Mykonos windsurfing: 4 Mykonos beaches that are PERFECT for windsurfing!

Many people don’t understand why Mykonos is nicknamed Island of the Winds until they actually get here! Indeed, the northern winds that often blow in the Cyclades called Meltemi winds are not only to thank for the island’s lower temps in the summertime but also the windsurfing-perfect conditions they create. And, if you are wondering where to head to enjoy your favourite sport to the fullest, here is a list of every detail you will need. 


Windsurfing essentials – The weather in Mykonos & Wetsuits required

The Meltemi wind is blowing between June and September and is the strongest in mid-to late-summer, so the months of July and some August. In the off-season, you will be greeted by southern winds that blow from November through May. With them comes quite a lot of rainfall and sometimes lovely wave conditions. However, do be careful of the southern winds as they can be quite tricky. And, if the wind is not to your liking in one spot, you can always chase a better one by moving into another. 

As for the wetsuits required, prefer board shorts or a shorty wetsuit for the summertime and a 4mm wetsuit if you come to Mykonos to windsurf during the spring or winter months. 


Mykonos Beaches that fulfil every windsurfer’s dream

This is just an illustrative list of the most popular shores for windsurfers. Do feel free to explore the island on your own and see what other stretches of sand you can discover to practice your favourite sport!

Kalafatis Beach 

Located on the southeast coast of Mykonos, Kalafatis hosts the only professional windsurf centre in Mykonos (at least at the time of this writing). Expect a sandy shore, crystalline, turquoise, flat waters, and wind blowing from the left (side-offshore). 

Come here between June and September for non-stop wind but so use small sails, though, as it gets a bit gusty from time to time. That aside, the sailing is good freestyle and freeride conditions while jumping is somewhat easier as you downwind of the centre. 

As for the times when the Meltemi blows super strong, the nearby Ftelia Beach is probably your best shot. Finally, the facility here offers a wealth of boards and sails for rent, so no need to carry any equipment if you don’t feel like it. You may as well walk straight to the beach from your exclusive Kalafatis mansion, rent your equipment, and live the ultimate luxurious Mykonos surfing experience right off the bat. 

Watch out for: The so-called Sleeping Man rocks that stick out of the water (marked with buoys in the summer months).

Windsurfing Ftelia Mykonos

Ftelia Beach

Another spot famous for its waves, Ftelia will please you not only with its windsurfing-perfect conditions but also its natural beauties. Situated on the north coast of the island, it features mellow waves that will prevent you from getting heavily washed even if it gets up to 4 metres. On big days, though, the waves can get over-mast high! 

Want to gybe into a smooth rolling safely? Just sail a few hundred metres more upwind. In general, Ftelia is more ideal for jumping both ways and backside turns rather than down the line wave sailing. This also means that it is probably a great place to start testing your newly acquired windsurfing skills! In lighter winds, Ftelia is superb for freeride surfing. However, you may also enjoy starboard tack jumping when the Meltemi wind blows onshore with a westerly or easterly component. 

So, the surfing level here includes from beginners to pros, depending on the speed of the wind. But, let’s also note that what makes it easy for all windsurfers (even less experienced ones) to enter the sea is the sandy water entrance. Finally, since there is no windsurf centre, do bring your own equipment or just rent a villa in Ftelia and be ready to hit the waves within minutes.  

Watch out for: The two big rocks that stick out of the water in the middle of the beach (around 100 metres upwind from the entrance). 

Villa Cozy Ftelia Mykonos

Kalo Livadi 

This one is a nice spot for those preferring light winds. What is special about Kalo Livadi beach is that the winds here usually blow from the south, which makes them pretty moody (so, a tad tricky). So, you may be treated with winds that drop down, pick up, rain, and so on. Nevertheless, on a good south wind day, you will have the best windsurfing time of your life for sure (recommended for pros only, though). Your experience may also include some swell rolling in and prolonged bump and jump conditions. 

Things change in the summer months when the shore is caressed by north winds that blow offshore. In this case, you will rather be able to soak up some rays lying on the beach rather than skimboarding. In this case, you could have a refreshing dive in your own private pool and indulge in a glass of the finest wine or champagne from the comfort of your villa in Kalo Livadi, overlooking the crowded beach lying below your feet!   

Korfos Beach 

Here, you will find a kite centre that also provides windsurfing lessons and rentals. Due to its special orientation (open to the north), Korfos Beach may get you onshore conditions as well. Those into beach starting and beginners preferring waterstarting will find the sandy and flat entrance to the water quite inviting. 

Note, though, that a small shorebreak is created when the winds get stronger. Also, it might be a bit difficult for some of you to launch due to some rocks in the water. However, as you sail further out, you will have many opportunities to carve gybes down the swell and chop hops thanks to one-metre rolling waves. 

At this same spot, you will also get a small protected area with crystal-clear waters and a left side-shore wind to train some more moves. Overall, Korfos Beach pleases with its natural charms and the many tourist facilities, like most other windsurfing spots mentioned before. The area is also home to some extraordinary Mykonos villas perched in pristine locations that offer superb views of the Aegean Sea when you are not playing with the waves!

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