Best Things Solo Travellers Can Do in Mykonos!

Mykonos is, indeed, the queen of the Cyclades and one of the most alluring tourist destinations in the Mediterranean that can fascinate with its cosmopolitan nature. And, although it is most widely preferred among large groups of friends or couples, Mykonos is also ideal for solo travellers. In fact, it can quickly and easily become a favourite hub for all those touring the world and exploring its beauties on their own. Within the next couple of minutes, you will understand why.


Mykonos Natural Charms

Apart from everything else, Mykonos remains a beautiful Cycladic island that bears a prepossessing topography. From the golden sandy shores and the crystalline waters to the rocky landscape and the odd-shaped mountains, Mykonos has a magnetic natural appeal that can make your holidays worthwhile. With no major natural phenomenon dominating the lands, you are free to get acquainted with every corner of the island. Feel free to discover hidden coves, walk off the beaten path and through small trails that traverse the Mykonos countryside, admire vertical cliffs that offer heart-stopping views of the Aegean Sea, or simply soak up some sun next to one of the popular beach bars at prestigious beaches like Paradise and Super Paradise. 


Now, here lies another enticing thing about Mykonos. Even the shores give you options so that you satisfy your desires. Therefore, whether you want to go around a sugary beach with less than the bare minimum, swing to the beat of the music, or enjoy your peace and tranquillity, there should always be a spot along the Mykonos coastline for you. 

Mykonos Solo Traveller

Photo by Charlie Gallant on Unsplash

Sightseeing & Adventure

Mykonos is home to a wide range of attractions that are equally pleasing to the couple as much as the solitary adventurer. Plus, you never know what you are signing up for when you enter heaven! Now, when it comes to the local culture, it is exceptionally open-minded and progressive, with most people just living in the moment. This could create a perfect atmosphere to encourage discovery and curiosity. From taking selfies next to popular local sights, such as the Windmills, Little Venice, Armenistis Lighthouse, and Panagia Paraportianini to diving into water activities (i.e., windsurfing) and emerging a new you, the journey is absolutely worth it. Even wandering the cobbled streets of Mykonos Town and checking out the picturesque, Cycladic-style shops and cafes before heading to the beachfront for amazing sunset views with a cocktail at hand can pamper your senses. 


The parties!

With world-renowned parties, it is no wonder that most visitors come here to have fun. Let’s face it. Mykonos is a happening place, so there is always something you can get your hands on and something to be involved in. The best thing about the island? That you are always welcomed with a smile and open arms, whether you come in groups or alone. Feel free to ask locals about the best places to visit. Their hospitality and friendly nature are notorious. 


That aside, you also have plenty of options as to which party you want to join. With the flirting being the favourite sport here, lots of stylish bars, cosmopolitan shores, hedonistic thrills of all kinds, and star-lit beach bars, Mykonos might indeed be the ideal destination for a Mykonos solo traveller. 


Facts & Tips for Solo Travellers:

  • Mykonos is one of the safest Cycladic islands. 
  • You can make new friends everywhere – from the Gyros shop that makes delicious food to the hilltop where you practice Yoga and the local bar next to your luxury villa serving your favourite wine.
  • It is super easy to find English speakers while the culture is quite similar to Western Europe and North America.  
  • Ferry trips and personalised tours are excellent ideas for more relaxed adventures. 
  • You could visit Delos island and allow yourself to be carried away by the powerful energy that surrounds it.


The Luxury Side of Mykonos

For more ideas to make new friends or explore island while travelling alone in Mykonos, you can refer to your concierge service provider, who can make all the necessary arrangements so that you have a memorable stay, including VIP reservations, private chefs, and booking customised personal tours and private spa treatments. In this case, even spending time in your luxury mansion or Mykonos Luxury Villa can turn into a thrilling experience, in more ways than one! 

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