Why visit Antiparos?

In the middle of the Aegean Sea, in a close distance to Paros, there is a hidden gem that combines tranquility with vividness in a unique way. Antiparos has it all: pristine beaches, a well-preserved Chora and ancient sites, offering the perfect location for a rejuvenating escape for seekers of serenity, adventure and high-end vacations.

The stunning beaches of Antiparos

Villa Arya Saint George Antiparos
Villa Arya Saint George Antiparos

Golden fine sand, crystalline waters and lively beach bars that manage to create a vivid atmosphere without being overcrowded or mass touristic. Psaraliki and Agios Spyridonas are the most famous beaches with great facilities, but you should not miss other, more virgin beaches, like Glifa and Agios Georgios, which are located in an untouched scenery.

An of course, there is Soros, a beach that fully mirrors the very essence of Antiparos with advanced and comfortable amenities, easy going atmosphere and deep blue waters that make you want to stay there forever.

Charming Chora

Antiparos Villas | Kinglike

At the heart of Antiparos is located its charming Chora, a labyrinth of cobblestone narrow paths with whitewashed houses with bougainvillea hanging from their balconies. At the main square, you can find traditional taverns and cafes to live the local life, while after sunset the place reveals a second life with vivid bars full of youngsters.

Although there is only one pedestrian road, where you will find most shops and restaurants, the Chora of Antiparos hides numerous treasures of beauty and tradition that you will discover if you stroll around in the relaxing pace of this island.

Rich history

Villa Micah Soros Antiparos
Villa Micah Soros Antiparos

Antiparos, like most Cycladic islands, has long history that impresses the visitors and reminds them how the present is seamlessly combined with the past. The mystical Cave of Antiparos is a subterranean marvel with stalactites and stalagmites, which have been created millions of years ago. This cave offers the ultimate experience for the lovers of history as well as for curious children who will be impressed by this miracle of the nature.

Don’t miss wandering in the Venetian Castle at the end of the pedestrian road in Chora, where you will enjoy the serenity in a feeling you have never felt before.

If you want to combine a day by the sea with cultural exploration, then you should definitely visit Despotiko island. Despotiko is an uninhabited island, where you can go by boat from the nearby Agios Georgios beach. It is an important archaeological site, as there are located the ruins of Apollo and Artemis Temple as well as a sanctuary that dates back to the 9th-8th century BC. Despotiko has also a stunning beach with golden sand, called Livadi.


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