What to do in Mykonos on a windy day – Top tips for ultimate fun!

Besides the Queen of the Cyclades, Mykonos is also known as the Islands of the Winds, and that’s not by mistake! Indeed, northern winds called Meltemi winds often whip Mykonos, making some activities such as sightseeing and dining outside quite challenging. That does not mean, though, that you can’t enjoy yourself in sunny Mykonos when the weather shows its other face. Here are some ideas for guaranteed fun! 


Meltemi winds – What are we talking about?

On the Beuford scale, a Meltemi wind is around 7-8 Beaufort (sometimes, even more). This means that the wind in Mykonos can reach speeds of 65 km per hour, if not more. But, Meltemi winds are not as bad as they may sound. In fact, they are a blessing in disguise as they prevent the occasional heat waves we often see in Europe while also lowering the temps in the Aegean, making your Mykonos holidays much more comfortable. At the same time, they provide great visibility as they clear the atmosphere. Indeed, step outside your elegant villa in Mykonos and take a look around you. Everything will seem so crispy and transparent!

On the other side, when they do blow, Meltemi winds do not often allow certain activities (or increase their difficulty level at best). Imagine swimming in a sea battered by 8 Beaufort winds? 


Activities perfect for a windy day in Mykonos 

Whether you choose to stay indoors or still excite yourself with outdoor activities, here are some suggestions to give you an idea of what to do in Mykonos, when it lives up to its other reputation as the island of the winds. 

  1. Windsurfing

What else? Windsurfing! These seasonal winds generally blow during the daytime, offering an excellent opportunity for windsurfing lovers to sharpen their skills and ride some nice waves. To maximise the experience, we suggest heading to the beaches of the southern coast, where the Meltemi winds blow strong and steady with up to 7 Beaufort, such as Kalafatis Beach. And, if you want even stronger wind, do consider coming during the afternoon and early evening. 

  1. Swimming

Who said that you can’t enjoy sunbathing and swimming in Mykonos on a windy day? You just have to pick more sheltered stretches of golden sand. Excellent options are the beaches of Psarou, Platis Gialos, Paradise, Agios Ioannis, Paraga, and Agia Anna. The best thing about these shores is that they are not too far from one another. Therefore, if one turns too windy to your liking, you can easily and quickly check out the conditions of another one. Most of these beaches feature shallow waters and bathing establishments, and are protected by houses, rocks, and/or hills.

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  1. Spa-like treatments and private experiences in your stylish villa

Wherever you have selected to live in Mykonos town and spend your vacations, chances are your exclusive villa includes services like a personal chef, who can prepare a mouth-watering meal for you and your loved ones and enjoy traditional cuisine of Greek islands at the comfort of your mansion. 

Or, you could take delight in watching a movie in your theatre room. Some Kinglike Concierge Mykonos villas even feature indoor hammams, Jacuzzi, gym, and infinity pools. It is also possible to have a personal trainer or yoga instructor or even a beautician delivering spa-like treatments and rejuvenating massages. And, that’s just a small list of the services you could opt for. Do not hesitate to give us a call and discuss your concierge options if you wish for a service that is not included in your package! 

Other activities you might consider when the wind is blowing in Mykonos is snorkelling and, why not, sightseeing if it is not too windy? Bottom line, windy or not, Mykonos still provides a wealth of things to do and entertain yourself with. No doubt about that. 

Mykonos on your travel bucket list? Visit our inquiries page and let’s create your perfect vacation! Embrace the fun of Mykonos windy days with our top tips! While you’re at it, find out how far Corfu is from Mykonos, learn when the Mykonos season starts, discover the best activities for Mykonos rainy days, explore the history and architecture of villas in Mykonos, and get travel advice on how to get to Mykonos.

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