Ornos Beach – A Stunning Top-Rated Mykonos Shore With Reason

Ornos is one of the most beautiful Mykonos beaches, cosily sitting in the laps of Ornos Bay – a sheltered anchorage tucked away from the bustling crowds and the vibrant Mykonos Town nightlife. With calm, crystalline waters and a captivating sandy shore, Ornos Beach is the perfect Mykonos swimming spot for families with children. Besides, Ornos makes a dreamy destination if you are looking for experiences that combine the cosmopolitan nature of Mykonos and authentic Greek island holidays. Below are three reasons why Ornos is a place that can stir a powerful infatuation towards it the more you decide to dive into its profound and hypnotising allure. 


Reason #1: Ornos has it all 

The trendy and often crowded beach on the south of Mykonos provides an impressive array of tourist facilities, including lovely restaurants, cafes, beach bars, tavernas, a fully organised beach, and world-class accommodation. At the same time, it is a frequent stop for many elegant yachts, stylish catamarans, and fisher boats alike. All these combined give Ornos a more resort-like atmosphere that appeals to most Mykonos visitors. This means that you are provided with every single amenity required for VIP holidays, plus a fantastic sea and amazing seascapes. Not to mention the proximity to all the popular tourist attractions. 


Reason #2: It’s vibrant enough but on the quieter side of Mykonos 

Ornos has a unique feature as it enables you to enjoy everything from water sports to fine dining and also claim a more relaxed and peaceful experience than the busier and louder capital. This means that you are just 3.5 kilometres away from the vivid Mykonos party scene and a short drive from beach party meccas like Paradise and Super Paradise beaches. Simultaneously, you are at a Mykonos region hosting a picturesque seaside village, Ornos village, which epitomises traditional Cycladic architecture. Clearly, the characteristics surrounding Ornos render it a luxurious Mykonos destination with an uber-cool ambiance and vibe. 


Reason #3: It’s a perfect destination for beach hopping & cruises

Its position on the map makes Ornos the ideal place to launch a cruise tour or a beach-hopping endeavour. Indeed, Ornos is a popular departure port for sea explorations and private tours covering all southern shores, such as Super Paradise, and even head to neighbouring Rhenia and Delos islands (or further away to the other Cyclades islands). You may also opt for an adventure that will take you to the more remote shores along the Mykonos coastline and pamper yourself with scuba diving, windsurfing, water-skiing, and other more active or chilled activities. 

Tip: If you love fishing, then do not hesitate to ask for a fishing tour!


Ornos Beach Mykonos

How to get to Ornos

You can walk from Kapari Beach or Agios Ioannis Beach if you happen to be there or drive to Ornos (about a 10-minute drive from the capital). Of course, there’s also public transportation servicing this destination. Or you could visit Ornos with a yacht if you have opted for the type of holidays that include sailing and Greek island hopping. 


Whether visiting Mykonos with your family, partner, group of friends, or even solo, Ornos is a fantastic option for all-around experiences that include utmost luxury and pampering, fun hours by the beach, and lots of spoiling under the glorious Mediterranean sun (or starry sky).


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