How to rent a villa in Tuscany: A full step by step guide

Are you dreaming of spending some days, weeks or even rent a villa in Tuscany for a month to enjoy the amazing Italian countryside, taste fine wines and dishes and explore numerous medieval villages and towns that look like coming out of a fairytale? 

Then, you should definitely rent a luxury villa in Tuscany where you will find the ultimate aesthesis of relaxation, connection with nature and escape from the outer world. There are numerous villas in Tuscany with private pool, in-house chef and other luxury amenities for royal-like vacations.

But how to find the perfect villa in Tuscany according to your needs? What you should consider to rent a villa in Tuscany with pool or an aristocratic mansion coming evolving from another era?

Read further to learn everything you need to know.


Location of the villa

Villa Badessa Chianti Tuscany

The first thing you should consider is where you want to stay as Tuscany is a wide region. Of course, you can discover the whole area by car within 2-3 hours, but is crucial to choose your base. Generally, best towns in tuscany to rent a villa:

  • Val d’ Orcia: The famous valley of Tuscany, where you can visit dreamy villages, such as Montepulciano, Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and Montalcino and have the top wine-tasting tours in renowned wineries.
  • Florence: Florence, the capital of Tuscany, is one of the most beautiful cities you will ever see in your life. If you want to combine vacation in the countryside of Tuscany with cultural tourism to visit the interesting museums of Florence, then a villa in the suburbs of Florence is ideal.
  • Siena: Siena is a true jewel in the middle of Tuscany, where you can combine urban tourism with day trips in Val d’ Orcia, Chianti and famous towns and villages of Tuscany.
  • Umbria: In the eastern side of Tuscany, Umbria is a beautiful region where you can explore astonishing places, such as Arezzo, Cortona and Perugia.
  • Lucca and Pisa: In the western side of Tuscany, Pisa for its famous tower and Lucca for its medieval ambience, are both great options to combine tours in coastal Livorno.


Villa Scuola 1 Casole d'Elsa Siena Tuscany

There are small villas in Tuscany for 6-10 guests as well as larger villas for 20-40 guests. All villas have spacious garden and lounge area, but bigger villas have also other amenities, such as tennis or basketball court. So, it is up to you whether you want to spend private vacations with your family or only your close friends or you want to enjoy funny days and nights with many other people.


Design and facilities


Do you want to rent a villa in Tuscany with chef, infinity pool or live-in housekeeper? Or maybe you prefer a villa with winery or a farmhouse? Villas in Tuscany offer numerous facilities to live luxury vacations. 

Plus, there is also great variety in design. There are ultra-modern villas as well as traditional mansions and palaces with Renaissance-style design that praises the beauty of the past. There are also villas that combine both!

So, you just have to think about your desires and narrow down the search criteria.


Rental company

It is crucial to find a dedicated rental company, especially if you want to rent a villa in Tuscany for a month or even longer, as you need services that focus on guests’ experience. There are innumerable rental companies in Tuscany, but only a few can offer you everything you need before, during and even after your stay.

Kinglike Concierge is the top rental agency for luxury accommodation in Tuscany with exclusive properties that meet the highest standards of privacy and luxury facilities for the most selective guests. We take care of all the details regarding your vacation and we are here to arrange for you a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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