9 Must-Know Tips & Details Before Visiting Mykonos

So, you are planning your next holidays, and Mykonos is the dominant option on your list. Excellent choice! Before you pack your bags, though, make sure you check out these handy tips and pieces of information to get some insight into some distinctive Mykonos characteristics.

Photo by Simon Moore on Unsplash

Info #1: Book your Luxury Villa Well in Advance

Given that Mykonos is a primary destination for thousands of visitors every year, you definitely need to book the accommodation of your choice early. This will also enable you to get a dreamy exclusive mansion that is set at a prestigious location in Mykonos at a better price than if you requested it amidst the high tourist season. 

Info #2: Payments & Money

Although you should not have any issues related to make payments via credit or debit card, it is still best to have some cash along. You will probably need it if you go to the local bakery or the small grocery store around the corner. Nevertheless, the island has lots of ATMs, while cards are acceptable in the overwhelming majority of places, including restaurants and shops. It is 2020, after all – the year of cashless transactions!

Info #3: Internet Connection

No worries there. There is a good internet connection throughout the island. Some shops and local businesses even provide free internet to their customers. 

Info #4: Driving

People on holidays are usually not the most traffic law-abiding drivers, so their driving habits might surprise you. Also, pay attention to the bikes and ATVs as they may come from all around the place! Finally, the signage might be poor in some regions. 

Info #5: English language

You will not face any problems related to your communication with the locals. The overwhelming majority of islanders speak English pretty fluently. Plus, employees at luxury resorts and high-end tourist facilities speak more than one foreign language.

Tip #6: Season Essentials

Visiting Mykonos during the spring or autumn definitely requires bringing some light sweater and/or light jacket, especially for the after-hours. The Meltemi winds can be quite strong along the shoreline, and it may get a bit chilly after sunset. In the summertime, you don’t need a lot of stuff. Whatever you don’t bring along, you can buy from a local shop – Mykonos has everything you may need. 

Tip #7: Restaurants and Shops

During the high tourist season, the shops are open all day and until around midnight or later. Now, if you fancy dinner for two at a VIP restaurant, do make early reservations because the restaurants usually open after midday and get crammed quickly. 

Tip #8: Romance & Atmospheric Afternoons

Although Mykonos is packed full of places that offer heart-stopping sea views and spots to share romantic moments, such as the Windmills, Little Venice, and more, do consider experiencing the nostalgic ambiance of the open-air summer theatre in Mykonos. 

Tip #9: Finding your Way

If you find yourself lost in the narrow, cobbled streets of Mykonos Town, do not panic. The overwhelming majority of alleys lead to Gialos, the old port of the island, where many cafes and restaurants are located. 

Have a great time in Mykonos!

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