Discover the Best 5 Antiparos Wedding Villas for a Fairytale Ceremony

The Cyclades are Greek islands of impeccable beauty, combining the elegance of minimal and stylish architecture with the wild nature and the azure sea waters. Antiparos is the ultimate Cycladic island with unspoiled beauty, where the sun paints the white-washed houses with golden hues and the stunning beaches create sceneries for total tranquility. 

This is Antiparos, a hidden gem away from mass tourism, where you can live the ultimate dream and organize your wedding, sparkled with shine and happiness with your other half, your family and friends. But how to organize your wedding in Antiparos? How to choose one of the stunning Antiparos wedding villas? 

Read further to learn everything you need to know to turn your special day into an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience in a scenic setting for the beginning of your new life.

Tips to organize step by step your wedding in Antiparos

If you choose to organize your wedding abroad, you should be fully prepared and aware of the organizational aspects. Of course, a wedding villa in Antiparos can offer you the facilitation of a wedding planner, if you want to have an extra-luxury wedding that needs complex preparations.

Whatever you choose, you should consider the following advice:

  1. Choose the right date and time for the ceremony

Cyclades is one of the sunniest regions in Greece, so you can expect that from April to October the weather will probably be sunny and hot. To avoid the danger of heatstroke for your guests, it is better to organize your wedding after 7 p.m. to skip the hot hours.

  1. Find a romantic church

If you want to make an Orthodox religious wedding, then you should find a church for the ceremony. Antiparos has many idyllic, small white churches by the sea or into the wild with amazing sea view that are a romantic scenery for this unique moment.

Villa Julie Antiparos
Villa Julie Antiparos

Best churches to get married in Antiparos are:

  • Agios Ioannis Spiliotis in the entrance of Antiparos Cave.
  • Profitis Ilias on the top of the hill where you can have unobstructed view of other Cycladic islands.
  • Agios Georgios with view on the island of Despotiko and amazing sunset view.
  • Agia Marina in Antiparos Port.
  • Agios Nikolaos in the Castle of Antiparos.
  • Church of Panagia in Despotiko Island.
  • Church of Panagia Faneromeni on the beach with the same name.

The last two beaches are not accessible by car. However, we can organize private boat tours for the bride and the groom as well as for the guests to live an unconventional experience this special day.

  1. Find the best Antiparos wedding venue

There are numerous luxury wedding villas in Antiparos, where you can organize the reception after the ceremony. If you are interested in a civil wedding, then you can organize the ceremony as well as the reception in the villa.

What you need is to find a spacious villa with huge garden, lounge area and private pool that meets the high standards for events. Regarding the capacity, there are smaller villas for 8-10 guests as well as larger villas for up to 20 guests. If you want to offer accommodation to some or all of your guests, you need to find a villa with many bedrooms and bathrooms.

Let’s see some dreamy Antiparos villas for weddings that will steal your heart.

Top Antiparos villas for wedding

Villa Enzo

Villa Enzo Saint George Antiparos
Villa Enzo Saint George Antiparos

The ultimate Antiparos wedding villa with 8 bedrooms for 18 guests and two private pools is an oasis of boho simplicity. The infinity pool vanishes in the blue of the sea and the sky, offering captivating pictures for stunning wedding photos. The decoration is minimal, yet nature-friendly, embedding retro and stylish contemporary elements.

Ideal is also the location of the villa. Less than 1 km away from the beach of Saint George, it is the perfect spot for a fabulous wedding reception after the ceremony in the church of Agios Georgios.

Villa Adaline

Villa Adaline Antiparos
Villa Adaline Antiparos


Villa Adaline is the largest villa in Antiparos with 9 bedrooms for 20 guests. It has amazing sunset view as well as an imposing, stone-built lounge area by the pool. Its combination of coziness and lavishness is exactly what you need to welcome your guests, feel the warmest of the feelings and have fun together with your beloved ones in a day and night you will remember forever.


Villa Micah

Villa Micah Soros Antiparos
Villa Micah Soros Antiparos

Villa Micah is ideal for events not only because it is a spacious mansion with 8 bedrooms. Its greatest asset is the huge open space, surrounded by lush greenery that creates a gorgeous setting to welcome hundreds of guests and dance with your heart. 

Furthermore, it is an unusual and thus very interesting piece of Greek architecture, embedding the Cycladic minimalism with the stone-built magnificence, constructing a majestic setting for a grandiose wedding.


Villa Olive

Villa Olive Livadia Antiparos
Villa Olive Livadia Antiparos

A vast private pool, surrounded by a stylish and comfortable lounge area, olive trees and grass covered garden, villa Olive is the most modern wedding venue in Antiparos. Its capacity is for 8 guests, but its open space gives you the opportunity to organize a vivid fest and live the happiness to see all of your guests having the time of their life.


Villa Francis

Villa Francis Glyfa Antiparos
Villa Francis Glyfa Antiparos

Villa Francis is the epitome of ultra luxury accommodation, so it is something you definitely deserve for the day of your union as a couple. The turquoise waters of its imposing pool will reflect with tranquility the vivid moments of this unforgettable day in a lavish Cycladic mansion for the aesthesis of extra grandiosity.


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