The best Tuscany wedding villas & how to organize your wedding in Italy

Italy and especially Tuscany is place of impeccable beauty, combining the magnificence of the well-preserved stone-built and neoclassical houses with the tranquility of calm nature. Medieval villages surrounded by cypress trees and olives groves, majestic villas with picturesque gardens and wineries coming from another era are phrases that are used to describe Tuscany. But the fact is that words are not enough to describe the aesthesis that Tuscany leaves in your heart every time you visit it.

This is Tuscany, a fairy-tale region, where you can live the ultimate dream and organize your wedding, sparkled with shine and happiness with your other half, your family and friends. But how to organize your wedding in Tuscany? How to choose one of the stunning wedding villas in Tuscany, Italy?

Read further to learn everything you need to know to turn your special day into an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience you will narrate to your children with excitement.

Tips to organize step by step your wedding in Tuscany

If you choose to organize your wedding abroad, one thing is for sure. You should be fully prepared and take into account every possible detail. But remember that it must not be a stressful procedure. If you are aware of the legal and organizational aspects, you can manage to make everything easily, even without a wedding planner. However, keep in mind that most wedding villas in Tuscany can offer you the facilitation of a wedding planner, if you want to have an extra-luxury wedding that needs complex preparations then rent villa in tuscany for wedding.

Whatever you choose, you should consider the following tips:

1. Choose the date

Tuscany is a sunny region of Europe, so you can expect that from April to October the weather will probably be warm. However, you should keep two things in mind. The first is that in July and August the temperature is high (approximately from 30 to 40 degrees). So, it is better to avoid these months or organize your wedding after 7 p.m. to skip the hot hours.

The second thing is that in spring and autumn it may be rainy some days. So, you should arrange the preparations according to that. The best advice to avoid anxiety is to rent a Tuscany villa wedding venue with space also in the interior or a spacious covered lounge area, where your guests can sit even in case of rain.

2. Collect all the necessary legal documents

If you are a European citizen, you need the following documents for both of you:

  • Valid passports or ID cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Sworn certificates of no impediment to get married
  • An intent to marry.

For religious marriage, you need additional documents, such as baptism certificate not only for the couple, but also for the best man. We suggest you ask the local parish about the legalities in order to be fully prepared.

3. Find the right place

There are numerous luxury wedding venues in Tuscany and generally Tuscany is a wide area with various villages, towns and estates that are ideal to spend these unique moments and start your new life as a married couple. Visiting in advance is the right choice to find the perfect venue for you, but it is literally impossible to check all the available Tuscany villas, even if you come multiple times.

So, we suggest that you narrow down your preferred choices. Some criteria you can follow are:

  • Villas close to a town: Do you want a villa close to a famous Tuscany town, such as Florence, Siena, Pisa or Lucca, or do you prefer an estate in the famous Val d’ Orcia, Chianti or Umbria?
  • Modern or traditional design: There are luxury villas with modern design but also renovated villas that praise the beauty of the past. There are also villas that combine both!
  • Beach or lake villas: Do you prefer a villa hidden inside the slopes of Tuscany hills or a villa by the sea or a private lake?
  • Capacity: There are small villas for 8-10 guests as well as larger villas for 20-40 guests. All villas have spacious garden and lounge area to host a reception with hundreds of guests. However, if you want to offer accommodation to some or all of your guests, you may want to find a villa with many bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Other criteria: Other criteria you can take into account are for example if the villa has winery, golf, private pool, farmhouse, court etc.

Let’s see some dreamy Tuscany villas for weddings that will steal your heart.

Top Villa For Wedding Tuscany Italy

Villa Origo

Tuscany Villas for Rent Villa Origo
Villa Origo Chianciano Terme Val d’Orcia Tuscany

Hidden in the renowned val d’ Orcia, where everything is like coming from a fairy-tale, Villa Origo is ideal for events thanks to its majestic garden and its magnificence that will make you understand what real aristocracy means.

With an impressive lounge area, fountains, spectacularly shaped trees and an architecture that evokes the ultimate grandeur of the past, this authentic villa is a dreamy place to proclaim your love in front of your loved ones and officially start your life as a married couple in a romantic atmosphere.

The villa can accommodate up to 24 guests as it has 12 bedrooms. So, you can offer several guests an accommodation they will never forget.

The location of the villa is also ideal. In the heart of Val d’ Orcia and in a close distance to the astonishingly beautiful village of Montalcino, you can enjoy -before and after your wedding- amazing strolls and wine tours, living the ultimate honeymoon.

Palazzo Machiavelli

Tuscany Villas for Rent Palazzo Machiavelli
Palazzo Machiavelli San Casciano Val di Pesa Chianti Tuscany

In the countryside near Florence, Palazzo Machiavelli is a real palace, combining adorable Tuscan architecture with great luxury. It offers private pool and an amazing sunset view that can accompany the magic moment of your wedding vows with pink and orange hues that will create stunning photos.

The mansion is a real-palace villa, offering you the happiness to enjoy truly VIP moments in your special day. With wall arts from Renaissance, lavish suites and a spacious grass-filled garden by the pool, this luxury villa is the place to be not only during the ceremony but also the days before and after. As it offers 10 bedrooms is perfect for up to 22 guests, in order to host your family and close friends.

Another great asset of Palazzo Machiavelli is its closeness to the capital of Tuscany, Florence. One of the most beautiful Italian and European cities, this jewel of Renaissance is the ideal place for your pre-wedding parties as well as your honeymoon and your after-wedding photo session. Thus, if you choose to stay there a few days after your wedding, Palazzo Machiavelli is the perfect base to explore Tuscany and spend unique moments with your spouse.

Borgo Bastia Creti

Tuscany Villas for Rent Borgo Bastia Creti
Borgo Bastia Creti Spedalicchio Umbertide Umbria

One of the prettiest villas in Tuscany with 13 bedrooms for up to 26 guests, Borgo Bastia Cresti is the best value for money wedding venue in Italy. With a traditional country-style Italian architecture, private pool, a fully renovated interior and a well-tended garden that will impress your guests, this amazing Tuscany villa is one of a kind.

Imagine spending these magic moments, surrounded by the olives groves, the cypress trees and the hills of Umbria, the eastern side of Tuscany that will make you feel touched by its authenticity.

The ivy that embraces the stone walls of the villa along with the warm colors of the sunset in this blessed corner of the earth create the ultimate place to have fun until dawn, feel the love of those around you and keep forever in your hearts the incredible days and nights spent in a place that is synonymous with tranquility and happiness.

Villa Arancera

Tuscany Villas for Rent Villa Arancera
Villa Arancera Lucca Tuscany

An openhearted colorful villa with 12 bedrooms for 24 guests, villa Arancera is the epitome of joy that you deserve in your wedding day. Its private pool dominates the setting, but the area around it is even more imposing with its luxury lounge area under the pergola, the flowers everywhere and the rustic architecture, which somehow magically manages to embed the aristocratic aesthesis with the rural way of life.

In a close distance to the charming town of Lucca in northwestern Tuscany, villa Arancera is the perfect base to explore this side of the region. Pisa and Florence are also nearby for a day trip. However, we suggest you that you spend with your other half some private moments in this mansion that is full of positive vibes, exactly what you need to start your life as a married couple.

Borgo Finocchieto

Tuscany Villas for Rent Borgo Finocchieto
Borgo Finocchieto Bibbiano Valdorcia Tuscany

Borgo Finocchieto is one of the largest Tuscany villas with 22 bedrooms for up to 44 guests. Surrounded by olives and cypress trees, this picturesque property impresses with its large private pool, tennis court and the medieval-like estate, full of flowers, arches and spacious grass-filled areas, where the ceremony and wedding party can take place.

As the villa offers in-house chef, babysitter and extended guest support, it is ideal to organize your wedding with every number of guests you want. If you choose to host a small wedding ceremony, you can offer all of your guests accommodation in the villa, which is something that will create unique atmosphere.

Located in the heart of Val d’ Orcia, the mansion is exactly what you are looking for if you want to explore the world-renowned wineries of the area as well as some of the most beautiful villages of Italy, such as Montalcino, Montepulciano, Bagno Vignoni and Pienza.

Dimora Ghirlandaio

Tuscany Villas for Rent Dimora  Ghirlandaio
Dimora Ghirlandaio Impruneta Florence Tuscany

Words are not enough to describe this imposing villa in the wider region of Florence, offering 20 bedrooms for up to 40 guests. Covering more than 1.000 square meters of astonishing design, Dimora Ghirlandaio has a great asset you cannot ignore: It provides unobstructed view of Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, the impressive cathedral of Florence, which is the absolute synonym of Renaissance art.

With two private pools, helipad, jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish bath, this royal-like palace is your place-to-be, if you want your wedding to be the epitome of luxury and high-end living. Plus, this wonderful Tuscany villa has a small church, so it is ideal if you want to organize a religious wedding.

This elegant Florence villa with its red-tile rooftops and large arched windows allowing the flow of natural light, blends the contemporary with classic design, covering the demands of even the most discerning guest.


Tuscany is the most beautiful region in Italy, if you want to organize your wedding in a place where the tranquil and romantic atmosphere meets the cosmopolitan and aristocratic feeling of palace-like estates. There are numerous villas for weddings in Tuscany to find exactly what you are looking for. The goal is to host your wedding ceremony and reception in a venue that reflects your personality as a couple, elevates the guest experience and creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the gorgeous Tuscan landscape.

See more elegant and luxury wedding villas in Tuscany to make your dream come true and astonish your guests!

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