Luxury Villas In Florence

Florence is justifiably a premier tourist destination year-round, providing travellers with 360-degree experiences and things to do, see, visit, taste, and hear. Loaded with Renaissance architecture, mediaeval castles, charming traditional villages, hilltop towns, and a mind-blowing countryside, Florence is, no wonder, considered a world heritage site. Jaw-dropping parks, impressive nature reserves, museums with world fame hosting works of renowned artists, and lots of opportunities to experience something unique and soul-pleasing.

One of the most significant and deal-maker (or breaker) aspects of your Tuscany ventures is your accommodation. It has to fit your standards (if not exceed them) and cater to all of your needs regarding privacy, exclusivity, prime location, offered amenities, available services, and ways to enhance the overall experience. In this guide, you will find some a list with luxury villas for rent in Florence whether you are a couple, family or a larger group of guests travelling to Tuscany.

The best villas in Florence for 2023

Although asking for a list with the top villas in Florence is like asking us to choose only a few of our exceptionally-mannered children, we are always after meeting our customers’ requirements. So, below is a short and illustrative list with the best 5 properties you could consider renting in 2023!

Castello del Monsignore

Castello del Monsignore Borgo San Lorenzo Tuscany

One of the most hypnotic villas for rent in Florence, Castello del Monsignore is a massive 2400m2 property that is a dream fulfilment for travellers visiting Florence with a large company. With sleeping arrangements for up to 20 guests, the mansion will steal your heart with its stunning courtyard, the adorable marble baths, the spa room featuring a steam bath and a sauna, the gym, and the hydromassage-equipped salt water pool, to name a few. Besides the beguiling views of the organic garden and the green valley around the property, though, guests can also take delight in a leisure walk along the natural truffle field or pay a visit to the ancient wine cellar and orangery within the premises! Undoubtedly a unit that embodies the VIP experiences all luxury villas in Tuscany should be able to provide.

Dimora Ghirlandaio

Dimora Ghirlandaio Impruneta Florence Tuscany

Created to accommodate larger groups (up to 40 guests), this spellbinding property covers 1084m2 and pampers with 20 deluxe bedrooms spread across a total of four units, each with an individual entrance. Epitomising elegance, luxury, and traditional Tuscany architecture, Dimona Ghirlandaio meets all needs, even those of the most discerning traveller. Featuring anything from multiple living rooms with fireplace, study rooms, and fully equipped kitchens to spacious dining areas, nobody feels left out. Add to these the Turkish bath, equipped gym, chromotherapy shower, spa room, private pools, and the private church and you would still be missing a few amenities! And all that, some 17 kilometres away from the enchanting Florence.

Villa Granduca

Villa Granduca Vinci Tuscany

Hands down, one of the most luxury villas in Florence in our current portfolio, Villa Granduca spoils guests with 8 ornate bedrooms spread across a total of two units for utmost privacy and comfort. Specifically designed to cater to the needs of up to 16 guests, it provides ample personal space through three terraces with lounge areas and armchairs, multiple indoor and outdoor dining spaces, a private pool, and a well-manicured garden. For leisure and fun times, a patio with a BBQ, a ping pong table, two fully equipped kitchens (for those culinary adventures), and verandas overlooking the magnificence of the Tuscany valley spreading all around you will keep your hands full for sure. Or you can simply take a nice stroll along the lush garden and soak up the panoramic views.

Palazzo Bartolomei

Palazzo Bartolomei Florence Tuscany

Those wanting centrally-located villas for rent in Florence can’t get more central than with Palazzo Bartolomei. The charming 290m2 property is just 200 metres from the pulsing heart of Florence (its historic centre is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and comes with five chic bedrooms (three of them are lofted with en-suite baths) that can sleep up to 10 guests in total. Beautiful balcony doors allow access to the idyllic terrain surrounding the unit, and there is plenty of space for maximum privacy. Two living rooms with a fireplace, a Turkish bath, a 16-seater dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a sitting room with a 50-inch TV are a few of the provided amenities that definitely gratify. Now, if you wish to enjoy your glass of Chianti or morning espresso on your veranda on a sunny day, you are certainly welcome to do so! Palazzo Bartolomei is everything you would expect from a Tuscany property, with adorable traditional architecture and a unique style.

Villa Napoleone

Villa Napoleone San Donato in Collina Florence Tuscany

A spectacular, 460m2, pet-friendly mansion exuding romance and style sitting on the outskirts of Florence. The 3-bedroom villa can accommodate up to 6 guests while also captivating with its beautifully designed interiors. An open floor plan is home to a fully equipped kitchen, two wonderful living rooms, two lavish dining spaces, and a Jacuzzi. The entire first floor is dedicated to the villa’s sleeping arrangements so guests can relax and unwind away from the activities that take place outdoors. For even more privacy, there is an extra guest house with an individual entrance on the lower level, featuring a fully equipped kitchen, double bedroom, an ornate bath, and a living room with a fireplace. As for the outdoor amenities, these include a private pool with loungers, multiple lounge areas, a dining space, and a portable BBQ. The cherry on top of the cake? The heart-stopping views of the verdant landscape all around you, as the villa is nestled in the heart of the lush Tuscany countryside!

Where are Florence villas located?

All of the elegant villas in our Florence collection occupy prestigious locations at elite spots across the Florence countryside and its picturesque suburbs, villages, and scenic towns. Here are the top 9 locations:


Also referred to as a crown Tuscany jewel, this small town is drenched in history, culture, culinary traditions, a mediaeval past, art, and natural beauty. Dotted with green hills, olive groves, vineyards, and peaceful landscapes away from the bustle of the busy cities, Castelfalfi enchants with its slow-paced and relaxed lifestyle. Time to grab an electric Vespa and explore the magnificent countryside between Florence and Pisa or even hop on a hot-air balloon ride and catch a glimpse of the world from an entirely different angle. There is even a 27-hole golf course waiting very close to elegant properties like Casale Bianchi, Casale La Spina, Apartment La Spina A, and Golf Villa Bianchi II.


Sitting on the outskirts of Firenze, this adorable town dating back to Roman times is totally immersed in the spellbinding countryside. Bathed by Val Di Greve River, the town boasts centuries-old traditions related to the production of terracotta and bricks items, while the beating heart of this community is the 11th-century Sanctuary of Santa Maria which holds a perfectly preserved sacred image of the Madonna in its interior that is believed to have been painted by Evangelist Luke. A museum housing countless works of art, Piazza Buondelmonti (a traditional marketplace), buildings with magical facades, and the Ugolino Golf Course are some of the things you can also see while you prepare to join the festivities of the Grape Festival (or another of the many events taking place here) from the comfort of your luxury Dimora Ghirlandaio villa.


A stunning, shaded town just a breath from Florence with two imperial papal bulls in its history, an impressive 14th-century castle, a 10th-century parish church whose Romanesque architecture shines even to date, the idyllic 11th-century Vallombrosa Abbey, and a museum definitely worth checking out. Nestled in the heart of a mountainous area, Reggello also captivates with its elegant Roman-era Sammezzano Castle, the most significant example of Eastern architecture in the country. All that aside, though, the stunning town is also home to key ecosystems for biodiversity conservation, such as the Vallombrosa Biogenetic Reserve and the Natural Protected Area of Sant’ Antonio. Plus, a wealth of events starring extra virgin olive oil and wine, which you can watch within minutes from Villa Viesca, Villa Acciaioli, or Villa Due Torri!


With a wealth of cultural, artistic, and historical heritage, this small countryside village dates back to the Middle Ages. Combining a more modern with a more historic version of it, it bewilders visitors with sights like the Municipal Art Collection with the adorable frescoes, the Church of Santa Verdiana, the 15th-century Benozzo Gozzoli Museum with the charming sinopias, and beautiful Renaissance buildings. Serving as an inspiration for artists over the years, it even features rare examples of Gothic and baroque architecture outside the city walls, such as the Sanctuary of Santa Verdiana and the Church of San Francesco. Lots of shops, restaurants, tourist facilities, food festivals, impressive shows inspired by the world of circus and street theatre, and a fascinating natural scenery comprise a dreamy picture for all types of visitors, who can have their accommodation (and not only) needs met at mansions like Villa Cabbiavoli.

San Donato in Collina

Villa Napoleone San Donato in Collina Florence Tuscany

Sleeping on the laps of the Tuscan countryside, between Arezzo and Florence, this lovely village greets visitors wholeheartedly with lots of restaurants, coffee bars, food shops, and some of the best Tuscan wines as it lies within the infamous Chianti wine zone. Expect to be mind-blown by its wooded hills with the distinguishing olive groves and grape vines, hiking trails that will take you past water springs and forest paths, mediaeval towers, noble properties, and archaeological ruins worth exploring. With an exciting food festival organised annually, starring frittelle (fried fritters), the local specialty dish, and proximity to heart-stopping landscapes near the Arno River, a San Donato mansion like Villa Napoleone is probably your best choice for convenience, VIP experiences, and exclusivity.


Olive trees, forests, hiking trails, and treks cutting through lush valleys and verdant hills await on the other end of a Settignano adventure. Along the way, you will come across places that were supposedly lent their marble to Michelangelo himself for the creation of his infamous works of art. Also, the Vincigliata castle, which exudes remarkable grandeur, and countless opportunities to enjoy mountain biking and archery, wander through spectacular gardens, visit historic sites, and pamper your taste buds with good, traditional Tuscan food at the several restaurants in the area. Visitors can also indulge in a delicious cup of coffee at a local cafe or take delight in the panoramic views of their villa (see Villa Gamberaia, for instance), along with the elite amenities on offer there.

Florence (centre)

Whether you decide to start your Florence ventures with a delicious freshly-baked pastry that accompanies a cup of frothy cappuccino or an exciting stroll along wondrous creations and notorious masterpieces, such as the infamous Uffizi Gallery, you have a fantastic day ahead for sure. Home to several impressive palaces, including the magnetic Palazzo Medici Riccardi and the Pitti Palace, alongside Michelangelo’s David, and Renaissance architecture, Florence is also where you will find several atmospheric, antiques markets selling small treasures, iconic dance performances, theatrical plays, and top-class opera and concerts. As anticipated, this is also the place that spoils visitors with everything cultural, historical, and artistic. In this fascinating quest, Palazzo Bartolommei is the most central VIP property in our current collection, close to all the main local attractions.


You will discover this picturesque mediaeval town sitting on the slopes of Montalbano. Famed for being the birthplace of Leonardo Da Vinci, probably the most notorious Italian Renaissance figure, Vinci is the ideal place to explore Tuscany’s culture and natural landscapes. Endless olive groves, vineyards, and green pastures in between Florence, Prato, and Pistoia welcome visitors in search of an all-around Tuscan experience. The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum), the Leonardo Library, the Santa Croce church (where Leonardo is believed to have been baptised), and the adorable Piazza dei Guidi are just some of the monuments that await to dazzle you. Lastly, many walks, different types of excursions, dreamy bird-watchers’ spots, and lots of festivals are also readily available from Villa Granduca and its hypnotic appeal!

Borgo San Lorenzo


Particularly popular and much visited for the biggest fairy tale-like, children-oriented festival in Tuscany (taking place every May) and the countless produce, spanning from potatoes and cereals to wine, oil, meat, and milk, this exquisite land of artists is nestled among green hills and tall cypresses. Besides the appetising potato tortelli, the PGI Mugello chestnuts, the classic t-bone steak (namely Bistecca alla Fiorentina), and the herb ravioli dishes, Borgo San Lorenzo is also worth visiting for its imposing walls, two grand 14th-century gates, and the 10th-century San Lorenzo parish church with the hexagonal bell tower with the stunning fresco. Furthermore, palazzos dating to the 14th century with a beautiful display of the coat of arms of all the local noble families, museums, wonderful pottery products, and magnificent farmhouses and luxury villas like Castello del Monsignore sit amidst scenic bike trails, hikes, and trekking routes leading to major towns nearby!

Why rent a villa in Florence?

Florence is an incredible place to stroll through when visiting Italy. Besides being considered the birthplace of the Italian language, it is also regarded as home to some of the most famous museums and galleries in the world. Take the Uffizi gallery, for example. It hosts countless masterpieces signed by world-renowned artists like Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Giotto. What is even more exciting, especially for families with children visiting Florence, is the fact that most museums feature special kids’ programs for the little ones to enjoy. They can, for instance, draw their own works of art or participate in another activity or workshop that takes them many centuries back in time in a fun way!

That aside, Florence is an utterly romance-exuding destination, which makes it a perfect getaway for romance seekers and couples, whether you are a bridegroom-to-be, honeymooner, or married couple celebrating their silver anniversary! In this regard, you will be pleased to know that our extensive VIP property portfolio has several luxury villas near Florence adding to the overall experience with amenities like spa and massage rooms and even saunas and hammams. Feel free to share a glass of the finest local wine with your significant other and join a wine-tasting tour and let the strongly intimate atmosphere surrounding you make you feel like a reborn person.

Cooking classes, day trips to nearby attractions, delicious cuisine, colourful local markets, fully walkable streets, a charming landscape outside the strict city borders, and unique Renaissance gems are on the other end of your Florence trip. Whether travelling with a large group of friends, your family, or your partner, Florence will feel like a dream fulfilment, one way or another.

When it comes to your accommodation, you may rent one of the luxury villas near Florence that offer maximum privacy, top-tier amenities, exclusivity, and a quiet escape, such as Villa Casa Rossa, Villa Napoleone, and Villa Granduca. Or more centrally located properties like Palazzo Bartolommei if you wish to be a dynamic part of the action and live in the heart of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a villa in Florence cost?

There is no actual pre-set nightly cost for our villas in Florence. This is because the location is only one of the factors that play a role when determining the overnight cost of a property. Things like the square coverage of the property and the offered amenities are taken into consideration as well. For that reason, you will find units costing around 500 euros per night and mega estates of 10,000 euros (per night).

Are there villas with a swimming pool in Florence?

At the moment of this writing, all of our Florence properties feature a swimming pool, either a classic pool or an infinity one. However, as our luxury villa portfolio is constantly being upgraded and more units are added to it almost on a daily basis, you may also find villas with no swimming pool. In this case, rest assured that the provided facilities contemplate the lack of the pool.

Can I stay in the centre of Florence?

One of the most recently added properties to our collection is Palazzo Bartolommei which sits right in the heart of Florence. It is a 5-bedroom 290m2 unit that can easily and comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests.

Which is the most affordable luxury villa in Florence?

That would be Villa Casa Rossa – a beautiful 340m2 property with 7 bedrooms and sleeping arrangements for up to 14 guests. It also pampers with amenities like a sauna, an infinity pool, a ping pong table, a portable BBQ, and many more.

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