Dress for an Unforgettable Mykonos Experience (Mykonos what to wear!)

What to wear May,June, July, August and September

Besides an island legendary for its party scene, Mykonos is also famous for its fashion forwardness and consciousness. No wonder so many international brands and Greek designers alike have their boutiques on the quaint cobbled streets of the island; ready to cover every need.

One of the most charming things about Mykonos is that from May to September, the island turns into an endless 24/7 catwalk, and people-watching becomes a well-practised “refined art”. For those “merciless” hours, we give you some Mykonos dress code tips to help make your stay in Mykonos as fun and enjoyable as it can be!

Daytime Essentials

No heavy clothing is required whatsoever, as the weather is hot all day long. You will definitely need lots of beachwear and swimwear. Given that you may want to do many different things while on the beach (i.e. swim and then enjoy your cocktail or champagne or join a beach party), you will need at least a couple of bikinis/full swimsuits/trunks.


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Also, colourful sarongs and tunics (you can never have enough of them in Mykonos) – called pareo in Greek – will serve multiple purposes. You may use them to cover your beachwear on your way to the beach, as a sunbed on the sand or a drying towel after swimming, even throw them around your shoulders as shawls! Don’t forget to bring along 2-3 pairs of flip-flops matching your beachwear (which you can certainly also wear while strolling the streets of Mykonos Town from sunrise to early afternoon) are must-haves.

Night-time Essentials

After the sun sets, it is best to carry a light jacket with you when club hopping as the soft breezes from the sea could be quite chilling (or refreshing, depending on which country you are coming from!).

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Choose a nice pair of shorts with a stylish shirt (for gents) or airy dresses (for the ladies); any bright colour will do (it will make your sun-kissed skin look sexier too). Embroidered pieces are all-time classics and resort-perfect items (along with cotton shirts and jumpsuits) that can take your style to an upper level.





And, don’t worry if you feel that you have taken the wrong type of clothes with you or are missing some essential island pieces. Mykonos has a plethora of shops and boutiques that will help you get into the “Mykonos mood” in an instance!



The rugged terrain of Mykonos Greece island and its narrow cobblestone streets can make walking in high heels a bit of a challenge. If you absolutely must wear high heels, then better opt for solid platforms. The best footwear for Mykonos? Anything flat, including espadrilles, flip flops, sneakers, and sandals.

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Stylistic Tips

  • If you are not the dress and skirt type of person, you can swap them with flowing, airy pants and shorts.
  • Instead of tight-fitting items, we suggest you go for loose, long skirts and dresses (ideally of organic materials).
  • Layering is still a welcoming and flattering fashion trend, so don’t be afraid to wear denim, canvas, cotton or linen over a jersey, chiffon, or silk.
  • Unless you are Kanye West, it is safer to steer clear of too much bling and animal prints with eye-popping designer logos!
  • Finally, hats are much more than an accessory here, given the high temps and scorching sun. However, the winds won’t give you much choice. Choose something classic, like a Panama hat, and you will be fine!

The Mykonos Allure!

At the end of the day, having a blast in Mykonos is all about expressing yourself in any style you wish, regardless of what is written above. Mykonos welcomes every personality and every look with an open mind, from extravagant and glamorous to humble, hippy, and trans. Truth be told, a slightly odd, mixed crowd is indeed the recipe of a great, memorable time! Explore our best Mykonos Luxury Villas and live the Kinglike way!

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