What is Paros known for?

Paros, the beautiful Cycladic islands with the golden beaches, the small ports with fishing boats and the blue-domed churches, is one of the trendiest destinations this year in Greece.

Villa Lola Drios Paros

If you are planning to visit Paros and live an unforgettable summer experience, read further the unmissable spots that create the unique atmosphere of an island that can exceed the expectations of every type of traveler.


Villa Aurora Parikia Paros
Villa Aurora Parikia Paros

Parikia is the capital, the main port of the island and a highly touristic town, where you can find many shops, cafes, restaurants and bars, and stroll around in a romantic and fully summerish setting.

The most beautiful spot of Parikia is the Frankish Castle, which was built in 1260 A.D. by the Venetians. Parts of an ancient temple were used for its construction, and there are also remnants of ancient residents. Today, it is a picturesque quarter, where you can walk, take beautiful photos and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Another spot you should not miss in Parikia is the church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani. It is one of the best-preserved Paleo-Christian monuments in Greece, tracing back to 4th century A.D. 


Naousa is the second town of Paros and one of the best-preserved Choras in Cyclades, with white-washed houses and lovely ports creating a unique setting. Small blue-domed churches, labyrinth-like cobblestone paths and the tiny port with colorful fishing boats make the scenery typical of what you expect to see in Greece during summer.

Naousa has also many bars, where the heart of the island’s nightlife beats.

Lefkes village

Villa Cory Lefkes Paros
Villa Cory Lefkes Paros

Another settlement you should not miss is Lefkes village, where you can take leisurely walks in the alleys away from mass tourism. Lefkes is located in the mainland of the island, on the top of a mountain. You can walk along the narrow streets, admire the old, white-washed houses with bougainvillea hanging from their windows and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and neighboring island of Naxos. 

Best beaches in Paros

Paros has numerous beautiful beaches with soft golden sand, crystalline waters and touristic facilities.

The most famous are:

  • Pounda: It is a long sandy beach which attracts many young travelers with its vivid beach bars.
  • Kolympithres: Kolympithres in a close distance to Naousa is maybe the most beautiful beach of the island thanks to its unique rocky formations and the amazing crystal waters.
  • Santa Maria: The organized beach of Santa Maria near Naousa has every touristic facility you may need, such as water sports activities and diving club.
  • Chrisi Akti: Chrisi Akti, which means golden beach in Greek, has taken its name from the literally golden sand it has. The beach hosts also the Professional Windsurfing World Cup, so it is the ideal spot for wind and kite surfers.
  • Nea Chrisi Akti: New Golden Beach, as it is its name in English, is located right next to Golden Beach and it is a less developed beach that can offer you peace and privacy.
  • Monastiri: Monastiri is a rocky bay in a close distance to the beach of Kolympithres. A blue-domed monastery on the top of the hill dominates the scenery. Monastiri is a popular harbor for yachts, and it is known for its beauty and its impressive landscape.
  • Livadia: The closest beach to Parikia is an organized beach, but it gets very crowded during summer, so we recommend you visiting it in the low season.

Local cuisine

Paros, like all Greek islands, has tasteful local cuisine that offers you an amazing gastronomic experience. In Naousa and Parikia, you can find local taverns that serve local dishes, seafood and fresh fish in a typical Cycladic setting.

There are also some local dishes you can’t find anywhere else, as they belong to the local cuisine of Paros. Such dishes, which you can find in all local restaurants of the island, are karavoles (snails boiled in tomato sauce), gouna (sundried mackerel), patoudo (lamb stuffed with vegetables and rice), as well as many pies, such as cheese pie with mizithra.


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