The Incredible Story Behind Peter the Pelican – Mykonos Mascot

Most Mykonos guests have probably heard stories of Peter the Mykonos Pelican. In fact, chances are you have already made acquaintances with the island mascot at some point during your Mykonos holidays. The charming bird is tied to a heart-warming story worth sharing. For those of you wondering how Peter the Pelican became the most popular bird in the entire Cyclades, we give you background information that very few know of.

How it all begun…

The story goes back to 1958, when a local fisherman found a wounded pelican and decided to rescue the charming creature. Little did he know that this bid would become the island’s most favourite mascot. Indeed, its personality was so interesting and delightful that the islanders adopted him wholeheartedly, although they were never culturally inclined towards having pets.

As the days and months went by, Peter the Pelican made friends on the island and was often seen hanging around seaside taverns and coffee shops with his buddies, waiting for a delicious meze to be thrown their way from the locals. And, indeed, they spoiled Peter with yummy fresh fish from their early morning catch. If you search back in time, you will find plenty of pictures of Peter the Pelican in Mykonos sitting next to his human mates as they were enjoying their ouzo or Greek coffee! For everybody at Mykonos, Peter was a fellow citizen and was loved as such. 

Fighting with Tinos over Petros’ Custody!

One day, flew thought he would explore the roundabouts and flew to nearby Tinos island. The residents immediately took action toward keeping the bird on the island, as they considered Petros’ visit a voluntary migration. The Mykonos people believed that Tinos entrapped their favourite mascot. Surprisingly as it may sound, Tinos and Mykonos indeed went to court over Petros’ custody! His case is, in fact, the first (and last) court case in Greece over a bird’s custody. The court ruling ended in favour of Mykonos islanders and Petros was returned to his familiar places. The lcocals were so happy that they threw a welcome home party, turning Petros’ return into a festivity, with the bells of the churches ringing happily!

The Successors

In 1985, Petros the Pelican died. Some people say he was hit by a car. Others claim otherwise. The bottom line is that Petros lived a long and happy life, and that he received lots of love from people throughout his 30 years of living. Soon after he died, Petros II came into being – a gift from Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who had fallen in love with the bird’s cuteness (as were Brigitte Bardot, Persian Queen Soraya, and many more VIPs). From then on, Mykonos was never left without its mascot. There seems to always be a Peter the Pelican around.

To conclude this beautiful story, one can only say that Peter the Pelican lived a Mykonos adventure to its fullest. He was held dear by thousands of people and enjoyed every bit of his Mykonos stay in a unique and so heart-filling way. It seems that the hospitality and friendly nature of Mykonos people runs in their blood!

Where to live to rub shoulders with Peter?

Definitely in a luxury Mykonos Town villa that will provide you with proximity to the whereabouts of Peter the Pelican (junior) and, of course, the major local attractions. You could consider elegant Villa Downtown, Villa The Spot, and Villa Amour  all right in the heart or very close to the bustling island capital!

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