in a luxury car, celebrate life, your wedding day and honeymoon and feel like royalty.

Resting into a wondrous cliffside in Mykonos town, the legendaryCavo Tagoo draws world travellers into a seductive realm of sensuous pleasures.

A realm of unpretentious class, style and glamour, seamlessly blending the elements of Cycladic tradition with the magnificence of contemporary architecture, the jet-setting vibes of Mykonos and the notion of chic barefoot luxury.

A 5 star Mykonos hotel proposing a breadth of undisclosed luxuries, exuberant services and lip-smacking gastronomic proposals that will sure lure prestigious guests into a dream-state of mind.

Welcome to the seductive and sensual world of Cavo Tagoo

Evoking a sense of sheer bliss, Cavo Tagoo captures the heart and soul of prestigious travellers seeking for a stylish Mykonos accommodation.

Prominent guests are welcome to relax and unwind at one of the hotel’s luxury suites and villas, enjoy their privacy in the sleek interiors and generous outdoor spaces, dive in the tranquil waters of their private pool and take in the sprawling vistas of the azure Aegean Sea.

Unravel the secrets of luxury… one by one at one of the finest Mykonos Luxury Hotels.

Among the island’s first established, and still one of the best, luxury complexes, the Cavo Tagoo gazes out to sea from its hillside location near Chora, Mykonos.

It’s a stylish (and often full) hotel offering spacious rooms, often with private plunge-pools, and generous breakfasts.

Semeli Hotel Mykonos Chora

Semeli Hotel Mykonos Chora

Semeli Hotel in Mykonos Town, amongst the most luxury hotels in Mykonos is fairly named after Zeus’ beloved Semeli, as the 5 star hotel reflects in Mykonos her name’s symbols of beauty and harmony.

“Oh Semeli, sweet mother of wine, drunkenness, joy and mother of Dionysus…”; if the myth could ever turn to reality, it would definitely happen in Mykonos, the ancient nymph Semeli’s island.

Thus  was Semeli Hotel created, from the depths of heart and soul, Semeli hotel, a magical place in the heart of Mykonos town, using fantasy and dreams with regard to conceive a unique place of relaxation and warm atmosphere for the guests to come, in an exclusive aesthetical and elegant design.

Semeli Hotel vision is further extended to the Spa area of the hotel, especially created to release your body and soul through a variety of facial and body treatments.


Andronikos Hotel
Andronikos Hotel

Andronikos Hotel is a luxury hotel in Mykonos, a sparkling cosmopolitan destination in the Mediterranean.

Andronikos boutique hotel epitomises minimal Cycladic design while offering guests 5 star level of style and service.

Across the main road, Andronikos boutique hotel puts you in the vibrant hub of beaches, Mykonos town and near boutiques, restaurants and entertainment venues. With sweeping views of the Mykonos skyline, the Aegean Sea and the Town of Mykonos, Andronikos hotel is a beautiful oasis close to Mykonos town.

Equally luxurious are the services Andronikos Hotel offers, like the Lady Finger gourmet restaurant, the Earth Spa with soothing treatments for the body and face, the brand new Iron Maiden Gym, the hip and popular meeting point Orange Blue Bar and the latest addition to Andronikos’ facilities: the Sky Bar offering spectacular views of the Mykonos sunset and Mykonos Town.

The laid back Mediterranean environment, the genuine Greek hospitality along with the exclusive luxury services make the Andronikos boutique hotel in Mykonos a destination in itself.


Kouros Hotel Mykonos Chora
Kouros Hotel Mykonos Chora

This elegant and charming Hotel in Greece is a jewel amongst luxury hotels in Cyclades, since it offers the ideal location for exploring the renowned Mykonos town and its surroundings.

Kouros Hotel focuses on exclusive services and VIP treatment of all Hotel residents.

What differentiates Kouros Hotel & Suites is its location, location, location and its service, service, service.


Ostraco Hotel Mykonos Chora
Ostraco Hotel Mykonos Chora

Embark on a fantasy holiday as you step into this resplendent luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos.

Situated a breath away from the picturesque and vibrant Mykonos town Ostraco Suites is a sublime Small Luxury Hotel in Mykonos, Greece, ideal for those seeking elegance, serenity and unpretentious beauty.

Travellers seeking a Small Luxury Hotel in Mykonos are welcome to nuzzle in the scintillating landscape and enjoy an experience beyond imagination.

Jewelry shops in Chora


Lalaounis Mykonos Jewelry Store
Lalaounis Mykonos Jewelry Store
Ilias Lalaounis
Ilias Lalaounis

Whether on the red carpet or in exclusive advertising campaigns, the jewelry of Ilias Lalaounis has become an indispensable addition to celebrity style.

Ilias Lalalounis, jeweler, artist, and official member of the Academy of Athens, has become world renowned for creating luxurious gold jewelry steeped in history.


Rousounelos Mykonos Chora Jewelry Store
Rousounelos Mykonos Chora Jewelry Store

For two generations the Rousounelos family of Mykonos has proudly served as the official representative for such prestigious watchmakers as Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Parmigiani, Mont Blanc, Tudor, Breitling, Raymond Weil, Maurice Lacroix, as well as for some of Greece’s most distinguished jewelry creators in bringing world-class treasures, quality, and service to Mykonos clientele.

Founded by Theodore Rousounelos in the early 1970’s, his children, Irini and Manos, proudly carry on the family tradition of offering exceptional, internationally renowned care and attention to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Rousounelos name remains our most precious asset and respect for Mykonos clients’ wishes number one priority.


Sahas Jewelry Store Mykonos Chora
Sahas Jewelry Store Mykonos Chora

At D.S. Gold you can experience all the pleasures of fine jewelry.

Enjoy the confidence of wearing high quality jewelry without the exorbitant prices.

For over a decade Sahas Gold has been and still is a family based business.

Sahas jewelry is designed and created in Sahas own factory.

Sahas Gold provides customers with the highest quality of selected jewels recovered by a team of specialists around the world. Sahas offers the education and guidance that’s needed.

Sahas Jewelry knowledge and expertise provide the extra edge in making sure that reproductions are the finest available. On the contrary, Sahas Jewelry focus on the details and go the extra mile to insure 100% satisfactory.


Kessaris Jewelry Store Mykonos Chora
Kessaris Jewelry Store Mykonos Chora

According to Kessaris, “A unique piece of jewelry is not only expensive jewelry, but jewelry that has been worked on by the hands of the best craftsmen and combines excellent work and stones that shine brightly.”

At the same time, following the rapid development of the island, the plans for a store in Mykonos started.

Mykonos was the island which attracted the Greek elite and the international jet setters.

Those plans became a reality in 1996 by transforming the famous Bar Vegera, a meeting point in the island’s Chora, into a fully equipped Kessaris store, which followed faithfully the local colour and style.


Gofas Jewelry Store Mykonos
Gofas Jewelry Store Mykonos

Since the early 60s Gofas Jewelry was always regarded for its high aesthetics and elegance.

The largest foreign jewelry designers and the major watch manufacturers have trusted the Gofas Jewerly to showcase their creations!

Tradition, experience, luxury, glamor and gorgeous designs, synthesize and provide a magnificent picture to those who visit Gofas store.

Gofas jewelry and watches, a flash and glamor combine are waiting to get in!

Mykonos DownTown Nightlife

Mykonos musthaves


Skandinavian Bar Mykonos
Skandinavian Bar Mykonos, Photo by DJ John Aslanis

Skandinavian Bar leads the nightlife of Mykonos since 1978. It is the best known meeting point of the island. The variety of fine coktails and drinks plus great music selection, together with friendly atmosphere and high quality service have established Skandinavian Bar as one of the best spot in Mykonos.

Mr. Moschos, is the manager of Mykonos Chora Skandinavian Bar.

Skandinavian Bar – Disco takes up an entire block and is comprised of two open air service bars, an elevated outdoor patio and a thumping disco stage outside, bend with the bartenders inside for some serious drinking fun and head to the Disco for sweat – soaked dancing.

The bar is located in the town, close to the Municipality of Mykonos and Nikos taverna.

Galleraki Cocktail Bar MykonosDamianos Gryparis, is housed in a double-storied building which dates since the latter part of the 1800s and lies in the middle of Little Venice.

During the excavations by French Archaeological School in Delos, archaeologists stayed at this house.

In 1989, Damianos turned the first floor into a bar, which was called Gallery, owing to the fact that the owner, Yannis Galatis had used it as an art gallery.

In 1992, he moved to the ground floor, and as the place was much smaller, he named it Galleraki (small gallery).

Its position and the unique sunset, inspired him to turn it into a cocktail bar.

From there the view encompasses the Windmills and Little Venice as well. A classic example of the traditional architecture found in the Cyclades.

Galleraki Cocktail Bar is widely known and mentioned in holiday sites in the world, such as Fodor’s.

Cocktails in Galleraki are made with the freshest fruit, which -combined with alcohol- increase antioxidant properties of the fruits to maximum.

Montparnasse Piano BarMontparnasse originally opened in the late 1960’s as an art gallery, but soon became a gallery and bar.

Situated the area of town known as Little Venice, Montparnasse offered the perfect location to continue the quality and traditions that had become synonymous with The Piano Bar.

Montparnasse/The Piano Bar is moving into its second decade of featuring exceptional piano bar and cabaret entertainment and superior cocktails to visitors and many friends.

It’s reputation has gone “global” with mentions in the 2001 Frommer’s Gay and Lesbian Travel Guide and the July 2002 issue of Conde Nast Traveler.

Your hosts, Nikos Hristodoulakis and Jody Duncan invite you to stop by for a visit.

“You won’t be a stranger for long!” is the Montparnasse saying.


Jetset Aperitifs

Appaloosa Bar

You may  fall in love with it for its spicy Mexican cuisine, but it’s also a fun and cool place to enjoy an icy margarita, an authentic caipirinha or a perfectly balanced mojito. The ethnic touch, after all, is always appreciated, especially on a small island.
Tel. (+30) 22890.270.86


belvedere_bar_6Celebrity mixologist Christos Houseas has created a conceptual bar inside the five-star Belvedere Mykonos Hotel to mark its 20th anniversary.

The list consists of just six cocktails with names inspired by the hotel’s history, but despite the limited selection, you will be rewarded by the quality of the inspired drinks.
Tel. (+30) 22890.251.22

Sunrise, sunset

remezzoΑ Mykonos institution since 1967, renowned all over the world for its legendary parties, this restaurant-bar has been relaunched at the same location, near the old harbor, along with its “little brother” Remezzaki.

It still offers its affluent clientele amazing sunset views, haute cuisine and amazing chilled champagne cocktails.
Tel. (+30) 22890.257.00

champagne-bombs-at-toy-room-mykonos-nightclub-from-its-facebook-pageThe Mykonos branch of a nightclub chain with venues in London and Dubai, located in the oh-so-beautiful Little Venice area, is pretty and vibrant, cosy space, styled up to look like a living room.

After midnight the music really kicks in, but it also specializes in pre-party parties (yes, this is a category) around sunset.
Tel. (+30) 694.438.5959

In the mood for love


screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-16-07-29It’s impossible to talk  about a night out in Chora without paying tribute to this understated nightlife powerhouse – established in 1987.

Chill in the ample front yard around the famous Tria Pigadia (Three Wells) or enjoy a cocktail while trying to spot the celebrity at the two sought-after VIP booths to the left and right of the front door, the ones who are ordering fine champagne by the crate.

Better yet just dance the night away to music intended to get you up and jumping in the fantastic little “cave”, complete with twinkling stars above.
Tel. (+30) 698.244.0540

queen-mykonos-3-600x460People-watch like there’s no tomorrow while sipping on amazing cocktails and enjoying loud, soulful house music: It doesn’t get more Mykonian than this little venue, right in the center of everything, at tria pigadia
Tel. (+30) 694.907.8018

scarpa2Located in Little Venice and open 24/7, this is a great place to meet for cocktails and make plans for the night ahead. Better yet, just stay there, while the DJs spin an eclectic mix of electro beats, the party heats up and the night goes on and on.
Tel. (+30) 22890.232.94


Bao's Mykonos Cocktail Bar
Bao’s Mykonos Cocktail Bar

BAO’S is located in Little Venice with its amazing views and is here to dominate the sundowner cocktail hour in Mykonos from 6pm onwards.

Memories in the moonlight


moniIts location near an old monastery on Aghia Moni Square in Chora may have inspired its name, but this club is the opposite of monastic. Run by an expert international team of nightlife pros, it’s an insiders’ hangout that takes its dance music, its intimate atmosphere and the privacy of its exclusive clientele very seriously. The best time to go? After 3 a.m.
Tel. (+30) 693.283.0252


cql26uuw8aqs-acJarrett Passaoglou is a name with royalty status in the Mykonos nightlife scene and his recently launched venue in Lakka is this season’s most talked-about new arrival. Fast-forwarding into the future, Void will fill a vacuum for high-end after-hours clubbing with great vibes and party music that can’t go wrong.
Tel. (+30) 694.481.1360

So far, yet so close


guzel-nightclub-mykonos-photo-from-its-facebook-pageThis seaside venue in the center of Gialos – the main waterfront stretch in Chora – is not for the faint-hearted: Loudspeakers vibrate with both international dance music and Greek pop hits, with the party in full swing until well after sunrise.
Tel. (+30) 694.423.1999


madon-mykonos-nightclub-interior-photo-from-the-clubs-facebook-pageAlso for the young and the brave, this waterfront club is run in cooperation with the team of the London-based Maddox Club Restaurant.
Tel. (+30) 694.446.0930

Forget me not


Thalami Bar
Thalami Bar

And if you still have it in you for a “Zorba the Greek Meets Dante’s Inferno” experience, follow the crowd to Thalami, below Mykonos Town Hall and next to Nikos Tavern.

It will almost certainly be past midday when you eventually emerge, not knowing what day – or what year, for that matter – it is.

It is a bar that you must know that exists if you want to visit it, but it is there for many decades giving the best Parties on the Island .

The name means the house of the octopus but trust me you will not find any in this bar, the only thing you may find is Greek Music good drinks a smile from the bartender Thodoris that he will make you feel that this is your favourite hot Greek spot.

Even if you get drunk you will not have any problem because until the end of the night everyone in Thalami Bar is one company and everyone knows everyone.

You gotta love this island.

Do not miss… for real Mykonos Connoisseurs

Mykonos 180°  Sunset bar

Mykonos 180 Sunset Bar

A great spot to relax with a cocktail or glass of wine while listening to lounge music and savouring a spectacular Mykonos sunset — away from the crowds of Mykonos Town.

180 Sunset Bar provides seats on one of the comfy couches, and a definite chill out to some of the best scenery views on the island.

The open-air lounge is situated on the grounds of Castle Panigirakis, an historic property known for its luxury accommodations in a windmill and guest house, and for its impressive location, which is among the most unique special events venues on the island.

The 180 sunset bar is open from sunset until midnight, 180o Sunset Bar offers a menu of exquisite cocktails, champagne, and Greek and international wines, along with such nibbles as Greek cheeses, cold cuts, and hams, and a summer salad.

As the bar’s name suggests, guests will enjoy a fabulous 180-degree view that includes Mykonos Town, nearby islands, the sea and of course the incredible sunsets.

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