Villas For LGBTQ+ in Mykonos

Welcome to Mykonos – a paradise land for the LGBTQ+ community, and every gay person’s playground. Perhaps the most celebrated island across the Mediterranean Sea, Mykonos has been welcoming diversity, uniqueness, open-mindedness, and individuality in massive amounts from as early as the 1960s. Not distinguishing people based on their background or sexual preferences, it comes as no surprise that it is the most beloved summer destination for gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender individuals.

Providing a wealth of options, from gay-friendly beaches and clubs to exclusive Mykonos villas for LGBTQ+ guests, it certainly knows how to caress your senses and spoil you with heart-filling options. You might be visiting the Queen of the Cyclades for a wild escape where endless partying is at heart of your experiences. Or a more mellow and laid-back venture with your partner. In any case, Kinglike will match you with the most suitable Mykonos villas for LGBTQ+ travellers so you can get the best out of this once-in-a-lifetime trip! Read on for a list of the best LGBTQ+ villas in Mykonos and how they make a category of supremacy on their own.

Best LGBTQ+ Villas In Mykonos

Villa Totem

Villa Totem Evangelistraki Mykonos

Hands down, one of the most gay-friendly Mykonos villas. A captivating 6-bedroom mansion just 1.5 kilometres from the beating heart of the island, designed exclusively to cater to the needs of up to 12 guests. The 400m2 property embodies whitewashed architecture, while also magnetising with its beautiful, simple lines, fantastic sunset views, and a full range of amenities. Expect unobstructed seascapes through massive windows despite it being located so close to the island’s most bustling town. For maximum privacy, Villa Totem spreads its lavish bedroom into two floors while also featuring several nooks for some me-time. Also, the open floor plan, fully-equipped kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining spaces, and the infinity pool overlooking the shimmering Aegean Sea come to complete an already idyllic picture.

Villa Amos

Villa Amos Elia Mykonos

A delightful and utterly charming 210m2 villa enticing with supreme levels of luxury and pampering despite its smaller size (compared to its other siblings). The 5-bedroom unit sits at the prestigious Elia neighbourhood, only one kilometre away from the homonymous, cosmopolitan and celeb-favoured, sugary beach. Its massive outdoor area spoils with facilities like a 55 square-metre private pool, an 8-seater dining area, a built-in BBQ, and a chic sitting space under a beautiful wooden pergola that contrasts beautifully with the crispy white of the villa. Inside, Vila Amos welcomes guests with extravagant en-suite bedrooms, a roomy living area, a kitchen that has everything you might need for your culinary endeavours, and even a breakfast bar. Plus, a laundry room and an extra lounge area on the lower level. For those relaxing moments just before sunset, when you want to find yourself with a chilled glass of champagne at hand and ravishing views of the Mediterranean Sea, Villa Amos is definitely competition-free!

Villa Pietra

Villa Pietra Agrari Mykonos

Feeling as if an extension of the adorable rocky Mykonos landscape, this 500m2 luxury property is a dream fulfilment for those in search of large Mykonos villas for gays in our exclusive portfolio. Epitomising Cycladic architecture and minimalism, Villa Pietra overlooks the magnificence of the archipelago and the adorable Mykonos coastline from a hillside at the elite Agrari region. As for its masterfully-blended raw natural elements with contemporary details, they have given birth to a striking villa specifically designed down to the last detail to accommodate the requirements of up to 26 guests. Whether animated partying evenings or more chilled nights are part of your plans, Villa Pietra will meet your desires with amenities like 6 ornate (independent) guest houses, two stylish pool houses, and a 70m2 infinity pool. Plus multiple lounge and dining areas, and even a pool bar and DJ built-in stand. Lots of space, utmost privacy, exclusivity, and a wide range of opportunities to get the infamous Mykonos lifestyle deep into your DNA come with the package!

Villa Linda

Villa Linda Leno Mykonos

Wooden beamed ceilings, stone-adorned walls, rustic furnishing, dashing white all around, earthy tones, and the most heart-stopping seascapes await on the other end when renting Villa Linda. The picturesque 310 square-metres mansion gazes at the sparkling Aegean Sea from a hilltop spot at the upmarket Leno area. This marvellous 3-bedroom unit caresses your senses with facilities like Smeg appliances equipping its kitchen, ceiling fans, a 80m2 an infinity pool, and spacious areas to dine, lounge, and relax. What is even more extraordinary about this majestic property is that its upper floor en-suite bedrooms are designed like small guest houses. Impressing with lounge areas and access to a private balcony through balcony doors, while also pleasing one’s heart with panoramic views of the sea, these bedrooms are nothing like anything else you will find at Mykonos. Overall, Villa Linda is justifiably among the most gay-friendly Mykonos villas when considering the plethora of amenities, services, and facilities available!

Villa Gloria

Villa Gloria Agia Sophia Mykonos

Some of our large Mykonos villas for gays hit the nail on the head a tad more than others when it comes to the wow factor. Villa Gloria is one of them, occupying an elite place at the scenic Agia Sophia region. The 288m2 mansion can host up to 8 guests, offering four elegant en-suite bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and even a playroom with games and a PlayStation. Apart from that, though, the unit gratifies with spacious dining and living room areas (both indoors and outdoors) and an extra guest house with an individual entrance for even more privacy. But, that’s not where it all ends. The ostentatious villa will make your jaw drop with added amenities like the independent (fully equipped) gym with the massive sliding doors and the wonderful pool views. Also, the 50m2 infinity pool and the beautiful green landscape surrounding it, which is a welcoming addition to the rather barren Mykonos terrain!

Why rent out our gay friendly villas?

You will soon realise yourself that all Mykonos luxury villas in our website are a world apart from anything else available to you. Being hand-picked by a team of expert professionals in VIP tourism and hospitality, after going through an exceptionally high-standard selection process, they offer an all-around royal-like experience. Expect an abundance of top-tier amenities, world-class facilities, and services that leave no stone unturned for you. For the LGBTQ+ community, in particular, the mansions in our luxury villa portfolio come with extra perks, such as those illustrated below.

They are within arm’s reach from popular gay-friendly beaches

The international gay jet set considers Elia Beach a welcoming home. Indeed, of all the LGBTQ+-friendly shores adorning the Mykonos coastline, Elia stands out with a plethora of amenities and its lively atmosphere. The elegance exuded from every spec of sand here, the crystalline waters, the nudist-friendly mindset, and the sugary shore are some of the things that justify the infatuation of the LGBTQ+ community towards this one. In this regard, units like Villa Caitleen, Villa Winona, and Villa Noelle will contribute to the overall pampering and ridiculously spoiling vibe!

They are close to famous gay clubs

Mykonos is renowned the world over for its legendary parties and its hugely animated gay scene. Featuring gay mega-events, such as the XLSIOR, it is no wonder the beating heart of the LGBTQ+ community in the Mediterranean (and not only). Being close to the most notorious gay venues, including bars and clubs hosting the most iconic drag shows, gives you instant access to the unbelievably vibrant side of Mykonos. For instance, beach clubs like those featured on Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach, and Paraga Beach are only a super short drive from properties like Villa Jager, Villa Extravaganza, and Villa Naomi. Mykonos Town is another fantastic place to stay as it hosts the largest number of gay bars on the island, plus additional entertainment options.

You can organise a party or relax in utmost privacy

All of the properties in our VIP villa collection come with top-tier amenities, such as a swimming pool, sweeping views, beautiful Cycladic architecture, lavish en-suite bedrooms, and plenty of lounge, dining, and sitting areas, both indoors and outdoors. However, some select units go the extra mile with facilities like a pool bar and massive outdoor spaces with multiple options for relaxation, fun, composure, and entertainment. Some even have a private beach, which makes them perfect for private beach parties. Plus, you can augment the overall experience by using concierge services like personal waiters, chefs, bartenders, and other staff members.

Now, if you simply wish to unwind and chill out away from the noise and the partying crowds, simply contact us to recommend the most suitable villas for you!

You will have your personal concierge

Whether you are travelling to Mykonos for the first time or are a returning visitor, some guidance is definitely much appreciated! Our expert Customer Support team is more than happy to assist you with any request or requirement so you get the ultimate Mykonos experience. From the most elite LGBTQ+-oriented venues to elegant restaurants with VIP reservations and prive parties, expect a team of professionals having your back at all times!

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