The absolute Mykonos Chora Town Kinglike guide

Even from the early shadows of time, Mykonos was in the epicentre. A perl of an island opposite to the central island of cyclades; the sacred island of Delos. The Cyclades, Cyclos, means circle in Greek; Islands in the Aegean archipelago. Named Cyclades because

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Exclusive Mykonos Family Retreat

by Nikos Vasilakos The importance of experiencing a family “first” together Any time you experience something for the first time, it creates a special memory in your mind. So, why not do something, neither…

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Mykonos Beach Bars party do’s and don’ts

Nammos’ famous sun bed made from pure mahogany, with 6-step adjustable backrest, costed 5,000€ each, under Tuuci Parasols   Mykonos, Greece. Each year Mykonos Beach Bars parties get even better and better. It seems as though…

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