Mykonos Celebrations you Need to Join!

Behind the Mykonos “lifestyle” facade lies more authenticity than one would even imagine. Indeed, the people of the Greek Cycladic island still value their traditions and religious festivals, which are of major interest for the thousands of islanders that take part and the many tourists that visit the island just for that reason.

Special Events Planning in Mykonos

The religious festivities of Mykonos take place annually, primarily in Mykonos Town, the island capital, to honor their saints. They include lots of traditional dances, eating and drinking local delights and ouzo (or wine), music (mainly folklore), and celebrations full of fun, laughter, and joy. 

In addition to Mykonos religion festivities, on the island you can also enjoy other events, music festivals and gay events, so that each traveler can find exactly what he/she is looking for. There is nothing more exciting than a Mykonos outdoor event, where you can have fun until the dawn or even later.

During the festivals in Mykonos, the island is very crowded so keep in mind that you have to book your accommodation in advance. If you stay in a private villa in Mykonos, you will enjoy maximum security, privacy and tranquility away from mass tourism, so that you can appreciate each Mykonos event exactly as it deserves it.

Read further everything you should know about the most famous events in Mykonos.

Religious festivals in Mykonos 

The religious ones attend the Mass in the church that takes place early on the day of the religious festival. After the end of the Mass, the feast begins with local musicians playing accordions, violins, bagpipes, and other traditional instruments (in pairs) so everybody can sing, drink, eat, and enjoy themselves!

Some of the most important religious festivals on the island (of the countless feast days in Mykonos) are:

  • The Virgin Mary of Tourliani (in Ano Mera)
  • Agios Haralambos (under the windmills)
  • Agia Anna (in Vounia)
  • Agios Ioannis (in Ornos)
  • Agioi Apostoloi

A Mykonos fete is a perfect opportunity to get familiar with the traditional site of Greece, in a folklore evening you will never forget.

Other Mykonos events

Other Mykonos celebrations worth joining:

  • Mykonos Summer Festival: A set of exciting events is organized every year and includes art exhibitions, theatrical performances, open-air concerts, and more, which create an utterly lively atmosphere. The Summer Festival is one of the most celebrated cultural events in the Cyclades that welcomes thousands of visitors and artists from across the globe in a vivid Mykonos fest.
  • Greek Harvest Festival: This popular festival in Mykonos is held at the Agricultural Museum every year on the 2nd Sunday in September. In this unique Mykonos festival, villagers bake bread in the oven and bring wine and food while musicians play traditional musical instruments for everyone to dance and celebrate the feast of harvest. It also boasts traditional animal games, traditional crops, different types of livestock, and various activities.

Gay Festival Mykonos

The Mykonos Gay Festival (XLSIOR Mykonos) is an annual event in Mykonos that attracts thousands of gay visitors from the corners of the earth. Mykonos circuit party is perhaps the most vivid and celebrated gay festival in the Mediterranean, hosting renowned DJs, endless parties, lots of wine, and night-long fun.

Mykonos XLSIOR takes place in August, attracting more then 30.000 member of the LGBTQ+ community, in an event full of music, joy and celebration of the diversity. There is a reason why this event is called Mykonos Gay Week or Mykonos Pride, as it lasts 9 days and is the ultimate celebration for the global gay community.

Mykonos Gay Festival
Mykonos Gay Festival

Mykonos concerts

On the island, you can also enjoy amazing music events for every taste. Concerts in Mykonos take place in renowned bars and clubs, like Cavo Paradiso and Scorpios, and are ideal for the lovers of electro, dance and techno music. However, there are also music events in Mykonos for the fans of rock, classic or R’n’B music. You can even find Mykonos music festival for the genre of reggae or alternative, as the island is full of world-class clubs and venues that host events of great variety.

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