How to rent a villa in Antiparos: Step-by-step guide

Antiparos is a small island in a close distance to Paros, where you can go by boat in only 15 minutes from Pounda Port. It has beautiful beaches and a typical Cycladic Chora with traditional taverns, shops and cafes, hidden in the paved streets and the white-washed houses.

Enjoying your holidays together with your family and friends in a luxury villa in Antiparos is an unforgettable experience, which combines grandeur with privacy, relaxation with fun and cheer.

There are many luxury villas in Antiparos with private pool and other great facilities, and many of them are the epitome of value for money.

Read further everything you need to know to find the ideal villa in Antiparos for you!

Where in Antiparos to rent the villa

Villa Onyx Saint George Antiparos
Villa Onyx Saint George Antiparos

The first thing you should consider is if you want to stay near Antiparos Chora or on a beach. However, keep in mind that Antiparos is a small island, meaning that you can go everywhere you want within 10-15 minutes’ drive. You have the following options regarding the location of the villa:

  • Antiparos Chora: Although it is small, Antiparos Chora offers you everything you need for unforgettable vacations with your friends and family. If you stay in Antiparos Chora, you can combine privacy and security in your villa with all the options that the main town of the island provides you.
  • Soros: Soros is the most famous beach in Antiparos, as it is a well-organized beach. Plus, it is very close to Antiparos Chora (6 km), so you can combine both!
  • Saint George: It is a calm beach from where you can take the boat to Despotiko island, one of the best cruises to do from Antiparos. It is located on the other side of the port and it is a great place to relax away from the crowds.
  • Glyfa: Glyfa Beach is located in an untouched scenery, offering spectacular view of the neighboring island of Paros. The beach is unorganized, so you can’t spend the whole day there. But if you stay in a villa with private pool, you can spend the day there and enjoy the serenity of this beach whenever you want.
  • In a secluded location: If you want to enjoy fully private vacations with your beloved persons away from the crowds, then the good news is that there are many villas in Antiparos in secluded locations, such as Lagadia, Parathyres and Sifneiko. As Antiparos is a small island, whenever you want, you can quickly go to Antiparos Chora or a vivid beach.

Capacity and facilities

Villa Sky Parathyres Antiparos
Villa Sky Parathyres Antiparos

Antiparos has no very large villas, as most villas are up to 8 guests and there are some villas for 10-20 guests. Some of the facilities the villas offer are private pool, jacuzzi, gym and in-house chef.

So, it is up to you to decide with how many persons you want to share the villa and which facilities are crucial to spend the most beautiful days and night of your life.


Villa rental company in Antiparos

Villa Venus Apantima Antiparos
Villa Venus Apantima Antiparos

It is important to find an experienced villa rental company in Antiparos with dedicated professionals that know your needs before, during and after your arrival.

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