Cinemanto: The Magic of an Open-Air Cinema in Mykonos

A tiny oasis tucked in the heart of the ever-bustling Mykonos capital, becomes the perfect getaway for those that wish to unwind, relax, and take an exciting trip back in time. Resisting the trend of ear-splitting sound and multiplexes, Cine Manto is an open-air cinema that captivates its audience not only with its films alone but also the fantastic retro atmosphere and the chance to experience genuinely romantic times in an island that never sleeps!

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Opening on May 19 * Surprise Preview See you there!

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A Long-Standing Greek Tradition

The first open showings were in the coffee shops in the centre of Athens in 1904. Not long after, several more appeared in many Greek cities but it was not until the ‘60s when open-air cinemas (or therino as the Greeks call it) became a popular and much-loved summertime activity that followed many generations.

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8 days to go #cinemaunderthestars????✨????

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Going to the open-air cinema was like a weekend celebration for the Greek family man, who would take his kids and/or wife to see a movie under the starry sky, after a long and tedious week. It was also a superb option to have some fun with friends or spend some cherished time with your partner, surrounded by the scents of gardenias and jasmine and, of course, freshly-baked popcorn. There is no doubt, with open-air cinemas, the 7th art enters a new dimension. And, the best news is that all this captivating charm is not long forgotten!

Cinemanto Experience

The Cine Manto Experience: Much More Than Just Watching a Film Outdoors

Not far from where all the action and partying is going on in Mykonos, you can find yourself in one of the coolest and most beautiful spots to recharge your batteries and taste a different Mykonian experience, besides clubbing and shopping. Conveniently situated amidst a majestic garden, featuring dreamy fountains, pines, palm trees, and an impressive plethora of rare cactus species, and fully protected from the winds, Cine Manto welcomes you to unique adventures and escapades that please the soul.

Cinemanto Experience

Grab a bite at the Cine Manto restaurant, right before a showing or choose to ask to be served inside the theatre itself, where you can watch the movie while enjoying a delicious BBQ meal, accompanied by a cold beer, wine, or even locally-produced tsipouro!

Cinemanto Cinema Big Screen

How can Cine Manto caress your inner chords and quench your appetite for movie-watching? Besides all-time classics (i.e.  Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, and Hitchcock favourites), you also get to see first worldwide releases and box-office productions (all in their original version with Greek subtitles) that can satisfy the needs of adults loving old and new movies, as well as the little ones!

If you wish to get away from the cluttered streets of Mykonos Town for a few hours, just head to Cine Manto area, get a refreshing beverage from the Cine Manto bar, treat your palate with tasty meals and let the fascination of an open-air cinema travel you. Enjoy all that allure from the very first day of summer until the very last day of September; the best time to visit Mykonos for sure!

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