The Definitive Guide To Mykonos Wedding

Mykonos is an undeniable winner in the race for the top destinations weddings in Greece – and probably, the world over!

Luxury & Unique Mykonos Weddings

The magical island combines unique natural beauties, chic nightlife, plenty of local colors, and cosmopolitan lifestyle; all of which make the perfect setting for inspired and elegant weddings. If the time has come to make your dream wedding come to life, the Island of the Winds is definitely the right place to exchange vows and promises for everlasting love and devotion.

Your Luxury Mykonos Wedding

This guide will help you with some key questions, among other important things to consider:


Getting Started with The Basics for a Glorious Mykonos Destination Wedding

Provided you have set a budget and know how far over it you can stretch if needed, here are some things to think about, so you can enjoy a stress-free, seamless wedding that leaves everybody with the sweetest memories!


Indoors or Outdoors?

When determining the feel and look of your wedding day, this is the single most deciding factor. So, what is the look you are after? Are there weather or infrastructure considerations to bear in mind?

For example, the summer months in Mykonos are filled with the hustle and bustle of the party-goers and tourists, keen to visit the iconic bars and clubs. They also receive a large number of couples planning to get married there. If you want to avoid the party atmosphere (and hefty prices) and enjoy a more relaxed experience, you may book your wedding in the off-season months, when the skies are still sunny and temperatures are just right, ideally spring! The sea is warm, the beautiful Mykonian beaches are not packed full of people, and the sun is not scorching hot.

Autumns and winters in Mykonos are particularly mild, but they can also bring a little rain. If you’re considering an outdoor wedding, such as in a garden or on a pristine sandy beach between October and March, it’s wise to have a contingency plan. You might need to set up a tent or have an alternative indoor option ready. Fortunately, Mykonos offers a range of options, from elegant hotel ballrooms and sheltered chapels to “Mykonos luxury villas” These Mykonos wedding villas venues can provide a seamless transition if Mother Nature decides to intervene.

If you’re thinking of a place that feels like home but is special, then Mykonos villas are perfect. They give you a private space to enjoy with your loved ones. For those who want a touch of luxury, Mykonos luxury villas offer extra comfort and beautiful details. And if you’re after a classic Mykonos experience with stunning views, the Mykonos Greece villas are the way to go. In short, getting married in Mykonos means beautiful memories in a beautiful place. Everyone will talk about it for years to come! Check the Best Villas in Mykonos to Say ‘I Do’

Want a rustic and romantic wedding? Barn it up! Black tie, formal? Inside it is! The decision on the outdoor vs. indoor wedding will practically make itself, depending on your answers.

Mykonos wedding venues

Some great Mykonos wedding venues to host an outdoor wedding in Mykonos include:

  • Porto Mykonos Hotel
  • Grace Mykonos Hotel
  • Mykonian Utopia Resort
  • Grecotel Mykonos Blue
  • Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel
  • The Church of St. Sostis
  • Olive Grove in Mykonos
  • Platform on the Beach
  • Elia Beach

Social Media Coverage or Not?

Are you more of a nostalgia type of person (phones for social media memories!) or living-in-the-moment (no phones!) person? The truth is that unplugged or not, your wedding day is a day you will always remember. And, let’s face it. Nobody wants to be a bridegroom that misses on their own wedding journey while hooked on their phone. When it comes to important events like a bachelorette or bachelor bash or bridal shower, it might be best to outsource any real-time posting and photo taking to a friend or family member you trust. On the wedding day, better trust the expert hands of an experienced photographer.

Mykonos is very proud of its children. Some of the most modern wedding photographers in Greece with long-lasting careers in the field of wedding, and ever-growing presence abroad, like Adonis Kekidakis, Sotiris Tsakanikas, and Thanasis Kaiafas, will elegantly capture the emotions of happiness and joy everybody experiences at the day of the wedding and give your special day their special aesthetic, resulting in a truly impressive way so you can be fully present with the ones you love. 

Assigned Seating or Not?

It is not very common to have a reception with assigned seating. However, this style could be just right for your wedding, depending on how you have envisioned it! It gives off a free-spirited vibe but also requires some extra work up front on your behalf to make sure your guests will not have to scramble for a certain table and be provided with a smooth and relaxing experience. To avoid all the confusion and headache, ask a wedding planner to help you out. If there is someone that knows how to strategically make the best of each space and direct traffic during a wedding reception in Mykonos, that would be a Mykonian wedding planner!


Whether you prefer a large luxurious wedding reception or a small romantic wedding, there are several places of different aesthetic to host your Mykonos wedding ceremony. It could be one of the wonderful beaches, the historic town hall of the lovely, cobble-stoned capital, a quaint chapel tucked amidst lush greenery or sitting atop of a hill overlooking the calm waters of the Aegean and the endless blue of the Cycladic skies, an imposing location like Castle Panigirakis, one of the exclusive venues with world fame for their VIP services that look out to the sea, or even your elite villa.

wedding seaside mykonos

Truth be told, the most desirable wedding concept is the seashore wedding due to the beautiful landscape the Mykonian beaches have to offer, where your guests can skip the formalities, celebrate with no shoes, and enjoy the fresh island breeze until it is time for a majestic sunrise to seal the day with the most bewildering colours and emotions. Beaches like Platis Gialos, Faros Arministis, Ornos Beach, and Elia are among the most favored ones for a wedding with some of them having their own private chapels. There are also plenty of cute and romantic, isolated coves, like Ftelia Beach, Kapari, and Fokos, to set the perfect bridal scene away from prying eyes. Only, in this case, you will need to make plans to help guests get there.

Of course, for the adventurous souls, a wedding on a luxurious yacht is an exceptional option to consider too. What is more, a horse-drawn carriage will help add some extra romantic flair in your Mykonos wedding!



Wish to create an eccentric and slight boho atmosphere for your big day? Local experts suggest going with a lively palette of reds, pinks, purples, bold color combos, contradictory and different flower compositions, and mixing textures and patterns to give your reception area a fancy-chic character. Complete the dreamy scene with lanterns, candles, and crystal vases to add romance and sparkle!

Looking for a stylish and elegant setting with a laid-back feel at the same time? Venues like Remezzo are ideal places to throw your pre-wedding bash. After a cocktail in Little Venice (where else?), ceiling pendant lights, a sea of crystal-cut votive candles, delicious bites, and a swank lounge that transforms into the most lively dancing feet will complement a great day the best way.

Whether you are looking for something refined, minimal, funky, traditional or extravagant, the versatile lifestyle of the island will provide the perfect backdrop to everything you desire. So, decide on the wedding style of your likes and just let your Mykonos wedding planner make it your most enthralling reality!


Villa Weddings
Villa Weddings? Yes, Please!

Villa Wedding? YES, Pease!

Holding your wedding ceremony in a luxurious, private villa will definitely create a memorable, exclusive experience, where everybody has the freedom to do what they want and, at the same time, enjoy the privacy they desire. In this case, top class catering services will create a culinary experience for you and your guests to cherish for many years to come, through customized gastronomic proposals.

The selected villa can be tastefully decorated per your requirements and theme of the wedding by knowledgeable Mykonian experts of world fame. With the beautiful sea as your backdrop, and an ambiance perfect for lovebirds celebration with their most beloved family members and friends, your villa wedding will be stunning.

From pure white ceremonies and receptions that is big news for the past few seasons, to flower arches that frame the couple during the ceremony, chandeliers that lit the sit down dinner under the pergola, dangling crystal lanterns, canopies, epic after-wedding pool parties with signature cocktails, and endless candle lights and accents of timber bathing the place to match a luxury beach venue ambiance, there is certainly no lack of ideas for the perfect villa wedding.

Ready to enjoy a seamless, all-inclusive holiday experience in the Island of Winds? Kinglike provides an unrivalled luxury concierge service that covers all your exclusive needs, from access to highly demanded events and luxury accommodation at Mykonos luxury villas to first-class entertainment and private shopping with the creativity, resourcefulness, and professionalism required to make your holiday as secure, memorable, and pleasant as possible.

Mykonos Villas

What’s it Going to Be?

Symbolic Ceremony

The symbolic wedding ceremony allows couples that wish for a traditional Mykonos wedding ceremony unsurpassed freedom to plan it however and wherever they may wish. This type of wedding is becoming increasingly popular every year and gives you the opportunity to unite with your significant other regardless of your differences in terms of cultural background, while also choosing the most unconventional atmosphere to celebrate this union.


Orthodox Wedding

There is a wide range of orthodox churches in Mykonos, available for dreamy Greek Orthodox Church weddings. When practiced per the Greek Orthodox tradition, the rich-in-symbolism wedding ceremony captures the magic of long-standing traditions and provides unique experiences to those that have never attended such a wedding before.

Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding in the idyllic scenery of the Island of the Winds is an exceptional experience that allows you and your guests to combine a superb opportunity for lovely Mediterranean holidays. Let us note that Hindu weddings are much different than Greek Orthodox weddings and need to be handled with delicacy. They involve a number of rituals and are based on old traditions that should be fully understood so you can enjoy a seamless experience.


Mykonos offers a plethora of options for newlyweds. You may indulge in a relaxing honeymoon filled with cosmopolitan diversion, sea, and sun on Mykonos island itself or create your own itinerary and explore the charms of the Aegean and surrounding islands. Santorini’s sunsets are legendary while Paros is full of summer fun. However, if you prefer the flair of culture and history, you may as well set sails for Delos, and (why not?) even Athens! See more about Mykonos honeymoon

Visiting the Island – What Your Guests Can Do & See

You and your guests will definitely be spoilt for choice in Mykonos. Some of the things they can do and see in Mykonos are:

The Chora (or Hora)

With its vernacular Cycladic architecture along strips of cobble-stoned streets and windmills that were grounding grain until the mid-1960s on the ridge overhead, the main town of the island is a stroller’s heaven. Paraportiani church that combines 4 chapels in one (Kastro district) is the signature building worth visiting.

Little Venice

You will find a good portion of the Chora’s quieter cafes and art boutiques. Named for its arcaded medieval houses standing proudly at the edge of the water, Little Venice is a paradise for the diligent purist.

There are four museums that document the glorious past of Mykonos, with the most reliable open being the Archaeological Museum that houses Archaic and Geometric era collections that depict combat scenes from the Iliad, and many more. You may also visit the lower-ground-floor gallery of the Municipal Folklore Museum located close to Paraportiani.


The ultimate party beach of the island is Paradise, which also offers to the club after dark on the adjacent headland and watersports by day. Super Paradise and Paraga are also excellent beaches nearby, with the first being mostly gay-patronized and the second distinguished by protecting capes and family-run tavernas.

Psarou beach to the west is more family-oriented. But, if you prefer the eastern strips of sand, Kalafatis Beach with its scenic islets and the windsurf school and scuba center is your go-to place for sure for added fun. 

As for Elia beach, the fine sand and crystal waters may not be enough to compensate your guests for the jam-packed sunbeds, jet-skis that buzz offshore non-end, and a rather unattractive bar music. Kalo Livadi, though, is a much better alternative that gives you the option to move away from the beach bars if you want and enjoy a more serene and quiet time by the sea.

Scuba Diving

Mykonos is among the very few Aegean islands where scuba diving is allowed. One of the oldest established scuba diving centers in Greece is Dive Adventures that operates from May to October. From shore dives to shallow Bikini Reef to various reefs, caverns, and wrecks to explore in the deep sea, your guests will have lots to see. Kalafati Dive Centre is another establishment your guests could trust with their boat dives. With a small fare, you get all the equipment you will need to start witnessing the marvels of Mykonos’ underwater world.



The island’s bus service is handy for getting around; plus, it is inexpensive too. If your guests want to see more than just the island itself, though, they can book a yacht that will take them to other smaller islands, including Delos, Paros, Naxos, and Santorini, each renowned for its unmatched beauty.

Accommodating your Guests

Accommodation-wise, the Greek tourism industry is not lacking in choice and price. So, besides beautiful, 5-star hotels, there are also great selections of exclusive, award-winning luxurious villa providers for you and your guests, some of which also offer wedding planning services. Stunning views, privacy, elegance, grandeur, infinity pools, and a fine dining experience, you may have a hard time leaving your villa!

Getting There

Depending on where you are flying from, you may need to make a couple of stops. For example, coming from Ireland requires you to fly to London and then to Athens. From Athens, it is only a short 40-minute flight to get to Mykonos airport, which is conveniently located just 4km from the capital of the island. Overall, there are about 10 flights from Athens to Mykonos during peak season. However, some European cities, such as Rome, Milan, Brussels, Barcelona, and Zurich serve Mykonos directly. You may visit Expedia website to check flight times and costs.

As you can see, there are a lot of things involved to have the wedding of your dreams in Mykonos, and many more considerations to bear in mind. Chances are that, in the end, you will be worn out and enjoy little of your special day. To ensure a stress-free and relaxing experience for you and your guests, you can trust the expertise of an experienced wedding planner like Kinglike, who will take care of every little detail involving your pre- and post-wedding requirements.

Mykonos luxury wedding services

What Kinglike Wedding Planning Services Include:

  • Legal arrangements – From booking arrangement with local town hall or church to assist with paperwork.
  • Venue selection – For both the ceremony and reception.
  • Decoration – Bridal bouquet, welcome table, reception decoration, and more).
  • Wedding branding – Social media, local products, guests’ favors, logo design, etc.).
  • Bridal treatment – From hair and makeup to deluxe spa treatment and facials.
  • Photography & Video
  • Music & Entertainment – Live music, dancers, DJ, fireworks, kids’ entertainment, sky lanterns, and more.
  • VIP Transportation services – Car/mini bus/boat rentals and bridal transportation options.
  • Accommodation arrangementPrivate, deluxe Mykonos villas.
  • Pre & Post Wedding Events
  • Medical Assistance

Kinglike planners are next to you from the very first contact until the last minute of your reception or your after party, listening carefully to your needs and concerns. Our professional team of caterers, wedding consultants, photographers, florists, hair and make-up stylists, and videographers will share their passion with you create the most magical atmosphere on your special day. Dedicated VIP wedding organizers with tons of experience on their back will check the flow of the event and supervise the wedding day timeline, coordinate vendors, and associates, so you get the wedding of your dreams!

happily ever after


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