A Comprehensive Mykonos Accommodation Guide

The whitewashed buildings, gorgeous crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and the quaint windy streets of the island capital known as Mykonos Town or the Mykonos Chora are some of the features that can make everybody fall in love with the Island of the Winds. Without a doubt, there is something for every taste and requirement, from party meccas and high-end shopping options to isolated coves that ensure peaceful moments by the sea. This only makes it even more difficult to decide where to stay in Mykonos. Below, we give you a breakdown of all travel accommodation options available to those visiting the Cycladic gem, so you find the one that suits your needs the most.

mykonos hotels

Mykonos Hotels

The amenities vary from one hotel to another, with several options being more budget-friendly than others. However, you can expect the usual stuff like a private bedroom and bathroom, climate control, Wi-Fi (paid, most of the times), a 24-hour front desk, room service, airport transfer, and more. More high-end hotels will also please you with luxury amenities like spas and fitness/wellness centres, among others.


  • Comfortable and convenient types of lodging.
  • Good array of amenities.
  • Can find a room per your budget needs.
  • Upscale niceties.


  • Impersonal
  • Have to abide by hotel regulations.
  • May need to tolerate noisy visitors.
  • Not ideal if you want full cultural immersion.

mykonos villas

Mykonos Luxury Villas

These are exclusive holiday properties located in prestigious locations that offer a wealth of amenities and facilities for ultimate comfort, and an experience that combines sheer beauty, a traditional flair, service excellence, an outstanding location, and palatial, contemporary design with Cycladic touches.


  • Spacious, elegant areas (from bedrooms to entertainment areas).
  • All modern amenities and comforts (i.e. infinity pool, BBQ areas).
  • Stylish living spaces appointed with custom-carved stone to blend with the natural environment harmoniously.
  • Fully equipped kitchens.
  • Superb sea views.
  • Housekeeping services and elite concierge services on call (i.e. private chef, nanny, butler, personal trainer, and/or driver- even VIP access to parties and dining facilities).
  • Proximity to the desired location (i.e. popular beaches or nightlife).
  • Privacy and freedom to live the days as you please.
  • Great option for families and groups of friends that need their personal space.


  • Not a good option for budget-conscious travellers.

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hostels mykonos

Mykonos Hostels

Much favoured option among young, budget-conscious globetrotters. Although there are not many hostels available in Mykonos (the island is famed for its luxury lifestyle), there are still a few to stay.

mykonos hostels


  • Affordable
  • Feature some travel conveniences (i.e. Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and rental computers).
  • Social hubs to meet other international holidaymakers.


  • Loud and noisy options.
  • Expect frequent partying in the shared dorms and common areas.
  • Not suited for those seeking full cultural immersion.
  • Not guaranteed housekeeping services.
  • Common places for theft.

mykonos bnbs

Mykonos B&B / Guest Houses

They provide a more homey atmosphere than other travel accommodation options, with few guest rooms on premises and breakfast being part of the room rate.

mykonos bnbs breakfast


  • Housekeeping provided.
  • Good chance for cultural immersion.
  • Buildings usually reflect Cycladic culture, architecture, and history.
  • Nice option for those in need of an authentic, more low-tech and quieter experience.


  • Significant differences in cost and quality.
  • Need to comply with house rules.
  • Not a great option if you are looking for a party scene.
  • Not full freedom to do as you please.

mykonos apartments

Mykonos Apartments / Private Rentals

With platforms like booking.com and Airbnb becoming increasingly popular among Greek hosts, you will find plenty of furnished apartments, condos or flats that can be leased for short-term rentals in Mykonos.


  • Provide a sense of privacy and home.
  • Usually more cost-effective for the long-term visitor than a private room in a B&B or guest house, or a hotel room.
  • Good option for groups or families.


  • Only provide the basics, from bedding and towels to kitchen appliances and supplies.
  • Costly option for short visits (not great value for your money).
  • Considerable variations in conditions.
  • Guests will still need to do the cleaning (and possibly cooking) themselves.


Mykonos stay near the beach

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos for best beaches?

A: Some of the biggest and most popular beaches on the island are Platis Gialos, Paradise, Super Paradise, Paraga, Ornos, and Elia that are always full of tourists, celebs and humble humans alike.


Stay at the party line Mykonos

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos for great parties?

A: Some of the best nightclubs are in Mykonos Town or Chora (see Skandinavian bar and club, VOID club/boutique venue, and ). However, populous beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise also host legendary parties. Consider Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana at Paradise Beach, as well as Paradise and Super Paradise beach clubs.

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos for nightlife?

A: That would be the Chora or Mykonos Town; the capital of the island. It is packed to the brim with chic boutiques, fine restaurants, quirky cafes, and bars. Wandering the maze-like narrow streets in the evening is an adventure of its own here as you go past whitewashed cubic houses with sharp blue details and bougainvillaea-filled balconies. The place is dotted with beautiful chapels and churches and is also home to the lively Little Venice area (very idyllic location, especially after sunset), museums, and trademark windmills.

mykonos couples where to stay

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos for couples?

A: It depends on what you are looking for. For example, Agios Sostis, Ftelia, Fokos, and Lia regions are a bit remote but have some of the most gorgeous and serene beaches on the island. They are a perfect option if you wish for some privacy away from the busy beaches. Western-facing beaches, like Agios Stefanos, will give you the opportunity to watch some of the most romantic sunsets; so will Little Venice (a small, quaint Mykonos Town neighbourhood). Speaking of Little Venice, simply walking along the sea gazing the Aegean and the waterfront-built houses with the beautiful pastel colours can be quite enjoyable for you and your loved one. The charming region also has shops, restaurants, tavernas, clubs, and a lot of VIPs. Now, if partying and chilling with the rich and famous is in your agenda, then choose accommodation close to Psarou beach.

Honeymoon where to stay in Mykonos

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos for a honeymoon?

A: Regardless of where you will stay in Mykonos during your honeymoon, the most important thing is to to choose accommodation with modern amenities, such as a private pool (some luxury villas even have designated spa areas too), top services (i.e., your personal chef or butler for all-inclusive honeymoon vacations), and, of course, unobstructed views of the Aegean. Depending on what exactly you want to experience, you will find exclusive properties with their own small chapels (i.e., if you are planning to get married here too) and massive outdoor spaces with fully equipped bars to throw your own party. That being said, Mykonos Town is a great place for honeymooners with lots of restaurants, shops, and bars (but also a lot of tourists too). However, both nearby areas like Paraga, Agia Anna, and Platis Gialos, alongside more remote locations like Agios Stefanos have their own unique charms.

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos, beach or town?

A: Staying in town will make things easy for you as you won’t need to take a taxi after a stroll in the cobble-stoned paths or an evening out. Plus, it is relatively easy to get to any beach by local bus as the buses run until well after midnight for the most popular destinations during high season (at around midnight in low season). So, staying at a beach villa or hotel means that you will need to get a taxi (could be a long waiting line in peak travel season) if you are planning to party until very late at night. On the other hand, you may rent a scooter or small car and explore every corner of the island without worrying about missing a bus or taking a taxi. In this case, nothing can compete with the peacefulness and superb views of a beach abode. Plus, you will have easy or even instant access to amazing shores.

where celebrities stay at Mykonos

Q: Where do celebrities stay in Mykonos?

A: Many A-lists prefer Mykonos Town or Chora for their summer vacations. From Hollywood stars, world-famous singers and NBA players to soccer miracles and famous models, Mykonos is a beloved destination not only for its wild night scene but also its quiet spots offering some much-needed relaxation and fun. So, it is no wonder that five-star hilltop properties away from the bustling capital also host jet-setters from all over the world. That being said, many celebrities choose to dock their super luxurious yachts in Nammos beach club and restaurant and sleep on-board. Or they charter a private yacht and go island-hopping!

Mykonos where to stay for watersports

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos for strong winds and water sports?

A: Both Ornos and Platis Gialos villages are great options for those loving the water sports. For kitesurfing and surfing, head to Ornos. The strong winds blowing from the northern beach of Korfos create the perfect conditions for that type of activity. As for Platis Gialos, it offers a wide variety of water sports activities, from fishing and boating to water skiing. Also, Kalo Livadi, Elia, Agia Anna, and Ftelia will let you show off your skills on beach and water sports alike.

mykonos where to stay with family

Q: Where to stay in Mykonos for families?

A: The Chora or Mykonos Town is a nice choice for families as there are plenty of things to do before the party crowds come in at around midnight. However, it could be too noisy from the daily and nightly activity. For this reason, it is best to prefer a dwelling further away from the capital.

Agios Ioannis is a prime location with sandy beaches and a plethora of family-friendly amenities, like the Aqualand Water Park, along with popular biking and hiking trails. You will also find traditional tavernas and restaurants capable of pleasing your taste buds on the cheap, and several natural sights that will delight your senses. Agios Stefanos is another excellent destination for families, with great family-friendly restaurants serving delicious seafood, a crystal-clear beach with shallow waters and golden sand, and many local shops, cafes, and bakeries. Other kid-friendly beaches with calm seas and water sports are Agrari, Kalafatis, Ornos, and Agia Anna.

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