How to get to Antiparos

Antiparos is the next best thing in Greek travel industry, as it combines serenity and fun, seclusion and vivid life. Antiparos is also a must destination for those seeking luxury accommodation and services, as on the island there are many exclusive properties with private pool, chef and other VIP facilities for dreamy vacation.

The only problem in Antiparos is that it is not that easily accessible as other islands. However, there are some options to get to Antiparos and there are solutions if you want to avoid any inconvenience.

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By Ferry

Antiparos is connected by ferry only with Paros, as it is located nearby. That means you can’t go directly from Athens to Antiparos. You have to go first to Paros. Paros is connected with all three ports of Athens (Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion) by boat or ferry. The trip’s duration is about 3-5 hours, depending on the departure port and the type of the boat.

When you reach Paros, you have two options to get to Antiparos:

  • From Paroikia, the main port of Paros, you can take the ferry to Antiparos. The journey is about 30 minutes, but you cannot take your car or other transportation mean.
  • From Pounda, a small port of Paros which is located 7 km from Paroikia, you can take the local ferry boat to go to Antiparos in 15 minutes. The ferry boat is suitable for passengers and cars and has very often itineraries.

To Pounda you can go either by rental car or by public transportation. However, keep in mind that during the high season (July and August), buses in Paros can get very crowded or you may even not be able to find a ticket.

By Airplane

Antiparos has no airport, so you can’t get there directly by airplane. However, nearby Paros has an airport, which is connected not only with Athens, but also with many cities abroad via charter flights.

When you reach Paros, you should then go to Paroikia or Pounda to take the boat to Antiparos.

By Private Boat

Undoubtedly, the abovementioned options are not very convenient. If you want to get easily and directly to Antiparos, you can go by private boat, either sailing boat or yacht.

Kinglike Concierge can arrange everything for you, providing you with the private boat that takes you to Antiparos in a relaxing and luxury way. 

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