How far is Corfu from Mykonos

Corfu and Mykonos are among the most popular islands in Greece. The first is known for its Italian-style architecture, the beaches with crystal-clear waters and lush greenery and of course Corfu Town, the World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

The second is the epitome of lavishness and entertainment, with fully organized beaches with golden sand and azure waters hosting world-class beach restaurants and clubs. Plus, Mykonos has one of the best Choras in the Cyclades and an arid landscape of impeccable beauty.

Can you combine both? The truth is that Mykonos is located far away from Corfu, as they belong to different island complexes (Mykonos in Cyclades in Aegean Sea and Corfu in the Ionian Islands in Western Greece).

However, there are some possible routes from Corfu to Mykonos that give you the opportunity to visit both islands.

Let’s see the best travel options between Corfu and Mykonos to live a unique island-hopping experience!

Distance between Corfu and Mykonos by air

Both islands have airport, so it is easy to visit them. Corfu as well as Mykonos are connected by airplane via Athens. There is no direct flight from Mykonos to Corfu, so you have to make a stop in Athens.

The flight from Corfu to Athens lasts about one hour, while from Athens to Mykonos about 45 minutes. The whole transfer duration between Corfu and Mykonos will last from 4 to 8 hours, depending on how long you stay in Athens.

Distance between Corfu and Mykonos by sea

Villa Nima Mykonos Town Mykonos

There is no such option as travelling from Corfu to Mykonos directly by boat. Mykonos is connected by boat to ports of eastern Greece, such as Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion in Athens. On the opposite, Corfu is connected by boat to ports of western Greece, such as Patras and Igoumenitsa.

Thus, to travel from Mykonos to Corfu by sea, you have to take the boat from Mykonos to Athens (about 2-5 hours depending on boat type), and then to drive to Patras (2,5 hours’ drive from Athens) or to Igoumenitsa (5 hours’ drive from Athens).

Then, take the boat to Corfu (1-1,5 hour from Igoumenitsa and 3-5 hours from Patras depending on boat type).


According to all these, the best way to get from Corfu to Mykonos is by airplane. If you choose one of the Corfu luxury villas or Mykonos luxury villas, managed by Kinglike, you can enjoy VIP services, such as private transfer from/to the airport. Thus, you will have the most convenient trip and have the blessing of visiting both amazing islands that offer you the opportunity to live truly unforgettable vacations!

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