Mykonos Honeymoon – A Must-Have Guide

Although not as popular a honeymoon destination as its close sibling, Santorini, Mykonos is still an utterly romantic Mediterranean island to spend your honeymoon or relight that fire. Indeed, just a quick look at the island’s features will instantly give you the irresistible sense of uniqueness, privacy, and romance you might be looking for from your summer holidays this year. The sugary beaches with the crystalline waters, the scenic sunsets, the picturesque villages with the charming whitewashed houses and the bougainvillaea-filled balconies, and the cobbled streets all invite you for a memorable stay.

Mykonos Couple in honeymoon

Whether you are a newlywed, celebrate an anniversary, or have chosen Mykonos for a romantic getaway with your partner, there are many reasons to feel excited about your decision. Here are some ideas to consider for unforgettable vacations with your significant other or spouse.

Explore the Glam & Magnetism Mykonos Town

The island capital is much more than a bustling hub and popular meeting place for party-goers. It epitomises the allure of Mykonos and its special appeal through the narrow, maze-like streets with the smooth-edge-corner cubic-shaped constructions, the quaint shops, and the many family-run tavernas serving delicious fresh seafood dishes and local tastes. Dare to get lost in the pull of this small city as you step back in time. And, if you feel like touching base with the present times, simply follow a street that leads to the sea!

There, expect another wave of mystique and blissfulness to take over you, as soon as you lay eyes on Little Venice neighbourhood. The charming beachfront area features Venetian-style houses that were once the residences of wealthy sea captains. Dazzling with their colourful facades and the flower-filled balconies that hand over the water, they entice visitors with superb views of the Aegean Sea. Come here around sunset and enjoy the most heart-pleasing vistas of the descending sun!

Right next to Little Venice are the famous windmills, some turned into museums, as well as the Armenistis Lighthouse – all offering mind-blowing seascapes and panoramas of the Mykonos coastline.

Fancy a romantic candle-lit dinner right next to the splashing waves? This region has several perfect options to please you for sure. Now, if you prefer something more upbeat, again, Mykonos town is full of hip bars and clubs that offer endless hours of fun until the early morning hours.

Mykonos honeymoon


Sunbathe in Romantic Mykonos Beaches

If you are looking for peace and quiet moments with your partner, then do consider Agia Anna beach. It will probably be just you and the sound of the breaking waves around you. The cobalt waters and the sandy shore create the ideal environment for not only sunbathing but also swimming and other water sports if you feel like trying something.

For livelier and more organised alternatives, you could head to either Super Paradise beach or Panormos (part of it is also nudist-friendly). Expect to be welcomed with a vibrant club atmosphere and loud music! Know, though, that there will not be much space or privacy, as they are popular beaches among tourists and locals alike. The views and water there, however, are absolutely gorgeous. For gay couples, Elia beach is probably a great option to walk hand-in-hand with your beloved one.

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Go on a Yacht Cruise or Tour

Going on a boat tour, or even better, a personalised cruise with a catamaran or luxury yacht, will give you the chance to see Mykonos from many different angles. Many tours pass by the most popular beaches, but you can also choose more isolated coves or specific locations you want to visit. You may also have extra activities, such as snorkeling added to the daily schedule. Of course, island hopping should definitely be on your to-do list. There is so much beauty and natural prettiness in the surrounding island of Delos, Tinos, Naxos, Siros, and Paxos that it would be a pity not to pay them a visit! 

Luxury Accommodation Options

Splurging on a little pampering and luxury is certainly required during your honeymoon, and not only! And truth be told, Mykonos (and the Mykoneans) knows how to spoil its visitors in more ways than one. That being said, Mykonos luxury villas and elegant mansions, such as Villa Adele, La Suita Del Presidente, and Villa Downtown, are situated all across the Mykonos coastline and in prestigious hillside areas, offering superb views of the shimmering sea and all the privacy you seek.

Most of them feature services that could include massage and spa-like treatments, and literally everything you could ask for. From an award-winning private chef preparing a palate-pleasing meal for the two of you to personal trainers and beauticians, there is no ceiling as to what you can savour during your Mykonos luxury honeymoon

Tell Us About Your Dream Vacation! The more information you provide, the better we can tailor a travel package to your specific needs and preferences. Fill out the inquiry form and let’s get started! Your Mykonos honeymoon is off to a great start! To make it even more special, consider exploring Mykonos from beaches to villas. If you’re thinking about a future wedding, check out the best wedding villas in Mykonos. History buffs will enjoy learning about the windmills and taking a Mykonos historical flashback. And for those traveling with kids, don’t miss finding out if Mykonos is good for families.

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