8 Reasons Why Celebs Swear by Mykonos

Mykonos has been the favourite island for local and international A-lists, royals, and celebrities and, this is, admittedly, part of its overall allure. Hollywood stars, TV personas, famous athletes, rock stars, and some of the wealthiest people on this planet visit The Island of the Winds for their summer escapades or holidays. 

But, Mykonos was not always the cosmopolitan island you see today. In fact, it was a poor fisherman’s island with profound natural beauties. However, the island’s fate changed radically when a group of French archaeologists started excavations in Delos, Mykonos’ cousin, in the 19th century. Being left spellbound by the charms they saw in Mykonos, they started spreading the news about this mesmerising Cyclades island they have been to. This is how the rumours about Mykonos began to spread. The rest is known, more or less. The Athenian elite seeking getaways for nonconforming experiences first started to sail to Mykonos to spend some relaxing time away from the cliches and taboos of society. 

King Paul followed in 1954 when he organised a cruise to the Greek islands for the blue-bloods, including a visit to Mykonos. Amazed by the ravishing landscapes and the serene scenery, they passed the news to their rich friends back home. That’s how Mykonos became the receiver of a massive tourist flow, primarily from jet-setters and the creme-de-la-creme of the Mediterranean (and not only). What has kept them coming back year after year, and why is Mykonos a MUST visit? Here are some reasons:

1. Privacy

Holiday-making on an island full of other celebrities and people in the public eye instantly allows for a more liberating and stressless experience for the rich and famous, who don’t need to run away from paparazzi. Sure there will be a few shots of them spending their time in Mykonos, but they are certainly more free to enjoy some quality time with their family, friends, or partner away from the spotlights. Mykonos shows utmost respect in this regard and has ensured its VIP visitors are well protected on the island. Part of this privacy is accommodation. This is why you will find luxury hilltop villas and mansions that provide a wealth of amenities and services that please them with isolation, serenity, and precious me-time when needed. 

2. Parties

Partying is one way to have a great time and let off some steam, even if you are a royal. Without a doubt, Mykonos knows how to entertain this particular aspect of celebs’ needs and desires. The island has some of the best clubs and bars in Greece (probably in the Mediterranean Sea, too), with idyllic settings and a quirky atmosphere. Most of the time, international DJs fly over to Mykonos for an exclusive party and let guests have fun from day to night and until the early morning hours. 

3. The Best Beaches in Europe

With more than 30 different shores with fine white sand and crystalline waters to choose from, Mykonos has a beach for every taste and requirement. From isolated and deserted quiet coves to bustling and lively shores with a great night and day entertainment, you have it all right there. Also, beaches for water sports, nudism, gay-friendly, family-oriented, night-long parties, luxury beach time, you name it. 

Some of the most celeb-favourite beaches are Super Paradise, Paradise, Paraga, Agia Anna, Ornos, Psarrou, Agios Ioannis, Elia, Agriari, and Lia. That aside, the southern coast beaches are mostly preferred for their beach parties, superb restaurants, and famous bars. 

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4. Luxury Lifestyle & Accommodation 

Over the years, Mykonos has transformed into a luxurious base for individuals used to a VIP lifestyle. This includes accommodation, which reflects the pampering they are used to, giving back exclusiveness combined with chicness, style, unpretentious luxury, and traditional Cycladic notes. From 5* resorts to lavish Mykonos villas perched across the island in prestigious locations, they all carefully aim to meet the demanding guests, even the most discerning ones. This subtleness of opulence and, at the same time, world-class level of services is what also attracts hundreds of celebs annually who are not called to give up elegance during their holidays. For them, Mykonos is like earthly heaven. 

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5. Impeccable Concierge Services 

Mykonos offers an unprecedented level of concierge services to its visitors, which is the direct outcome of it being a celeb-favoured island. Every wish is granted here, no matter how peculiar or extreme it may sound. That’s yet another thing elites love and appreciate about Mykonos. The concierge services on offer on the island can include anything from luxury transportation and private chefs to private helicopter rides, private shopping, personal trainers, VIP tickets to the best clubs, special staff like entertainers, butlers, security, and many more. Experienced professionals bend over backwards to satisfy demanding clients like celebs and may even help organise private parties or special events if asked.  

6. High-End Shopping 

Who does not love shopping? Celebrities are no different than the rest of humble mortals. However, they usually have a more delicate and refined taste when it comes to their shopping choices. They demand high quality and are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands for, say, a Louis Vuitton handbag if it suits them. Mykonos is right up there with the likes of London, New York, and St Tropez, with numerous designer shops and boutiques, open till very late at night. From jewellery and clothing to presents, there are hundreds of options to pamper yourself with. 

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7. The Weather 

Can you not adore an island that enjoys nine to eleven months of sunshine and pure light yearly? Mykonos’s climate is particularly warm and mild even in winter, which makes it a popular destination among other European locations. Come April, and you will still be able to soak up some sun and cloudless skies. Also, warm temps and very little rainfall. Visit Mykonos in October, and the weather will continue to be just as inviting as May, June, and even late August! 

8. Connection With Ancient Civilisations 

Not all the rich and famous are solely interested in night-long parties and high-end shopping. Many of them show a genuine interest in the history of ancient Mykonos and ancient Greece, in general. For these individuals, Mykonos offers many opportunities to see impressive ancient ruins, museums, and sites infused with legends, fables, and myths. Being so close to Delos island, the former spiritual Greek centre, it offers a peek into the Greek civilisation that has profoundly influenced the entire world. 


Is Mykonos Cut Only for the Wealthy Ones? 

Absolutely not. Although it is, indeed, an expensive island to spend your summer vacations, there are options for all budgets. This doesn’t mean that you will have to choose between a Mykonos luxury beachfront villa and living in a shack! You will find Mykonos luxury villas and accommodation at affordable prices at Kinglike Concierge. In any case, welcome, and hope you have a rewarding, fun, relaxing, and soul-filling experience in Mykonos!

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