Luxury Villas in Agrari, Mykonos

Sheltered by lush foliage and amidst a wondrous natural surrounding, Agrari beach is a calmer version of its busier and louder neighbours of the west. Nicely tucked in a beautiful cove across a little peninsula to the east of Mykonos, it has managed to remain one of the quietest beaches of the south, giving tourists a sense that the clocks tick much slower here than anywhere else on the island.

Luxury Holidays in Agrari, Mykonos

Popular Things to Do

Mostly visited and loved by A-lists and celebrities that want to enjoy the beauties of a Cycladic island, the bright sun, and clear waters of the Aegean, away from the crowds and busy hot-spots, Agrari also offers great opportunities to water sports enthusiasts to sharpen their skills, as well as places to savour high-quality organic food, hear some soft music, and relax by the beach, with nudity being optional.

However, if you wish to liven up your days or nights, the popular, busy beaches of Ornos and Platis Gialos are only a couple of miles away. And, literally within an arm’s reach lies Elia beach, another trendy area that attracts lots of VIPs and famous athletes in a party mood, from all over the world. As for the island’s vibrant capital, the distance between Agrari and Mykonos Town is a little less than 6 miles.


Agrari is not connected to Mykonos Town or the Chora as the locals call the island capital, by bus. This is probably the reason why it still manages to hold on to its serenity and raw natural beauty. To get there, you may either take a taxi, which can be a bit hard to find, especially during peak times or rent a car or motorbike. For a more scenic itinerary, you could consider hopping on a caique. There is a good network of this beautiful type of boat to get you to Agrari from Platis Gialos. Or, if you happen to be enjoying the sun and carefree lifestyle of Mykonos at Elia Beach, you may simply walk to Agrari beach for a calmer holidaymaking experience. No wonder so many jet setters choose to drop anchor in the peaceful sea surrounding Agrari beach and dive into the cool waters of the Aegean from their yachts when they want a break from the frenzy Mykonos party scene!

Agrari Beach is best for…

Adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is a gorgeous stretch of sand (pebbles to be more exact) but quite a wild beach. The fact that it is a bit steep and deep is probably the reason why most families prefer Elia beach or other more shallow and family-friendly alternatives. However, if you like deep waters, this is the beach for you. And, when the Meltemi winds blow, Agrari is just perfect for thrill-enthusiasts, as the big waves set the perfect setting for activities like windsurfing. Imagine laying eyes on the rocky landscape on a cloudless, sunny, yet windy, day that forces waves to burst to the shore from your luxury villa atop a hill with a glass of champagne at hand! Pure infatuation!

It should also be noted that despite its rather untamed character, Agrari beach still provides sun loungers and holidaymakers with all the basics they will need onshore. The small bar housed there makes sure of that!

Deluxe Options to Stay

Elegant, spacious villas in Mykonos located in privileged wind-sheltered locations, right above the wonderful, sun-kissed sand of Agrari Beach, with amazing panoramas of the Aegean Sea, provide the luxury and comfort necessary for a posh and comfortable stay. Although situated only 10 minutes by car from Mykonos Town, they offer privacy, tranquillity, and staggering scenery while also granting large groups peace and quiet one from the other. Finally, their charming interior that combines provincial selected details with traditional elements of Cycladic architecture, and the direct access to the beach are some of the features that make them truly unique.