How to rent a villa in Paros: Everything you need to know

Are you dreaming of spending your summer vacations in a luxury villa in Paros where you can enjoy, with total privacy, the amazing Cycladic island? Do you want to swim in your private pool and then sunbath under the blessed sun of the Aegean Sea?

Then, you should definitely rent a private villa in Paros where you will find the ultimate feeling of relaxation in a dreamy setting away from the crowds. There are many outstanding villas in Paros with private pool, in-house chef and other VIP facilities for king-like holidays.

But how to find the ideal villa in Paros according to your needs? What should you take into account to rent a villa in Paros with private pool and every other amenity you can imagine?

Read further this step by step guide.

Where to rent the villa

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Oliver
Villa Oliver Naousa Paros

The first thing you should consider is where you want to stay in Paros according to your needs. The best options for your accommodation are:

  • Parikia: It is the capital and main port of the island with numerous choices for food, drink and entertainment. Plus, it has many beautiful beaches nearby, such as Livadia, Krios and Marcelo. Ideally, the villa should be 2-3 km away from Parikia to avoid the crowds.
  • Naoussa: One of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades, Naoussa is famous for its nightlife as well as its impressive traditional character. You can find many villas in Naoussa and in the wider region, from where you can go to beaches, such as Piperi, Kolympithres and Laggeri.
  • Near a beach: If your main goal is to enjoy the emerald waters and great facilities of a beach in Paros, spending your whole day gazing at the sea view, relaxing, swimming and doing water sports with your family, then you can stay near a well-known beach, such as Kolympithres, Krotiri, Pounta, Lolantonis, Tsoukalia and Faragas.
  • In a secluded place: Do you want to relax and enjoy full privacy, staying in your villa with your beloved ones? Then, you may find a villa in a secluded place, such as Molos, Ampelas or Isterni, to find your inner peace.

Capacity of the villa

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Harlyn
Villa Harlyn Tripiti Paros

There are small villas in Paros for 6-10 guests as well as larger villas for 10-25 guests. Most luxury villas in Paros have private pool and lavish lounge area, but larger villas have many other amenities and spacious garden. So, it is up to you whether you want to spend private vacations with your family and your close friends or you want to share your holidays with many other people.


Extraordinary facilities

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Ivette
Villa Ivette Agkeria Paros

Do you want to rent a villa in Paros with chef, infinity pool or live-in housekeeper? Or maybe you prefer a villa with gym, heated pool, helipad and tennis court? Villas in Paros offer numerous facilities to live luxury vacations.  So, you just have to think about your desires and narrow down the search criteria.

Rental company

Paros Villas for Rent Villa Cynthia
Villa Cynthia Kostos Paros

It is important to find an experienced rental company, especially if you want to rent a villa in Paros for a month or even longer, as you need services that focus on guests’ needs and desires. There are various rental companies in Paros, but only a few can offer you everything you need before, during and even after your stay.

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