When does Mykonos season start?

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands in Greece, attracting each year thousands of guests who want to enjoy its vivid nightlife and its extravagant sense of lavishness. Thus, Mykonos has one of the longest seasons among Greek islands, as it is not only a summer destination, but also the ultimate destination for fun and socializing.

The season in Mykonos starts in March and ends in November, although these months are considered low season. April and May are considered mid-season, and June, July, August and September are the peak of the touristic season in Mykonos.

Let’s read further what to do in Mykonos during the season.

Climate and Weather in Mykonos during the Season

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In Mykonos, the weather is generally mild with only a few rains. Of course, in winter the weather is cold, but from April to October you can expect temperatures above 20 Degrees. If you want to avoid hot weather, the best time to visit Mykonos is in April, October and November.

During the summer, the temperatures are rarely above 35 Degrees because of the strong northern wind (meltemi) that blows on the island especially in July and August. This is why Mykonos is called the “Island of the Winds”.

However, the sunshine is high all day long, so there is the danger of heat- and sunstroke if you are not careful enough.

Activities and Attractions in Mykonos during the Season

The beach life is the ultimate protagonist for nightlife and entertainment in Mykonos during the season and especially in summer. Popular beaches, such as Psarrou, Panormos, Super Paradise, Paranga, Ornos and Kalo Livadi, host famous beach restaurants and clubs that offer moments of fun by the sea from early in the noon until the dawn.

These clubs and restaurants open around April or May. That depends on the date of the Greek Easter, which in Mykonos is considered the start of the full season.

Popular Events and Festivals in Mykonos during the Season

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The abovementioned clubs organize large events with world-class DJs during the season. However, keep in mind that these events, especially of electro and house music, take place mainly in July, August and September. It is highly unlikely that you find such an event during the weekdays in April or October for example.

Regarding the festivals, most are also organized during the peak season. Mykonos Art Festival takes place in July, August and September, while the most famous gay festival in Greece, Mykonos XLSIOR, takes place end of August.

In summer, you can also enjoy many religious festivals with traditional music and dances. The best known of them are the celebration of Agioi Apostoloi (30th June), Agia Paraskevi (26th July) and Virgin Mary (15th August).

Best Accommodation Options in Mykonos during the Season

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Mykonos offers numerous accommodations options during the season. Most hotels and villas are available from April to October. However, keep in mind that luxury hotels in high season are particularly expensive. Thus, a private villa for many persons is in most circumstances the best value for money option.

Plus, luxury villas in Mykonos offer facilities that are not included in most hotels, such as private pool, helipad, fully equipped kitchen, in-house chef and babysitter.

If you want to visit Mykonos in the low or middle season, you can find numerous ultra-luxury villas with pool that are accompanied by VIP amenities and services that are not available in 5-star hotels, most of them are still close or underperform.

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