Mykonos where to eat: Mykonos gourmet restaurants

Gourmet Restaurants in Mykonos

Greek cooking traditions date back thousands of years, and Greeks today still savor many of the same dishes that their ancestors enjoyed in ancient times. These culinary traditions have evolved over centuries, influenced by various cultures from the East and West.

When it comes to dining in Mykonos, Greece, you can experience a fusion of these rich culinary traditions at fine dining establishments. Mykonos boasts luxury restaurants that offer a delightful blend of traditional Greek flavors and modern innovations. Some of these prestigious eateries have even earned Michelin stars, making them top restaurants in Mykonos.

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.
                                                     -Oscar Wilde, A Woman of No Importance

by Nikos Vasilakos

For those seeking the pinnacle of opulence, there are a few select establishments that stand out as the most expensive restaurants in Mykonos. These exclusive venues cater to discerning palates and offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Mr. Pug

Service is amazing. Everything on the menu is delicious and you can be invited into the kitchen to have a look at the process. Mr. Pug has a unique take on Thai food.

The Greek diet, shaped by a history of diverse influences, features a variety of iconic dishes such as dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). These dishes are prepared with many of the same fruits, vegetables, and grain products that have been cherished for centuries.

In ancient times, influences from the East and West left their mark on Greek cuisine. The Persians introduced Middle Eastern foods, like yogurt, rice, and sweets made from nuts, honey, and sesame seeds. When Rome invaded Greece in 197 B.C., the Romans brought Italian staples like pasta and sauces, which continue to be an integral part of Greek cuisine. In the southern regions, Arab influences are evident with the use of spices such as cumin, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves. Additionally, the Turks introduced coffee to Greece, becoming an essential part of Greek culture.

The introduction of New World ingredients, such as potatoes and tomatoes, over five hundred years ago further enriched the Greek culinary landscape.

Fresh fruits and vegetables play a significant role in the Greek diet. Thanks to Greece’s long coastline, fish and seafood are staples in many Greek dishes, while meat often serves as an ingredient in vegetable-based recipes rather than being the main focus. The islands and coastal regions of Greece specialize in lighter dishes that showcase vegetables and seafood, while inland areas tend to feature heartier fare with more emphasis on meat and cheese.

So, whether you’re a connoisseur of fine dining or simply want to savor the richness of Greek culinary traditions, Mykonos offers a delightful range of options, from luxury restaurants to Michelin-starred establishments, making it a top destination for those seeking a taste of Greece’s diverse and delicious cuisine.

In the very heart of Mr. Pug is Chef Giorgos Venieris. Multi-awarded Greek chef George Venieris is a pioneer of new Greek cuisine having created landmark signature dishes for restaurants around Greece and abroad. In December 2016 Giorgos Venieris Chef-patron of Mr. Pug accepted the “Best Asian Fusion Restaurant in Greece award ” from noted actress Smaragda Karydi and Fotis Vallatos (main judge of the fnl awards).

The hard work will continue so that we may “raise the bar” even higher and keep its guests culinarily thrilled. Mr. Pug after only 2 years of operation, was awarded as the “Best Asian Fusion restaurant ” not only in Mykonos but also in the Greece.

KOURSAROS (Fish n’ Sushi Fusion Restaurant)

A definite must go! In a wonderful setting reminiscent of a Corsair’s ship, in the heart of Mykonos and only a breath away from Little Venice is Kousaros Fish Restaurant.

Situated in a beautiful spacious garden Kousaros promises an unforgettable dining experience with many authentic flavours of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with its main focus being on fresh fish and seafood.

Having operated for over 20 years in the northern suburbs of Athens, Koursaros guarantees a quality seafood experience.
In combination with Koursaros Mykonos team they have created a menu capable of satisfying the most demanding palates and have perfected gastronomic simplicity and Greek hospitality.


Mykonos Nammos Restaurant
Mykonos Nammos Restaurant

Are you ready for the Nammos Restaurant experience? Tantalizing tastes enlivened with the most exquisite ingredients man can find and the prolific genius of the Nammos’ chefs. On the core of all the Nammos culinary creations is the zeal and devotion to great food paired with the most eclectic ambiance. A visit to the Nammos Restaurant can only be described as a love at first bite experience!

Join Nammos edible adventure, where every dish is homage to the succulent treasures of the sea. Join Nammos to the meeting point of some of the world’s most elite restaurants. Join Nammos to the vanguard of gastronomy, where food becomes an objet d’art and dining a transcendent affair. Join Nammos to the restaurant you’ll never want to leave.

Liasti (Lia Beach)

In the summer of 2016, the classic restaurant on the beach of Lia returned more spacious and changed almost beyond recognition.

It is all-white, with some touches of the signature blue colour of the Cyclades, and is reminiscent of a modern Greek tavern.

Its heart, though, loves contemporary Italian flavours, especially seafood, such as those created by the Italian Chef Danielle Rancati.

Several ingredients, such as pasta and rice for the risottos, come from small handicrafts in Italy, along with top-shelf liqueurs and wines.

Signature cocktails at the bar, open-plan kitchen, oyster bar, and soft live music.

Rakkan (Kalo Livadi)

Enjoy 34 years aged soy sauce made out of organic soy beans and aged in cedar barrels. Only 100 bottles available worldwide

Creative desserts by Yiannis Kaldanis will bring an impressive finale.

The infamous ”NAMELAKA”: Crunchy praline wafer in milk chocolate namelaka, Bahibe mango passion fruit jelly and chocolate pearls.

Amazing beach menu consisting of signature burgers (Lobster Burger or Vegetable Burger), Sushi rolls (King California or Salmon Avocado), served at your sunbed!

Bar manager Apostolos Tsatsiras will proudly prepare for you his unique signature cocktails, Classics as well as champagne cocktails!

Sol Y Mar (Kalo Livadi)

By a name meaning ‘Sun and Sea’, SOLYMAR is located at one of the best Mykonos beaches, Kalo Livadi.

SOLYMAR’s design blends harmoniously with the magnificent scenery.

Well known Chef Marios Tsouris, combines the Mediterranean cuisine with ethnic elements and creates a highly sophisticated gastronomy.

Colours, scents, sea and of course, SOLYMAR’s staff will be the best reason for your return!

Scorpios (Paranga)

Scorpios Restaurant Mykonos

Scorpios cuisine builds upon and around the Mediterranean Diet. Tested over the centuries and proven to be most wholesome, it’s more than a diet.

Organic, local, gourmet, predominantly vegetarian, it’s also a lifestyle, the kind that resonates deeply with the notion of Scorpios as a communal domain.

Eating is always a special event, one shared with family and friends as well as with strangers.

You talk, engage with others, take your time, slow down to rejoice in the moment.

Scorpios’ beachfront open-air open-floor restaurant furnished with large tables is thoughtfully designed to accommodate and advocate this dietary lifestyle that is nourishing in so many ways.

Kuzina (Ornos)

Kuzina Mykonos, the beloved beach restaurant of Mykonos island, inspired by the friendliest and coziest room of the home, the kitchen, welcomes its guests in a Cycladic environment, the magnificent beach of Ornos.

Fun meets haute cuisine for you to enjoy precious moments and sumptuous fusion and Mediterranean flavors.

The renowned Chef Aris Tsanaklidis, together with his team, Chef John Chrisohoidis and John Vidalis, invite you to try distinctive Mediterranean dishes based on modern recipes, as well as the perfect sushi, in a hard-to-resist culinary suggestion.

Ftelia (Ftelia)

At the northernmost beach of Mykonos island, inside the rocks, next to the sea, Ftelia Restaurant holds time still so that your summer holidays will last forever!

From early in the morning until dawn, Ftelia team is at your service with cool refreshments, ice-coffee and wonderful flavours out of our menu, offering the absolute relaxation experience.

Enjoy the actual Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Italian deliciousness.

Ftelia chooses only among fresh ingredients of the best quality, embracing the health standards of the Med Diet.

Salads, pastas, hors d’ oeuvres and main courses will meet your gastronomic desires under the bright Mykonos sun.

Nesaea (Kalafatis)

Offering farm to table cuisine in its most creative and elegant version. Greece adds its unique sunlight; islands provide the special and premium quality ingredients; the professional team of ‘nice n easy’ restaurant add the philosophy for a delicious healthy menu: Nesaea was born with a name inspired by a female divine spirit of the Greek mythology.

From the pioneers behind nice n easy, Greece’s first-ever organic, farm-to-table restaurant, and Andrew Chapman, owner of NYC’s August and partner of Marcus Samuelsson’s Red Rooster, Nesaea restaurant debuts in Mykonos in an epic location with stunning views.

Located in the tranquil and secluded beach of Agia Anna, near Kalafatis, Nesaea focuses on the best produce that the Greek islands have to offer.

The new venture highlights modern Greek cooking deconstructing traditional recipes using fresh, local ingredients from all over the Greek isles.

Chef Christos Athanasiadis serves casual comfort food for lunch and transforms Nesaea into a posh hotspot by night, serving elevated Greek cuisine with a degustation menu and wine pairing.

To Maeireio (Chora)

A small family run restaurant will introduce you to the rich traditional cuisine of the island, made exclusively with local products and home grown ingredients.

Warm and cozy environment and friendly staff, gives the impression of having dinner with your family.

Buddha Bar (Santa Marina Hotel @ Ornos)

Undoubtedly one of the hot spots on the island of Mykonos.

Guests of Buddha Bar Beach can look forward to a distinctive experience that combines the signature atmosphere of the renowned restaurant with the unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea.

A choice of exceptional Mediterranean & Greek fusion cuisine, together with Buddha Bar specialties will be offered for lunch and daytime hours.

When the sun sets with backdrop the majestic blues, Buddha Bar dishes take the lead with utterly delightful tastes and unsurpassed quality to offer an extraordinary experience together with worldly known DJ and exceptional cocktails from established Buddha Bar mixologist.

Monarch (Platis Gialos)

Monarch is a place created with exquisite taste only for those who can appreciate it.

For those who know how to enjoy a unique dining experience prepared by one of the best international chefs awarded with Michelin star.

For those who want to embark on a refreshing and delicious trip by drinking a cocktail signed by a world class Barman.

For all of you who are ready to indulge in sin of a unique party in Mykonos, when the sun goes down!

Monarch Mykonos Forget what you’ve seen before.


M-eating restaurant is hosted in a traditional Mykonian building built in the early last century.

Here, you will find the perfect location made with love and taste. A beautiful restaurant adjusted to the current needs of the people who visit the island of Mykonos.

Hippie Fish

Hippie Fish Restaurant makes eating & drinking a special experience.

Discover the ingredients of a loving relationship between Feeling and Taste!

What makes a truly unique restaurant? The food obviously…. but what about the location, seating comfort, how entangled you are with other human souls while enjoying your food, service, the management and staff , the surroundings, the general ambience and of course the price ?

Well, apart of all these the key of Hippie Fish Restaurant is to seek Uniqueness and Perfection in every small detail!

La Meduse @ Kivotos

This is undeniably one of the best gourmet restaurants on the island of Mykonos.

Indulge in the exquisite culinary experience it generously offers, in an ambiance of impeccable aesthetics, with fine marbles, stunning artworks, candles, soft music, and idyllic view of the moonlit beach of Ornos.

Enjoy the fresh fish as well as international and Mediterranean cuisine.

Kiki’s at Agios Sostis

Kikis Tavern is small eatery that doesn’t have a sign, doesn’t have a phone to take reservations, and doesn’t have electricity. Yup! No electricity!

Be there at 12.00! You’ll have to wait for the restaurant to open at 12.30 but you’ll get a table. These were the instructions given to us when our friends were telling us about Kiki’s Tavern on the island of Mykonos.

It really doesn’t matter if you ‘re not there at 12.00. you just join the queue and chat to your fellow diners whilst drinking rose.

There’s even a small beach down the hill that you can disappear to one at a time you don’t want to lose your spot now, do you!

Principaute de Mykonos

Enjoy an unforgettable seaside gastronomy experience in Mykonos.

A hip and chic beach bar and restaurant, distinguished by its minimal and nature infused deco.


No rocket science, no exotic recipes.

The restaurant’s culinary philosophy is simple as that: the ‘Aegeo Pelagos’ (The Aegean Sea) meets The Mediterranean.

Greek cuisine dishes revisited, fresh ingredients from the local market, healthy contemporary choices, stunning dishes with character always on the side.

In a nutshell? Authenticity well done.


In the beautiful cove of Agia Anna, next to Kalafatis beach, you’ll find a restaurant-bar like no other.

Peacefully nestled on a natural platform on the rocks, hanging over the sea, Spilia (cave) Seaside restaurant is one of the most iconic Mykonos hotspots.

With a 30-year history and a recent makeover, this stunning all-day venue features dishes that offer up an authentic Mediterranean-Mykonian culinary experience.

Seafood and fresh fish are served straight from the Aegean oysters, mussels, urchins, crayfish and lobsters await your order in a small natural sea pool, to be prepared before your eyes.

Breathtaking View, Unique Atmosphere, Aegean Cuisine

Taverna Fokos @ Fokos Beach

Visit Fokos Taverna at Fokos Beach.

Remember when a Greek island holiday meant leaving our frenetic lives behind and getting back to basics?

Basics like lazing on an unspoiled beach, cooling off in the clean Aegean Sea and enjoying good food with good company at the seaside?

Fokos beach is the perfect setting to rediscover these simple pleasures.

Fokos taverna (described as a jewel of Cycladic architecture) is there to welcome you.

Funky Kitchen

Tucked in a quiet corner of Mykonos town, on a picturesque whitewashed street lined with bougainvillea, you’ll find chef Pavlos Grivas in his modern, open kitchen creating delicious Mediterranean fusion dishes with an innovative twist.

He succeeds with starters like octopus carpaccio with oregano, capers, and olive oil; and a cool salad with smoked louza in a sweet white wine and honey vinaigrette.

His main dishes delight, including the fresh ravioli filled with Cypriot halloumi cheese in a light chicken and mint broth, as well as pork chops marinated in red wine and dry coriander with potato bravas.

Finish with desserts like finger-shaped pastries filled with almonds and cinnamon in a rose water syrup.

Creative cocktails and excellent service round out the experience.

Thioni @ Semeli Hotel

The Thioni Restaurant is one of the gourmet stops of the restaurants circuit in Mykonos.

Guests will be welcomed in a totally renovated environment featuring antique furniture, a sophisticated decor creating an inviting and romantic setting for an unforgettable dining experience.

Thioni Restaurant menu is designed by celebrated Chef Igor, famous for his modern Greek cuisine.

His signature dishes include Salmon tartare, lobster ravioli or his Oriental octopus with Santorini fava.

The Thioni Restaurant at the Semeli Hotel occupies an elegant indoor area in the neoclassical mansion and a charming outdoor area by the hotel’s pool.

Kalita @ Fresh Hotel Mykonos

Restaurant KALITA located in the centre of chora of Mykonos, creates for sixth continuous year a unique world of flavors highlighting the infinite possibilities of Greek cuisine.

Classic Greek flavors enriched with a modern touch under the supervision of our Chef, Vaios Ntoytsias through Kalita’s renewed menu, solves successfully the riddle of ‘unsatisfied’.

The lamb in earthenware pot and the squares of piglet still remain in a high level of enjoyment that characterizes them, satisfying equally both the strict black cod believers as also the rib eye lovers.

Unique dishes and salads, such as the green salad with Portobello mushrooms and formaela cheese from Arachova, refreshing couscous with herbs, sea bass & urchin Ceviche .

The creative mini moussaka with feta mousse and tomato powder, reconstructed spinach pie with feta cheese and egg, boiled in 65 degrees, in crispy phylo sheets, king prawns fried with angel hair on sweet & sour lemon sauce.

Angel hair rolls stuffed with goat cheese, smoked pancetta with sweet quince, deep fried zucchini & eggplants with traditional tzatziki, constitute just a part of gastronomic proposals, of Kalita restaurant.

Handmade pastas such as gnocchi with Syros parmesan ‘San Michali’ cream & Greek fresh black truffle, as well as the risotto with saffron from Kozani & spiral marinated with basil, draw inspiration from Greece offering delightful uniqueness.

As for as a sweet finale, you can taste baklava millefeuille with mastic ice-cream & thyme honey, yoghurt panacotta with honeycomb & walnuts,, chocolate mousse on a crispy base & peanut butter with salty caramel sauce. lemon tart with carob flour biscuit and pavlova with marinated forest fruits that you will make you succumb to the temptation, without any compunctions.


Pasaji Mykonos, awaits from morning till dawn in an idyllic location on the beach and tempts us to savour unmatched dishes, relax on the sand while refreshing ourselves with unique exclusive cocktails and to enjoy the sea in the nested beach of Ornos.

The culinary concept An unparalleled gastronomic experience that celebrates the diversity and commonality of Greek, Italian and Asian cuisine.

A menu that is based on the purest local ingredients combined with the aromas of the East, creating a unique fusion menu.

Tasos in Paranga

Tasos Taverna is one of the oldest and most traditional tavernas in Mykonos. Since 1962, located in the beautiful waters of Paraga beach, well covered from the strong northerly winds is appreciated by many for its rich simplicity.

Enjoy the best of Greek cuisine, fresh seafood and a lot of Greek meze in a friendly atmosphere with casual and efficient service at very reasonable prices.

Established in 1962, this long running Mykonos institution has earned its reputation as one of the best and freshest seafood restaurants – to put it simply, Tasos will keep you coming back for more just one visit and you will be hooked!

Perfect for a lazy afternoon lunch after spending the day swimming in the turquoise waters of Paraga Beach.

The owners are always around to greet their guests adding to the authentic Greek experience provided at Tasos Taverna.

Tasos Taverna offers a great wine list to compliment all the different flavours with an array of local wines and French wines, something for every palate.

Sea Satin Market Restaurant (Fresh Fish) Modern night culture meets a typical / so Greek experience

Under the windmills
Right under the windmills, Sea Satin Market seems to be floating in the bay of Mykonos and represents the most genuine, Greek-gourmet tavern of the island by serving freshier-than-you-expect seafood, ‘garnished’ with the sound of the most fun Greek music.

Chic, homemade and genuine Greek
Choose your fish by yourself than enjoy the exciting grilling procedure on the spot. Oysters, mussels, clams, scallops, lobster and shrimps, as well as the delicious T-Bone steak and tenderloin, they are all served in a most imaginative way!
Don’t forget to taste our homemade ‘taramosalata’ (made of fishroe), the home-cut and fried potatoes and our vegetables (boiled, fried or grilled) farmed in our Myconian gardens and flavoured with sea salt from the saltpits of Mani in Peloponnese.

Listen, taste, feel and be part of the feast
Last but not least, lift up your culinary senses by trying the famous ‘loukoumades’ (fried honey puffs) served with honey and ice-cream! And all these followed by the most fun greek music compilation which will certainly lift you up even on the table!
Sea Satin Market became and signifies- the classic choice for fresh fish and fun!

Avra (mediterranean cuisine)

Avra (meaning Breeze in Greek) Restaurant in Mykonos Greece provides excellent food, efficient service, intimate ambiance and reasonable prices, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

One of the places where you can enjoy some of the delicacies of Greek and International cuisine on Mykonos Island, Greece.

Niko, the owner and manager with over twenty years of experience as head chef in many major restaurants in Mykonos, brings his reputation and unique talents into the Avra kitchen, excelling in  quality.

Avra Restaurant is set in a beautiful secluded courtyard garden with an additional roof top terrace and a spacious air-conditioned interior.

Traditional decor has been carefully arranged creating a comfortable setting throughout.

For the added convenience of customers, a small bar is available where cocktails or aperitifs can be enjoyed.

INTERNI (Fusion)

Italian architect and designer Paola Navone is the creative force behind the island’s loveliest garden bar-restaurant, which has been around for 16 years in the center of Chora. It’s the perfect place for a classic drink under the
Mykonos sky, and music that’s uplifting without being too in-your-face. For a no airs, no cares night out.
Tel. (+30) 22890.263.33

Ling Ling by Hakkasan (oriental)

Inspired by the izakaya concept made popular in the East, Ling Ling encourages guests to discover Hakkasan’s cuisine in a different way.

With an innovative cocktail list, smaller plates of Cantonese dishes, and an eclectic sun-infused soundtrack, Ling Ling is designed to evolve from drinking to dining to dancing.

The first Ling Ling openned in Mykonos, Greece complete with an open-air restaurant and bar, private dining and lounge.

To celebrate, Hakkasan restaurants around the world are featuring a taste of Ling Ling with a limited edition menus and signature cocktail.

Uno con Carne (steak house)

If the question is dinner, Uno con Carne is definitely the answer.

Uno con Carne,as its spanish-oriented name indicates, made its appearance on the island of Mykonos as an Argentinean style steakhouse. Black angus ribeyes and fillets, chateaubriands and picanjas along with delicious salads made of fresh Mediterranean vegetables made Uno Con Carne the island’s top choice for dinner.

In order to satisfy seafood-lovers too, Uno’s chefs enriched the menu with top quality Seafood and Sushi pleasing even the most demanding visitors from all over the world.

At the Oyster bar you may enjoy products of the Myconian Sea as long as oysters from France,all served in a special manner.

Built and decorated with great care it combines cozy mykonian architecture with classy and stylish atmosphere.

All you have left to do is make your selection from our world class winelist and let yourself feel the pleasure from this outstanding combination of superb service, great atmosphere and the finest of tastes.

Is it the magic of the island or the friendliness of the people of Uno con Carne that make the difference? Is it the music or is it the relaxation that the two big palm trees are radiating in the air of the restaurant?

Nobu Matsuhisa (sushi) @ Hotel Belvedere

Synonymous with legendary signature dishes such as Tiradito, Black Cod with Miso and New Style Sashimi, chef Nobu’s restaurants revolutionised the image of Japanese cuisine in the Western World, establishing a ‘New Style Japanese cuisine’ coloured with South American & Western influences, in some of the most glamorous venues and locations throughout the world.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa returns to Mykonos for the annual Nobu Food Festival held between the 31st of July and the 4st of August 2016 at Matsuhisa Mykonos.

The Belvedere Hotel celebrates the Nobu Food Festival for the 13 th year.

Born in Tokyo in 1952, Nobu Matsuhisa commenced his culinary career at the age of 17, as an apprentice Itamae-Sushi Chef. Following three years of classical training in Japanese cuisine and a further four years as a professional sushi chef in Japan, Nobu Matsuhisa left for Peru in 1972 to open a highly regarded Sushi restaurant in its capital Lima.

With its opening in the summer of 2004, Nobu’s exciting food finally made its way to the beautiful island of Mykonos, at the Belvedere Hotel.

Nobu felt it would be the perfect opportunity as well as the ideal setting, to introduce his signature dishes to the a la carte menu at Matsuhisa Mykonos

Kiku (sushi) @ Hotel Cavo Tagoo

TExplore the rich palette of Japanese spices, seasonings, aromas and flavours from the refined dinner menu of Kiku restaurant at Cavo Tagoo paying tribute to the Japanese cuisine and culture.

Inspired by a significant team of chefs, the dinner menu features some of the finest recipes from the Japanese gastronomy with respect to tradition and a twist of modern refinement.

Guests with discerning palates are welcome to set off on a culinary journey of eclectic Japanese flavours and tantalise their taste buds at one of the best restaurants in Mykonos.

Every evening, the magnificent Cavo Tagoo dinner restaurant is being transformed to the ultimate Japanese hot spot of Mykonos.

Be there and sail your senses from the shimmering Aegean to the fragrant streets of the Far East at the signature Kiku sushi Mykonos restaurant.

Cine Manto – Cafe Restaurant (souvlaki)

Breakfast / lunch / dinner / drinks / barbecue

Apart from the open air cinema, in the same area you will find the coolest cafe-restaurant on the island, surrounded by a beautiful garden with ethereal atmosphere, and great food.

Cine Manto – Cafe Restaurant is open all day long, offering the pleasure of greenery, greek breakfast, barbecue, drinks, brunch and assortments.

Remezzo (mediterranean)

A Greek Restaurant with History Established in 1967, the legendary bar Remezzo, world-known for its music and parties, became the meeting point of international jet setters for the decades to follow.

Partying till dawn has always been the thing to do in Mykonos and Remezzo has always been one of the hottest places to be for experiencing unforgettable nights.

Remezzo is re-launched, not only with fine dining cuisine but also with special guest DJs and parties.

Remezzo hosts over 170 people, located in a magnificent spot with stunning views.

At Remezzaki you will find the best bartenders to please your most extravagant wishes.

In Remezzo’s fine dining section you will find Mediterranean dishes inspired by various multinational influences and of course the best seafood in town.

Nice ‘n’ Easy (mediterranean)

‘Nice n easy’ restaurant is located in the heart of Mykonos Chora, Alefkantra Sq., near Little Venice.

‘Nice n easy’ Mykonos runs by the same philosophy as the Athens and Kifisia locations; it is dedicated to serving organic, locally grown food that is healthy and environmentally conscious.

In the Mykonos location you will find the restaurant beginning service in the morning hours until after midnight!

This spacious restaurant seats up to 250-300 people with plenty of room for an intimate setting or large groups.

Products used in the ‘nice n easy’ kitchens are primarily from Mykonos and neighboring Greek islands namely Naxos, Kalymnos and Crete amongst others.

Much of their meat products are brought in from their own buffalo farm located in Kerkini Lake, Greece.

The wood fire oven they use brings freshly baked bread and a variety of casseroles to the tables of their customers daily.

With their own local herb and produce garden they are able to provide an organically grown twist to their already healthy menu selections.

“We strive to provide our customers the highest quality products using the purest ingredients,” underscores Executive Chef Christos Athanasiadis, “And we buy directly from local farmers and producers in Greece.”

Eva’s garden (mediterranean)

Eva’s Garden is a low profile family and that run the restaurant for 33 years offering Philoxenia the art of making a stranger a friend.

This philosophy is what makes most of our guests come back again and again.. for many years.

Home cooked and cared for dishes and dining areas surrounded by vines and flowers for a more intimate environment!

La Maison de Catherine, (Catherine’s French Cuisine)

This hidden restaurant features the best of both Greek and French cuisine, which makes it worth the search through the Dilou quarter of Mykonos.

Outdoor tables are on a narrow street, while the lovely interior features Cycladic arches and whitewash with a faded 16th-century tapestry from Constantinople.

Fine food and excellent service keeps people coming, despite the prices.

Start with such delights as the zucchini flowers stuffed with rice, mint, and pine nuts, or the spinach pie with leeks and feta cheese.

Then move onto the mussels in light cream sauce, white wine, and red peppercorns, or try the chateaubriand with grilled vegetables.

Finish with the apple tartine with Calvados cream. Divine!

Bill & Coo @ Hotel Bill & Coo

Where the restaurant is the kitchen and the kitchen is the restaurant.

Bill & Coo’s Gourmet Restaurant is a total interactive sensory experience of sound, scent, vision, taste and touch with a mouthwatering Mediterranean-cuisine inspired menu.

Savor culinary perfections of exceptional taste crafted by Chef AthinagorasKostakos.

Situated by the pool, with views over the ocean and stars above, Bill & Coo’s Gourmet Restaurant in Mykonos awakens all senses.

The distinguished Chef has created a Mediterranean-cuisine inspired menu of the freshest ingredients, based on the biological products of Mykonos Island.

Exquisite recipes inspired by the authentic Greek cuisine and the finest of international gastronomy, all created with passion and with the use of fresh, seasonal and biological products from the blessed Greek land.

Get ready to relish in the cosmopolitan essence of Mykonos with intriguing flavors and aromas presented by the awarded chef.

Greek hospitality is closely connected to the authentic Greek cuisine, the mouth-watering traditional recipes and the amazing products offered by the Greek land.

Taking hospitality to new heights, the Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge hotel in Mykonos succeeds in offering its esteemed guests more than a 5-star accommodation choice in lavish surroundings ensuring a stay beyond comparison along with the most amazing dining experience in Mykonos town.

Since 2007 the Bill & Coo restaurant has been recognised for its high gastronomic standards, its privileged location a few minutes away from the heart of Mykonos town, the amazing culinary proposals and the majestic views to the mesmerising Aegean Sea.


Located just two steps from the highlighted spot Little Venice, where the sound of the music will make your nights unforgettable!

New staff will welcome you in the renovated restaurant and will be glad to guide your choice among our most recent recipes inspired by the Italian tradition or to let you enjoy our brand new oyster bar.

The atmosphere is amazingly enhanced in a beautiful patio and the service beyond perfect.

The spot is newly renovated with a very sophisticated outdoors for the most charming evening out!

Mamalouka Mykonos in all senses!


The famous bar restaurant Balthazar based in Athens since 1973 makes an appearance in Mykonos -island of the Winds – at the most popular ‘party spot’ in the world, in the square of Pierro’s Agia Kyriaki.

The Mediterranean cuisine is of course inspired by the Cyclades and dedicated to the development and evolution of local products. making fresh and creative dishes.

Great Cocktails and beautiful music will make Mykonian Balthazar ‘First or Last appointment’.


Á Mykonos institution since 1967, renowned all over the world for its legendary parties, this restaurant-bar has been relaunched at the same location, near the old harbor, along with its ‘little brother’ Remezzaki.

It still offers its affluent clientele amazing sunset views, haute cuisine and amazing chilled champagne cocktails.

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