7 Fantastic Mykonos Dive Sites – Sheer Underwater Majesty

Mykonos might be a cosmopolitan Mediterranean hub renowned for its vibrant party scene, but it remains a picturesque Cycladic island with natural beauties that go beyond the landscapes on the ground. In fact, its underwater cosmos is even more heart-stopping than the land you step on. The truth is that most scuba diving lovers admit having found their earthy heaven in Mykonos. Rightfully so. Check out these awe-inspiring sub-aquatic sites that can literally stop your heart and you will soon realise why they leave so enchanted!


  1. The Anna II Shipwreck

Get ready to have your fix with this site if you are a wreck diving enthusiast. The cargo ship of Anna II awaits at 25 metres (82 feet) deep and invites you to its 62 metres (203 feet) long vessel. You will find it on the southeast coast of Mykonos and remains in pristine condition to date. And, while here, feel free to explore the nearby sea. The colonies of sea sponges and the charming reef will graciously reward you! 

  1. Lia Reef

Discovered relatively recently, this diving spot is about 24 metres deep and offers a fabulous marine life that thrives with large numbers of nudibranchs and a lovely forest of yellow and black sponges on a bit shallower waters (at around 20 metres). You will also be greeted by several schools of fish and perfect visibility up to 40 metres. Lia Reef is a great diving spot for both non-experienced and advanced divers. 

  1. Lia Beach

Although preferred for its sandy shores, Lia Beach also hosts a mesmerising marine world that feels like being two different sub water universes in one. During the day, it is like most other dive sites, with plenty of fish and delightful aquatic plants. As soon as the sun slides behind the horizon, though, it literally transforms into an underwater party mecca for the life existing below the surface of the sea. This is because Lia Beach is home to an impressive range of nocturnal marine animals. For that reason, most divers opt for a night dive here. Can you blame them?

  1. Agia Anna

You will probably be amazed by the captivating topography of this dive site and its particularly rich marine life. Agia Anna offers wall diving experiences not far from Lia Beach- it begins at 4 metres and goes all the way down to 26 metres deep. Among the underwater inhabitants that will rush to welcome you are octopuses, sea urchins, sea stars, moray eels, and many others. You may also head a bit further from the site and lay eyes on another beautiful shipwreck sitting next to the Agia Anna wall. The fact that there are no currents makes this an excellent dive spot for novice divers. 

  1. Tragonisi or Dragonisi 

Tragonisi is a tiny rocky island off the Mykonos coast that provides the ideal setting for scuba diving. The cave system at Tragonisi is actually one of the most popular dives for those into snorkelling and diving. Note that this is a protected nature reserve and a paradise for the  Monachus-Monachus seal, so be gentle. Expect an elaborate underwater tunnel network (the entrances remain within sight) composed of yellow sea anemones that exclusively live (and thrive) in this part of Mykonos. Beware, though, as Tragonisi is not for inexperienced divers. It is addressed upon request and specifically to advanced divers.


  1. The Peloponisos Shipwreck

You can find the 64-metre-long passenger-cargo ship on the northeastern side of the island. It sank in 1926 and is now divided into two pieces, each lying in a different part of the eastern Mykonos coast. Primarily referred to as “Electric”, Peloponisos remains in good condition and is a challenge for experienced divers due to the weather conditions (the sea can get rocky at times due to the Meltemi winds) and its depth. If you decide to go down there, you will certainly feel overwhelmed by the unbelievable diversity of marine life, as the wreck now serves as a magnificent artificial reef.

  1. Prasonisia

Another small island off the Mykonos coast and a superb diving site for all levels (the depth ranges from 5 metres to 18 metres). It is easily accessible by boat and bewilders divers with the archaeological treasures sleeping in it somewhere between the Mediterranean barracuda and the other schools of fish. No wonder the Greek government had banned diving on this site until recently. If you make the dive here, chances are you will come across antiquities and modern shipwrecks besides all others. 

And, after such a fulfilling day, time to relax and pamper yourself with captivating sea views and a glass of chilled champagne at hand at the comfort of your Mykonos luxury villa. What an adventure, indeed! 


Happy diving!

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