Mykonos Beaches: Kinglike Sun, Sea, Salt, Sand and water mix

Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset,
Swiftly flow the days…

by Nikos Vasilakos

Mykonos Beaches

In Greek mythology, the Sun was personified as Helios. Helios was the All-Seeing God of the sun and was called upon witness when needed by the Gods.

Helios was a son of the Titan Hyperion and Theia, and brother of the Godess Selene, the Moon, and Eos, the Dawn.

Swimming in Ancient Greece

By the time of Ancient Greece, where fishing and sailing were very important, both boys and girls had learned how to swim and dive well.

According to the Odyssey, the hero Odysseus knew how to swim to shore when he was shipwrecked.

Swimming Girls swimming and diving in Ancient Greece ca. 450 BC

Some people dove from high diving platforms. In Ancient Greek times everybody swam naked, like nowadays in selected nudist beaches in Mykonos.


Villa Summer Elia Mykonos

Elia Beach is a picturesque seaside, with crystal clear turquoise waters, which is worth visiting.

Elia beach is the largest of the south chain of best Mykonos beaches with fine sand, easy access and a nice crowd, only 10 km approximately away from Mykonos Town.

At Elia beach you will come across many glamorous people, some of those feature in magazines and newspapers’ society pages.

The beach is characterized as “gay-friendly” by the connoisseurs of Mykonos with separate nudist and gay areas.

  • Yachts are allowed to anchor
  • Luxurious sun beds with waiter service
  • Towels upon request
  • Public showers at the beach
  • Τhe beachfront is cleaned twice a day
  • Water sports Mini playground

Kalo Livadi

Kalo Livadi lies 2 km from Ano Mera.

Since Dimitris opened Sol y Mar as an equal rival to Nammos in Psarou, every local entrepreneur is trying to find his hot spot on that beach.

Buses run frequently from Mykonos Town to Kalo Livadi beach.

Super Paradise

Villa Madeleine I Super Paradise Mykonos

Featuring a lifeguard on duty, a boutique and the restaurant, Super Paradise Beach Bar is the organised spot for a great day at Super Paradise beach.

Interested in renting a villa near Super Paradise?

Unwind your bodies on the sunbeds and sip some sun or, just lay your towels down on the soft golden sand and feel its warmth on your bodies.

There is always plenty of space to enjoy the sun the way you like it in Super Paradise Beach Bar.

Enjoy your sea dips and relax early in the day, while getting yourselves ready to party as time passes by. In mid-afternoon, the music gets louder and the party starts.

Meet a great mix of personalities and bodies enjoying the vibes of the beach while worshipping the sun and don’t blink your eyes twice if you spot a celebrity dancing next to you.

Super Paradise is a popular beach paradise for everyone, packed with clubbers, jet-setters, models and VIPs. Super Paradise Beach Bar is a great choice to sip some fresh fruit cocktails, fill your stomach with fruit salads with Greek honey and yogurt, replenish your energy needs and keep on partying!

Agia Anna @ Paranga

Villa Belinda Paranga Mykonos

The beautiful beach of Agia Anna is an enchanting little cove nearby Paraga Beach.

It is not really organized as there are only a few straw umbrellas for sunbathers, making it an ideal spot to enjoy unique moments of relaxation in a tranquil setting with views of Platis Gialos Beach.

For those of you who love having lunch right after their swim, there are two lovely restaurants nearby, an Italian restaurant and a traditional-style Greek tavern with exceptional dishes at affordable prices.

Agia Anna Beach is a great haven for a quiet swim and can be reached by car on the way to Paraga.

Paranga Beach

Paranga Beach is a combination of two sandy beaches separating by a headland and forming a large beach.

The southern beach is the calmer, while the northern one is fully organized and lined by many taverns playing music, younger crowd & new age trend: a more alternative crowd/ nude bathing and gay section.

Nice bars/coffee-shops, and fish taverns nearby.

Agios Ioannis

Villa Sunset Agios Ioannis Mykonos

After Ornos, 5 kilometers southwest of Mykonos you will meet the big, sandy beach of Agios Ioannis (Saint John), with shallow waters and unique view to Delos island.

Absolute family environment and a special gay friendly place.

It is worth to visit “Hippie Fish” and try some wine and seafood.

Access for people with disabilities.

The small sandy beach with blue waters surrounded by hills has a unique view to Delos Island

Agios Ioannis is one of the best places to be when the sun goes down, for an enticing sunset view.

This is where the famous 80’s English film “Shirley Valentine” was shot.

The beach is divided into two parts, separated by rocks.

On one of the two sides, there are umbrellas and sun beds available for rent.

The water on the beachfront is shallow enough for children to play in, and there are a few tavernas close by for lunch.

Not extremely protected from the strong north winds that blow in the Cyclades, but rather calm on most days. Parking space is available, but this beach can be reached also by bus.


Villa Yoga Paradise Mykonos

It all started in the early 60s, when the first nudists started invading the beaches of Mykonos and in particular the Paradise Beach.

This was their meeting point. Tourists of all nationalities, extravagant parties and beach bars create a small town that has its own rules and its own pace.

At Paradise Beach the fun starts early, with flirting and teasing on the beach and the sea and continuing with shots, drinks and cocktails at Tropicana Beach Bar.

Girls and boys full of fun and excitement rocking their bodies to the upbeat music while simultaneously surrendering to the frantic pace.

At the multiplex of Club Tropicana the Paradise Beach is ideal for relaxing with coffee, juice in comfortable wooden sun loungers and umbrellas.

While at the Tropicana Restaurant that operates self-service await delicious Italian and Greek cuisine delicacies.

Paradise beach parties that have made history in Mykonos start at 16:30 in the afternoon and continue until late at night.

In Paradise Beach you can find everything. Relaxation, funky atmosphere and water sports for those intense moments.


Villa Gallery Psarou Mykonos

Soft golden sand; shape a heart with your fingertips. Luxurious sunbeds modelled after life aboard a yacht and the minimal glam of Mykonos; a beach where you can relax like nowhere else.

The sun seems to shine brighter here and beach life is full of taste, party, cocktails and exquisite services. Life in Psarou beach and Nammos is definitely a memorable experience.

Discover how such this small, gorgeous beach of Mykonos becomes a point of reference for the good life?

The beach of Nammos has gone through a complete renovation.

Now you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life in Psarou as you are daydreaming on a Seora’s Riviera Sunbed, made with high quality mahogany and steel, a soft mattress by Loro Piana and protected under the soft shade of the Italian Tuuci umbrellas. New signature cocktails, all the classics and light bites in the menus of Nammos Beach!

Psarou Beach is famous for attracting celebrities from all over the world.

It is a beautiful organized sandy beach with clear waters, attracting thousands of visitors during summer.

Water sports facilities such as scuba diving are available at Psarou.

The beach is located at 5 km from the island’s capital and is reachable by local bus.


Villa Emma Ornos Mykonos

Caster sand, blue water, no wind so you will definitely enjoy your swimming.

A bustling beach, full of young people, families and tourists.

Very good organized with sunbeds, umbrellas, sofas, beanbag, restaurants and beach bars.

Kuzina and Pasaji feature in Ornos Beach Mykonos and thrive in both view and taste selections

Agia Anna @ Kalafatis

Villa Mirella Kalafatis Mykonos

Agia Anna beach is a quieter single beach with a tavern to escape the crowds and without hotels.

With nearby Kalafatis this makes for a pleasant area to stay with beautiful landscape and fine views from the hills. Small beaches lie on either side.

Agios Stefanos


Agios Stefanos Beach is sandy beach next to the new harbor, Tourlos, of Mykonos.

Agios Stefanos beach is surrounded by tavernas and hotels strictly catering to tourists.

Many small family hotels and Luxury Hotels to Budget Accommodations and private rooms studios and apartments for rent are all available for tourists at this Beach.

Agios Stefanos Beach is located 3.5km from Mykonos town.

You will find sun beds, umbrellas, tavernas for fresh fish and cooked dishes, as well as a bar-taverna .

Water sports facilities are available.

Mykonos Nautical Sports Club is sited in Agios Stefanos , is actively engaged in sailing at many different levels of entertainment mainly addressed to children .

Membership with an annual paid subscription is a prerequisite for participation in the club”s activities.

Agios Sostis

Villa Joan Agios Sostis Mykonos

It is probably the most quiet beach of the island, offering a small tavern with good food, and a lot of beauty, calmness and relaxation.


Ftelia Mykonos

The huge Panormos Bay in the north east of the island has three main beaches.

The first, at the furthest southern end of the bay and nearest the capital is the increasingly popular beach at FTELIA.

North facing and exposed to the strong winds that whip around the bay it is another big favourite with surfers.

It has a fine sandy beach for those that prefer a more rugged environment to the soft south. Roads have improved recently and it is easy to get to.


This tiny beach tucked in the northeastern part of Mykonos Island is probably the most remote spot on the island.

Away from the masses you will enjoy the much-desired serenity you are seeking of.

There is not the slightest bit of organized facilities on Merchia Beach, so be prepared to carry along cold water and an umbrella.

Stay till the sun goes down and watch the scenic fishers’ houses and the chapel of St Nikolas in the dusk, lying right on the rocks at the tip of the cove.

You will reach Merchia Beach by private car or motorbike, yet be prepared for some kilometers of dirt road.

In the road from Ano Mera with direction to Kalafatis you will find a crossroads with a sign to Merchia Beach Mykonos.


Just 2,5 km from picturesque Mykonos Town and a 5’ drive from Mykonos international airport, Korfos beach is simply a paradise for Kitesurf and Windsurf lovers!

It’s North facing geographical position in addition to the deep concave shape of Korfos Bay, creates a perfect corridor for the constant, strong and stable North summer wind called “MELTEMI”.

The sandy beach and the shallow waters make the spot ideal for advanced riders as well as beginners. For those who may want to indulge themselves in other activities rather than sports the cosmopolitan and world famous Ornos Beach is just 300m away.

Ornos beach is a favorable destination among single people as well as families due to all the things it has to offer.

Beautiful hotels restaurants and beach bars. An addition to Ornos stunning beachfront is the several sailing boats and yachts that wisely choose to drop their anchor there, where the wind and the water is calm.

Platis Gialos

Villa Berenice Platis Gialos Mykonos

Platis Gialos (or Platys Gialos) is a popular tourist beach of Mykonos.

It is found to the south side of the island, in distance 4km from Chora.

The beach of the region is very well organized.

The long sandy beach, the crystal waters and the completely equipped installations that facilitate the bathers are the reasons of the fame of Platys Gialos.

From here leaves the boat with which you can approach the famous beaches Paradise and Super Paradise.

Also, you can see in the location Lito the ruins from three towers of Hellenistic season.

Megali Ammos

Megali Ammos: the closest to town Mykonos Chora; coarse sand with rocky bits, of interest, particularly if you have only a few hours to spend on Mykonos.


On one of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean, the gorgeous Agrari of Mykonos next to the beautiful waves, is waiting for you at the Agrari Beach Hotel & Restaurant in Mykonos Island for dreamy days and nights.


Divounia means twin mountains. Divounia Beach is a small beach located next to the picturesque fisherman village, Divounia, located on the South Eastern part of the island separating Agia Anna from the bay of Kalafatis.


Kalafatis is known for its water sports.

This is very much an active beach. In the left corner of the beach of Kalafatis one can find a hut with hire facilities from a snorkel to diving.

There is also a windsurf centre, where you can rent a board by hour, and a watersports centre for jet ski.


The most remoted organized beach,13 kilometers south of Mykonos. Clear, crystal water, the sand and the beautiful stones around the beach make it exciting.

Sunbeds, umbrellas, changing rooms, places to take a shower and a center of diving and snorkeling Godive are right here.

Lia Beach is gay-friendly and if you want to visit a place that is more remoted you can go by foot, across the small stones, to Tigani beach close to Lia.

Lia is the end of the tourist beaches and the last to be reached by road at 14 km from Mykonos town.

It is much less crowded that the others and a spot for a little solitude. Bamboo windbreaks line the sandy beach and there are some excellent fish tavernas here. Furthest from town and accessible only by private vehicle or taxi, Lia beach is a perfect place to escape the crowds. Its undeveloped state and single restaurant make it possible to enjoy the natural cycladic landscape surrounding this beautiful beach.

Mini Lia

Mini Lia beach located next to Lia beach is a non organized beach and can be access only by walking beside the rocks from Lia beach.


Frangia is remote beach right next to Tsangari Beach. Enjoy the privacy as this beach is only accessible via the sea.


Fokos Beach consists both of pebble and sand and has crystal clear waters, which turn rough when the “meltemi” blows.

It can be reached from Ano Mera and is after the second dam of Mykonos, which resembles more of a river than a dam due to its sinuous shape.

Keep in mind that you need to drive down a dirt road to reach the beach.

Fokos Beach is not organised.

However, there is a shower right on the beach and you can relish a nice meal at the quaint tavern nearby.

Mirsini or Mersini

Next to Fokos Beach, on the North-West of the island, Mirsini is yet another well-kept retro secret.

No sun beds, umbrellas or restaurants means stock up in essentials and enjoy this shallow-watered paradise.

Enjoy the crystal green water and expect nudists. Also referred to as Mersini.


This is one of the few unorganized beaches of Mykonos, located behind the lovely chapel of Agios Ioannis.

This is very calm, ideal for relaxing and enjoy its beautiful clear waters.

Not far from the Chora but keep your eye out for signs because it is not a simple journey.


You will only find true Mykonos color at this beach. There no Hotels or rooms accommodation at this part of Mykonos.

There are not Hotels private rooms for rent or any studios around this beaches. You will be only by yourselfs.

There are only beaches and coves beyond Lia Ammoudia but they are remote and will only appeal to the more intrepid. Mykonos Tigani is popular however with boat parties who use them for beach barbecue trips and cruises during the summer on Mykonos.


An adventurous choice, Tsangari Beach is located approximately 13km from the Chora. Past Lia beach, Tsangari is accessible only on foot or with a 4X4 vehicle.

Remember to pack your daily essentials and make no mistake to wear your designer sandals.

Mykonos nearby island remote islands

The Cycladic Sisters, Mykonos, Delos and Rhenia, each with her own personality, are among Greece most precious treasures.


The island of Apollo. Beaches for Gods and humans alike.


A small paradise on earth, accessible only by boat.


A nature haven no one should miss.

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