Top 4 Fairy-Tale Paros Villas for Weddings

The Cyclades are the most beautiful Greek islands, combining minimal architecture of the white-washed houses with wild nature and the emerald sea waters. Paros is one of the most beautiful Cycladic islands, where the sun paints the white-washed houses with golden hues and the astonishing beaches combine, thanks to their top facilities, relaxation with fun and entertainment.

This is Paros, an island that has literally everything and can offer you the ultimate dream to organize your wedding in a fully romantic setting and celebrate your love with your other half, surrounded by your beloved persons. Paros is one of the most famous Cyclades Island wedding locations, as it has many traditional, small, white-washed churches by the sea for the ceremony as well as many venues for the reception.

So, if you want to have your wedding in Paros, you can welcome your guest in a luxury villa with a large lounge area, private pool and other top facilities for unforgettable events. Here you can find the best Paros wedding villas for this precious day of your life.

Villa Cezanne

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Cezanne
Villa Cezanne Molos Paros

With 13 bedrooms for 26 guests, villa Cezanne is one of the most beautiful Paros wedding venues thanks to its minimal design and imposing pool in the center of the garden. A huge grass-covered area is ideal to feel comfortable with all of your guests, while the nearby olive grove and the colorful field with flowers create the perfect scenery for amazing photos.

As the villa is large enough, you can also offer accommodation to some of your guests before or after the wedding.

Villa Majorelle

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Majorelle
Villa Majorelle Faragkas Paros

The epitome of boho simplicity, villa Majorelle with 8 bedrooms and a large private pool, is a Paros wedding villa ideal for those who want elegance and tranquility in their wedding day.

Being on the beachfront and having spectacular sea view, it is a stunning place to have fun with your family and friends and create precious memories in a fabulous landscape.

Villa Chevalier

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Chevalier
Villa Chevalier Kostos Paros

The epitome of Cycladic summer aesthesis, villa Chevalier is a fully romantic and lavish modern mansion for your special day. Its impressive setting is a result not only of its imposing large pool but also of its high-end facilities, such as tennis and soccer court, live-in housekeeper and chef service.

Thus, it is ideal to spend a longer period of time there, for example your honeymoon after the wedding, to totally relax and connect with your other half.

Villa Carmina

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Carmina
Villa Carmina Tsoukalia Paros

One of the most imposing luxury villas in Paros, villa Carmina is the perfect spot to host your wedding and impress your guests. The swimming pool that literally blends into the lounge area and the whole outdoor of the villa creates a dreamy-like setting that reflects rural luxury, ideal for a wedding in a Cycladic island.


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