Where to Stay in Antiparos

Antiparos is the quieter, more serene sibling of the Cyclades, compared to Paros island, and way less crowded and noisy than its glam cousin, Mykonos. Nevertheless, it is the perfect destination to rest your soul, rejuvenate, unwind, and enjoy raw natural beauty and a slower pace in life.

Pristine beaches, crystalline waters, whitewashed architecture, a touch of glam (it’s been a favourite spot among Hollywood stars the past few years), stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine make Antiparos a beloved Mediterranean island for authentic Greek experiences.

Catering to its guest’s requirements and needs, it offers from an eclectic nightlife and a laid-back lifestyle to elegant royal-like villas to host your dream Antiparos escape.

Now, if you are wondering where to stay in Antiparos, it depends on what experience you are after. To help you make the most informed decision, we have created this comprehensive guide with the best places to stay in Antiparos, based on most visitors’ core interest when planning this Greek island getaway.

Antiparos – Where to Stay to Be Close to Popular Beaches

Soros is one of the most exclusive spots on Antiparos, featuring a scenic beach and a fantastic bar serving delicious cocktails and snacks. It is the location most closely located to the island’s top attraction, the Antiparos Cave, one of the oldest caves in Europe with centuries-old stalactites and stalagmites.

Organised with shade umbrellas and comfy beach loungers (and great music), Soros beach is around 8 kilometres from the capital, Antiparos Town, and is the largest beach on the island. Starring fine pebbles and rather deep waters, it is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, diving, and other water sports, too.

Within a close vicinity, you will also be greeted with charming tavernas and restaurants that will pamper your palate with mouth-watering fresh fish dishes and delectable flavours. Overall, Soros is an Antiparos location that fuses a cosmopolitan atmosphere with proximity to the island’s most vibrant side. No wonder some of the most stylish mansions are situated within this area.

Recommended luxury villas in Soros: Villa Savannah, Riley Estate, and Villa Iona.

Villa Savannah Magganies Antiparos
Villa Savannah Magganies Antiparos

Where to Stay in Antiparos for Utmost Privacy

Those after a more quiet beach experience away from any crowds and a generally more relaxed ambiance in their vacation, Livadia might just be the place for them. Tucked on the west coast of Antiparos, it is one of the most secluded areas with a beautiful beach facing northwest. Livadia is the perfect destination if you desire tranquillity and a connection with nature.

The nearby Livadia beach is known for its remote setting and peaceful environment, ideal for relaxing swims away from crowds. You will find it resting some 15 minutes from the island’s capital and it is a completely unorganised beach option, so come prepared with some snacks and an umbrella. And, if you happen to be around at the time when the sun is about to slide behind the horizon, expect to be mind-blown by the fantastic sunset views. The beach also features a small surf scene that builds up when the meltemi winds blow.

An equally fabulous alternative for privacy and peacefulness seekers is Apantima that will make your heart skip a beat with its lovely sheltered cove and delightful pebbly shore. It is located about 7 kilometres from the Chora (aka Antiparos Town) and is more likely to fascinate you for uniquely combining a sense of exclusivity with repose that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

Top chic Livadia & Apantima villas: Villa DaryaVilla OliveVilla Iro, and Villa Candy.

Villa Darya Livadia Antiparos
Villa Darya Livadia Antiparos

Antiparos – Where to Stay with Your Family

Only 15 minutes by car from Antiparos port, Saint George (aka Agios Georgios) is one of the most popular areas among families with small children. Within an arm’s length, you’ll find Agios Georgios beach, welcoming sun-worshipers with a small, golden sand and transparent, shallow waters. It lies on the southern coast of the island, hence serves as a more sheltered option from the northern Meltemi winds that can be quite forceful sometimes (yet ideal for windsurfers and kitesurfers!).

The beach is partly organised with some sunbeds and umbrellas and offers natural shade from tall trees. Within the area, you will also find a beach bar and a picturesque church (from where it got its name) with a majestic temple complex overlooking the vastness of the Aegean Sea.

While here, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Sanctuary of Apollo on Despotiko island (a short boat ride away) or even swim to the nearby Tsimintiri islet! Particularly praised for its picturesque scenery, it’s a wonderful place for photography, especially during the golden hour. There are also several bars, restaurants, and tavernas serving palate-pleasing seafood.

Some of the most exquisite private villas in the area with family-oriented amenities such as an infinity pool and a fully-equipped kitchen, are: Villa ReannaVilla Madalyn, and Villa Arya.

Villa Reanna Agios Georgios Antiparos
Villa Reanna Agios Georgios Antiparos

Where to Stay in Antiparos, Greece, for Nightlife

For the most animated face of Antiparos, the capital, Antiparos Town (the locals call it the Chora) is one of the dreamiest places to stay in Antiparos. Lining its scenic cobbled streets are chalky-white houses with beautiful blue doors and bougainvillaea-filled patios, as well as plenty of entertainment venues.

Lively and upbeat from day to night, the Chora is home to bar-restaurants with beautifully-adorned gardens or amazing sea views offering a mix of international and gourmet Greek cuisine. Specialty cocktails and a wide range of alcoholic beverages are also in the mix, while parents will also be excited with the several cafes and eating facilities that feature designated play areas supervised by staff.

From establishments serving fine local wine, the best Greek craft beers, and innovative cocktails to after-sunset hubs with a perfectly curated atmosphere or more romantic vibes, your night time experience at Antiparos Town is certainly multifaceted.

Most quintessential Antiparos Town villas:Villa Julie, Villa Adaline, and Villa Satie.

Note: For a stay near the bustling capital yet a bit further away from its crowds, we suggest the eclectic properties in the nearby Lagadia region, just a short 3-5-minute drive from Antiparos Town. Some of our top picks are:Villa Simona,Villa Scarlette, and Villa Sandra.

Villa Julie Antiparos
Villa Julie Antiparos

Places to Stay in Antiparos for Heart-Stopping Sunset Views

Sifneiko is undeniably a jaw-dropping location on the island to watch a unique light show, performed exclusively for your eyes only as the sun kisses the whitewashed edifices adorning the hills of Antiparos, painting them with hues of orange, pink, and golden.

The Sifneiko beach, a sugary oasis with crystal-clear waters, offers magnificent sunset views over the shimmering Aegean Sea, with views that stretch all the way to Sifnos island.

Sifneiko is an Antiparos area not far from the capital (less than 1 kilometre away), making it a fab option if you also want a glimpse of both the island’s vivid night scene and the laid-back ambiance of the serene Greek island. It comes as no surprise that Sifneiko beach is nicknamed the Sunset Beach!

Of course, idyllic sunset views can also be enjoyed from any private balcony, terrace or veranda of the magnificent villas within the area, such as Villa Alianna, Villa Hector, and Villa Alora.

Villa Alianna Sifneiko Antiparos
Villa Alianna Sifneiko Antiparos

Where to Stay in Antiparos, Greece, for Luxury Experiences

Truth be told, our exclusive portfolio of elegant Antiparos villas provides a wealth of options and properties spoiling guests with a long list of world-class amenities. If VIP ventures are part of your DNA and a prerequisite when planning an Antiparos escape, kindly communicate your specific needs with our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Support team, to help you make the right pick.

Besides some must-haves, such as a private pool, a fully-equipped kitchen, private parking, and amazing seascapes, you will also find lavish estates caressing any discerning traveller’s senses with amenities like home cinemas, BBQ areas, vegetable gardens, plush lounge spaces, a pool bar, live-in housekeepers, and even a basketball court.

However, any Antiparos stay can be injected with prestige experiences via our concierge services that can cover anything from a private butler and chef to private helicopter rides and on-site spa treatments.

Our top recommendations: Villa Francis, Villa Complex Kaya, and Villa Adelaide.

Villa Francis Glyfa Antiparos
Villa Francis Glyfa Antiparos

Best Places to Stay in Antiparos for Private Events

The fairy tale-like landscape of Antiparos has made it one of the most upcoming honeymoon and wedding destinations in the Mediterraneans, with many couples choosing the picturesque Cycladic crown jewel to tie the knot or celebrate an important milestone in their life with their most beloved friends and family members.

Again, there is no specific location that is most suitable for such endeavours. It is rather a focus on the right accommodation options – properties specifically designed to nurture the needs of large groups.

Besides ample space, obviously, they need to ensure utmost privacy,  multiple entertainment options and an abundance of leisure activities. Some of the properties in our collection even provide extra facilities, such as a gym, a private church, sound systems, and even access to a private beach for truly intimate endeavours.

Our best recommendations: Villa Micah, Villa Candy, and Villa Adaline.

Villa Micah Soros Antiparos
Villa Micah Soros Antiparos

Best Antiparos Locations for Watersports

The unspoiled, sugary shores of Antiparos that stretch out across its golden coastline offer countless opportunities for any type of water-related activity, from a relaxing swim to something more extreme like kitesurfing, water skiing, and kayaking. The northern meltemi winds that blow in the Cyclades island complex makes Antiparos a fantastic spot to try adrenaline-pumping water experiences.

Along its more wind-exposed beaches, you will also find many places to rent equipment for a scuba diving venture, which we recommend not to miss out on during your Antiparos stay. The underwater universe of the island might bewilder you even more than its natural inland beauties! You can try a solo experience or sign up for a diving course. Unless, of course, you’d rather go snorkelling and set your own pace, a few metres from the shore!

Other incredible things to do around Antiparos is to opt for a private sailing cruise to more secluded shores and explore remote coves, islets, and isolated beaches with the most turquoise waters you have ever seen. Although most of these water escapes are provided near the Agios Georgios region, Psarakiki (very close to the capital of Antiparos) is also a popular water sports destination on the island worth checking out.

Some of the most opulent mansions in the area are: Villa Romeo, Villa Ivy, and Villa Complex Kaya, all located at Panagia, an elite Antiparos area only a short drive from both Psaraliki and Agios Georgios.

Villa Romeo Panagia Antiparos
Villa Romeo Panagia Antiparos

Registering For The Kinglike Experience

Regardless of the reason that brings you to Antiparos, do not shy away from requesting the VIP experience you deserve or are used to. Through our stellar concierge services, no desire or requirement is far fetched.

From Antiparos villas with kid-friendly amenities and properties that welcome your furry family members to exclusive wedding-perfect estates and the ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation retreats, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to fulfilling your wish list, no matter how quirky or meticulously compiled it might be.

Live-in housekeepers, private chef services, personal trainers, professional babysitters, and VIP dinner or club reservations are also components of a literally endless list. We can even match you with a property that fills your aesthetic or design requirements, from bohemian chic, subterranean, and vibrant to more rustic, minimalist or traditional.

Want a personal haven with its own private, secret beach? Great value for money? Amazing views? Beachfront escapes? With room for up to 20 guests without compromising on privacy and lavishness? You’ve got you covered. You get the picture!


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, what matters the most for us is that you feel the profound and unique allure of Antiparos deep into your bones through the most authentic ventures. This is where we step in, knowing precisely what makes a visitor’s heart tick even before stepping foot on the island. Please don’t hesitate to ask for other recommendations to enhance your stay.

Welcome to Antiparos – an earthy haven where opulence comes with utmost respect to the natural scenery!

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