How long to stay in Paros

Paros is a beautiful Greek island, which offers the visitor many things to do. Amazing beaches with golden sand and azure waters, historical and religious sites, vivid nightlife and the towns of Paroikia and Naoussa, which are worldwide famous for their entertainment and food options.

But how long is the best duration to visit Paros? How many days you need to explore the island and live the ultimate summer experience?

An average recommended duration is about 5-7 days according to your needs. However, there are many things to take into account in order to decide how long to stay in Paros.

Read further what you need to know and which is the recommended length of stay in Paros for different types of travelers.

Factors to consider when deciding how long to stay in Paros

Villa Sommar Parasporos Paros

Should you stay less or more than 7 days in Paros? The most important factors to consider are:


Paros is an expensive island (not the most expensive, but it is not cheap). Especially if you visit Paros in July or August, you need for accommodation, food, entertainment, car rental and beach facilities (such as sunbed rental) a significant amount of money that affects the timespan you can stay on the island.

Time of the year

If you visit Paros off season, such as October or April, you need less days to discover the island, as things go smoothly, sites are not crowded and there is no traffic on the roads.

During the high season, there are also many festivals and events you should not miss, so it definitely worth staying longer.


Everything depends on what kind of activities you want to make. For example:

  • Water sports: Paros is the ultimate destination for water- and wind-sports, such as windsurf and kitesurf. You can spend many days enjoying your favorite hobby in beaches, such as Santa Maria, Pounda and Golden Beach, as you can expect, especially in July and August, that northern winds blow.
  • Hiking and biking: Paros has many hiking routes and you can combine this activity with the visit to traditional villages, such as Lefkes. You can also rent a bike and discover the off-the-beaten path side of Paros.
  • Sailing and island hopping: If you love sailing, you can spend some days exploring the nearby islands, such as Antiparos and Despotiko, as well as inaccessible by car beaches.

Type of traveler

If you are a youngster and want to have fun, meet new people and spend days and nights in the famous bars and clubs of the island, then Paros is definitely endless and you will never get bored, even if you stay for 10 days or 2 weeks.

On the opposite, if you travel with your family, there are many organized beaches, where you can spend unique moments with your kids, relax and do water sports. However, you don’t need more than 5-7 days to do so.

Pros and cons of staying in Paros for a short period

Villa Nola Drios Paros

If you have only 2-3 days, Paros is also a perfect destination for you. In two days, you can explore Naoussa and Paroikia and visit the main sites of the island, such as the Monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani. Plus, you can choose the option of beach hopping and see more beaches in one day, as they are located close to each other, because Paros is a small to medium size island.

The con of this choice is that you miss some attractions, such as traditional villages and unspoiled beaches, but you will have definitely taken the most out of Paros.

Pros and cons of staying in Paros for an extended period

If you stay in Paros for an extended period, you can explore its main sites as well as discover off-the-beaten-track beaches and villages. Moreover, you can relax and feel the very essence of the island that can offer you both serenity and vivid life.

If you have the budget and time, this option is for sure the best, especially if you come to Greece for the first time.


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